How to Turn on Dark Mode in Adobe XD

Peter Martinez updated on 2020-09-25 17:19:49

An official Adobe XD dark mode does not presently exist. Conversely, this feature has garnered approximately 3,700 votes from the feature request since 2016. In the same year, this Adobe XD dark theme was marked as "feature-in-the-backlog" by the creators of Adobe XD.

adobe xd dark mode

Besides, on the Windows platform, Adobe XD is one of the universal apps on this platform. This means that you can build an additional unofficial dark theme adobe on top of the already "inbuilt" Adobe. Moreover, the theme comes in two colors that are a light theme and a dark theme. The Windows can utilize either light or dark themes. Also, the theme influences the colors of the software background, icons, joint control, and text. Commonly the Windows platform will come with a default setting.

Does Adobe XD have Dark Mode?

We know most of you have been asking yourselves whether the adobe XD has a dark mode. Many designers who use Adobe XD have been sending feedback to the Adobe developers inquiring about this feature. The response to the big question is No; currently, there is no Adobe XD dark theme.

However, on the Adobe XD dark mode Mac, the process is entirely different from that of the Windows platform. Om Mac platform is simple to change to dark mode. Just like other Adobe applications. Though with the UI, the case is different, and changing the XD dark mode is impossible

As a result of this option, the Adobe developers are more into gaining sketch users. And due to this reason, the Adobe XD is currently not for free, and this is the same reason as to why specific prototypes are working similar to Adobe in the sketch than other products of Adobe such as AI and PS. We can as well assume that the developers of Adobe are focusing or working on other functionalities that will turn out to be more vital to SKETCH users compared to Dark mode.

Furthermore, without the dark mode, users of Adobe face hard times while working at night and during the day because once you start working with the dark theme, your brain will also function differently. However, the bright light of Adobe can kill your creativity at night when you want to work on your project. For those who enjoy working at night, the best options with a suitable dark interface are Wondershare Mockitt, Illustrator, and Photoshop.

You can follow the steps in the link below in case you are interested in changing the theme of your adobe XD to Adobe XD dark theme. The major motivation for undertaking this is so that you get to do your project comfortably as you will not be straining due to the bright screen and background light of your prototype at night.

How to Turn on Dark Mode in Adobe XD Alternative

Due to the issues that are arising from the Adobe users about Adobe XD dark mode, the best and appropriate solution is to use dark mode adobe XD alternative. Sadly, companies have developed night modes and Adobe XD does not have even one for Adobe XD dark mode Mac. However, to ensure that you continue with your projects without experiencing eye strain, you need to decorate the prototyping software called the Wondershare Mockitt.

 adobe xd dark mode

Mockitt is the best intuitive prototyping tool in the market. The interface of the tool is black and you don't need to worry about making your eyes tired. The Best news is that the Dark mode will be available at the end of April 30th! Besides, except for the best prototyping tools, Mockitt will release the design system, flowchart tool, and mindmap tool within a month! Here are the advantages of Mockitt:

  • 1. Fast Prototyping: it is very easy to use and you can simply drag and drop the widgets into the canvas to make your design.
  • 2. Plentiful Design Icons and Widgets: With great widgets, like buttons, images, text, maps, and more, Icons, MaterialDesign, and IOS library, you can create prototypes like wireframes and prototypes quickly. You are also in a position to customize the widgets and recycle them across projects.
  • 3. Interactive and Animate Prototype: It offers various transition effects. These include animations and gestures that you can implement into the design of your mobile. This can help you state your logic and make the design like the real thing.
  • 4. Multi-format Offline Files Download: Offline files like PDF/PNG/HTML/APK are all supported by Mockitt; this is convenient for the user that is you in the presentation of your prototype in any given environment that suits you any need.
  • 5. Quick Preview and Share:Through a shareable URL or QR code, you can comfortably share your work with your fellow team members, clients, users, or even stakeholders. They can also interact instantly and preview without necessarily logging in.

Steps on How to Turn On Dark Mode

Step 1: Go to the Preferences Option

After you log in and open your prototype project, you can click the drop-down menu on the top-left corner. In the drop-down list, choose "Preferences".

 adobe xd dark mode

Step 2: Choose the "Dark" Theme

In the pop-up, you can choose the "Dark" theme.

 adobe xd dark mode

Step 3: Enter the Dark Mode

Then, you will find that you are in the dark mode.

 adobe xd dark mode

Frequently Asked Questions about Adobe XD Dark Mode

1. Does Adobe XD have dark mode?

No, Adobe XD doesn't have dark mode yet. Although there are a lot of voices from Adobe XD users for this feature, Adode XD hasn't made it into their schedule yet. If there are two modes, it means that the Adobe XD developers need to maintain two packages of codes. But maybe this feature is on their list and maybe it will be realized one day. The good news is that Wondershare Mockitt will have a dark mode soon.

2. How do I enable dark mode in Adobe XD?

First of all, Adobe XD dark mode doesn't exist and it is impossible for you to enable dark mode in Adobe XD. If you really like to protect your eyes, then you can change the background color of Adobe XD Artboard.

3. How do I change the background color in Adobe XD?

You can change the background of the Artboard of Adobe XD by clicking the fill option under the "Appearance".

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