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From wireframes to highly interactive prototypes by drag-and-drop built-in widgets and templates

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Rapidly Prototyping in Just 3 Steps
Step 1. Create a Project

Sign in to Mockitt and you’ll find the work space window. Click "Create" > "Prototype" and select a device template to start with an empty canvas.

Step 2. Prototype

Select elements from the Toolbar and the Libraries palette and place them onto the canvas to design your prototype easily and rapidly. Use drag-and-drop function to add, arrange, and connect components.

Step 3. Preview and Share

Preview your prototypes on any device, and Share your prototypes with anyone or specific people with a single click.

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Design Interactive and Animated Prototypes

Easily design prototypes that illustrate your ideas and enhance your clients' experience.

Create Prototypes
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Libraries Full of Assets and Templates

Design prototypes faster using Mockitt's libraries full of built-in UI assets and templates. Create and reuse your own libraries to bring customization into your workflow.

Create Prototypes
Work Together on the Same Page

Work on the same page as a team and see the changes made by your
teammates in real-time.

Create Prototypes
Customizable Visibility

Share a single document or your entire project with various stakeholders and clients by supplying simple URLs or customizing your project's visibility settings.

Organized Communication

Keep all the communication around your projects organized with an intuitive comment system optimized for designs and prototypes.


Optimize the collaborative efforts of your design and development teams through Mockitt's browser-based inspect and export tools.

What Our Customers Say

Find out why thousands of users love to use Mockitt

Oleksandr P

Senior Software Engineer

Wondershare Mockitt helps a lot for improving work efficiency, it is great for prototype creation as well as process analysis. Besides, it supports seamless collaboration for remote team, even transnational corporation.

Jeff Altman

UI Designer and Front-End Web Developer

Wondershare Mockitt was my latest choice because of its simplicity and quickness. I was able to work with my team members, drag and drop files, and view the full workflow in just few minutes.

Ellen Lu

Product Manager

It's not only for wireframing but prototyping too. You can create simple mobile wireframe with our built-in widgets library, or upload a prototype image by your designer to make a realistic feel prototype.

Kathleen Grace

Python Developer

Wondershare Mockitt is a very professional looking tool to prototype an app; available for all major platforms (Osx, windows, Ubuntu, iOS, android). Collaboration tools included as well.

Sandeep Sharma

UI/UX Designer

Wondershare Mockitt is an easy-to-use prototyping software and Wondershare Mockitt let you share your work with anyone.

Justas Markus

Full Stack Android Developer

I think it’s an excellent tool for small companies or agencies. It has many features and every few weeks, you can find new features or bug fixes, which help you move forward on your projects.

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