Make Stunning Advertising Graphics Designs by Following 5 Tips

Peter Martinez updated on 2020-09-25 17:19:49

We, as humans, long for satisfaction and contentment. Be it in terms of taste, emotion, or visuals. It is a basic attribute to find a unique appeal in everything we experience. This is the reason why creators consider elements like eye-catchy and attractiveness while making advertising graphic design.

Added to this, people see content everywhere. From a small roadside billboard to the Facebook feed, content is everywhere. Lest you want them to forget what your content is all about, you have to make it attractive, memorable, and outstanding.

That is why we recommend our users to leverage top-class advertising graphics and create designs that can make viewers go WOW! To help you get this kind of reaction and an assurance that the target audience engages with your advertisement, follow the tips given below.

How is graphic design used in advertising?

Graphic design is a healthy and symbiotic combination of content, aesthetics, and technology to tell a story or convey a message. Ultimately, the concept and innate attributes of graphic designing are leveraged to create a unique ad that will get the desired reaction.

Graphic advertising designs offer several benefits consisting of sending a message and getting leads by attracting the viewer's aesthetic appeal. It is about saying with less or no words.

Various forms of graphics, from simple to complex, are added to the advertisements with a purpose. At the core of the advertisement, the organization or business needs to get a response from the target audience.

This response can be something as simple as joining the newsletter mail list, attending an event, checking out the business social media channel, or buying a product. So, the creation of the design changes with the motive.

Henceforth, creators use unique and innovative graphic design advertising ideas to foster the required response. From including metaphorical CTAs to drawing a picture or creating a short animated video, a designer can do a lot of things. The sky's the limit here. As long as their imagination and the basic understanding of designing is prompt, anything is possible.

Well, if you are looking for a small push for yourself or your creative team, follow these tips.

Five tips for advertising graphic design

1.Keep it Short and Crisp

A lot of content in the advertising graphic design won't bring the desired response. Compared to the previous years, the contemporary customer is always short on time, so making ads with long paragraphs is not required.

advertising graphic design

The iPhone's ad to signify its privacy policies and security features is one of the best examples of this point that we want you to understand.

So, while creating your advertisement, still or dynamic, remember that the audience should feel it easy to consume the ad. Advertisements that make a lot of sound and noise may not get a good response, but as soon as you shed the extra words and focus on telling what matters, you will get the results.

2.Create Ads for Different Buyer Personas

There are three main stages of a buyer;

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Decision

While creating your advertising graphics, make sure that you consider each of these stages, and deliver content and images aligning with them. A user who is not aware of the product needs to be presented with ads that make them aware.

graphic advertising

Similarly, identify the unique elements to add for the consideration and decision stage. While creating these ads, keep an eye on the details you include, and consider the colors.

Use your designs to create unique value propositions for the users. They must be able to resonate with the ad, the content, and the design.

3.Consistency Matters

Contrary to popular opinion, there is no need to create a new design with every ad. Advertising and graphic design can remain constant and support each other even if you use the same background image or design for different templates.

advertising graphics

The top designers exclaim that when you remain consistent with your ads, the viewers start to recognize and empathize with them. This builds trust and reliability.

4.Use Colors Smartly

The usage of colors plays a vital role in getting attention and sending a message across. Include color psychology into your graphic design advertising ideas.

advertising and graphic design

To give you an example, blue color personifies trust and security. Furthermore, the green color is meant to express health and freshness. The color pink imposes romantic and youthfulness; orange is for enthusiasm, energy, and so on.

5.Consider the Platform-specific Limitations

Be extra careful about the dimensions and the publishing limitations provided by the platforms you choose. Like Facebook has a 20% text rule for the news feed ads posted on their platform.

how is graphic design used in advertising

Graphic advertising can go a long way if you follow the guidelines provided by the platforms. It will save you from frequent edits and frustration caused due to making those changes.

Graphic design tool you need to know

Now that you understand the core points of creating lead-generating advertising graphic designs let's talk about an efficient tool to make those adverts.

Yes, we are talking about Wondershare Mockitt, a unique and highly proactive graphic design tool that is integrated with modern features to help you create high impact ads. Mockitt is an open-source cloud-based designing tool that has the ability to create web designs, application interfaces, adverts, posters, flowcharts, mockups, wireframes, prototypes, and whatnot.

graphic advertising design

In a nutshell, Mockitt is a designer's paradise and added with an arsenal of smart features. It has icons, shapes, and the ability to create vector graphics for the best and high-quality advertisement designs.

Here are a few other benefits of working on Mockitt:

  • A highly interactive and simple to use interface built with drag and drop functionality.
  • A vibrant and beautiful color palette to satisfy all your designing needs.
  • Allows online collaboration with more than one user simultaneously. The users can leave comments and share the files with the clients for approval.
  • Export your designs into different file formats or save the link.
  • Ability to animate the designs and add the elements of dynamism to otherwise static designs.

All in all, Mockitt is the answer to all sorts of advertising and graphic design questions that you might have in mind. It is fast, secure, and intelligent online software that can fulfill the advertising design creation requirements for enterprise or solo users.

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