How to Make a Fashion Beauty Logo in Few Steps?

Peter Martinez updated on 2020-09-25 17:19:49

There's a huge competition going around in the fashion industries and their products. To meet with current competition requirements, you have to be fully aware of which things that people love so much. There's no surprise in saying that people consider only one thing: beauty in the fashion industries.

That's why the beauty logo for your business is very crucial in all respect. Perhaps, you should create a beautiful logo design for your business. It may be a cosmetics logo or anything related to fashion.

This article will guide you on how to design a beauty logo or beautiful logo design. With that, we'll see three good examples of a beauty logo and a tool on which you should make a logo design.

So, follow this article to the end.

How to Design a Beauty Logo?

The process of designing a fashion beauty logo or any other business logo is the same. But the main difference comes in thinking and the ultimate goal of your business. If you're designing a fashion-related logo, your goal must be to focus on cosmetics logo, logo makeup, beautiful logo designs, etc.

Before diving deep into the designing phase of logo making, some things need to understand quite well and train yourself.

There are two ways to make your own beauty logo for your fashion-related company. Use an online logo maker to create a logo in a few minutes. Secondly, be a professional and hire a graphic designer to design a logo, or you can make your own with the help of Wondershare Mockitt. Now, the question is what exactly Wondershare Mockitt is? We'll discuss it later. But first, you need to learn how to design a beauty logo.

Below is the complete guide on how to design a beautiful logo design for your business:

1. Define Your Brand Identity

Before going for the beauty logo design, you need to understand your brand or business's personality. Your logo must communicate with your brand's personality. Once you've got an idea about your brand's nature, it will be easier to create a big picture of your brand.

These are the following questions that you must ask yourself before making a beauty logo or any other logo design.

  • What's the purpose of my business?
  • Which things matter to you as a company?
  • Which things separate you from competitors?

2. Look for Examples

There's nothing wrong at all in looking at someone's brand logo. You're not going to steal their logos. Looking for ideas and inspiration from the other brand's logo is a good thing to do. It can give you a remarkable picture of your beauty logo design. A lot of brand's logos and ideas are already available on the internet. Just type the right query, you'll get hundreds of beauty logo ideas.

3. Selection of Colors

If you're going to hire a professional graphic designer, it won't be a problem. But if you're about to make a beauty logo for your business, then you must understand the concept of color combinations. For color combinations, there's a theory called "Color Theory."

4. Choose a Font

So far, you've understood the core personality of your business and selected the color combinations for your beauty logo. Now, it's time to look for some fonts family that suits your business logo style.

Following are some fonts used in the famous logos:

  • Avenir Black.
  • Optima Roman.
  • Gill Sans Std.
  • Myriad Pro Bold Condensed
  • Avenir Next Pro Bold.

5. Practice Sketches

Remember, you're not a professional graphic designer. You need to practice some rough sketches of your conceptual designs.

6. Minimalize Your Choices

Before starting to create the actual logo, the last things to minimalize the choice you've got during practicing. Get feedback from friends, family, and share it on social media to select all designs' best beauty logo.

7. Polish You Design

Now, you're good to go after choosing the best beauty logo for your fashion designing company. After polishing, your logo is ready for the world.

3 Good Examples of Beauty Logo

In case you're having trouble getting the right example for your beautiful logo design. In this section, we'll be covering the best three good examples of modern beauty logo of all time.

1. Allure Beaty Logo

beauty logo


Two shaded beauty logo design concepts were designed by Si_Lo. The design of the logo suggesting the business purpose is targeting the female audience. Of course, most beauty products only related to the female of all ages. Back to the design, this business logo's focus tends towards nails and other beauty treatments. Not forget the contribution of the combination of colors. The colors don't seem sloppy at all.

2. NARS Cosmetics

cosmetics logo


NARS is a website that is offering beauty and skincare products. Just like their website, the logo design of NARS is merely seductive, simple, and sleek. Nothing unusual in their logo, but it seems significant to the viewers. Extremely minimal beauty logo that only contains logotype.

3. Fenty Beauty

logo makeup

Credit:Fenty Beauty

Guess what? Fenty Beauty is the most popular beauty brand created by Rihanna. So far, this one is an exquisite brand among all. This brand only contains effective skincare products of all types of skins. Not only limited to females. Not only its products are excellent, but the logo of Fenty Beauty is also quite impressive. This beauty logo is almost similar to NARS. The only difference between them is fonts.

Software for Prototyping Logo Design

Well, that was all about the beauty logo designing how to create a professional beauty logo for your brand or business. In this article section, we will see a tool that can do wonders for you if you're making your business logo. Many professional graphic designers are also using Wondershare Mockitt for their projects.

beauty logo design

Wondershare Mockitt

Wondershare Mockitt is like any other prototyping or graphic designing tool. The significant differences between Mockitt and the rest of the prototyping tools are its new features. There are so many great features, but here we're going to cover the features that are important to the beauty logo.

1. Create Animated Logos

It's hard to find such kind features in other graphic designing tools. Yes, Mockitt does support animation. It allows you to bring creativity to beauty logo design.

2. Increase Your Efficiency

With Mockitt, you double the efficiency with its cloud collaboration. Yeah, you heard that right. Mockitt does have collaboration support.

3. Bring Life to Your Sketch Designs

Do you have Sketch projects? And want to polish them and use them in your beauty logo design? With the Sketch plugin, you can easily import the existed projects in a matter of few seconds.

4. Widget and Assets

It would be impossible to design a beauty logo without icons and templates. Mockitt has some unique widgets and Assets Libraries that can enhance your creativity.

5. Interactive Screens

In Mockitt, you can design multiple screens simultaneously and create interaction between them by linking them.

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