What is Canva? How to Create a Graphic Design in Canva?

Albert Shepherd updated on 2020-10-12 20:12:58

Graphics and illustrations are an essential part of any marketing campaign. Good graphic design is an interesting but challenging job. It is necessary to fulfill the client's specifications and from time to time sacrifice your creativity in order to satisfy all his requests. This is where photo editing editors come to the rescue. In addition, to improve quality, you don't need to spend your savings on it to get the desired effect.

Are you trying to enhance your photos or designs but don't know which photo editing tool is free to use? Let's take a look at how modern Canva graphic design can create eye-catching graphics for free, even if you're not a designer at all.

What is Canva?

canva graphic design

Of course, now there is no such problem to install free Photoshop for yourself, however, perhaps a free online graphic editor will be even more convenient for some marketers and online store owners. For example, the Canvas free graphic design service. It launches quickly in a browser and provides many ready-made business templates for banners, brochures, charts, newsletters, social media graphics, and blogs.

Canva graphics and document editor is a free tool that saves you time and money creating unique images. For example, using the service, you can create covers for Instagram stories or videos for free in order to maintain a uniform style for your profile. Canva graphic design free online tool is one of the best online editors.

Canva free graphic design offers tools for cropping, rotating, color grading, and other basic image manipulation. In addition to them, the service contains stickers, text tools, and effects. Among other editors, Canva stands out except for the large number of seasonal decoration elements associated with the holidays and popular events. And also a nice interface design.


    • Photo editing: filters, cropping, improving quality.
    • Catalog of editable templates: banners, posts for social networks, newsletters, logos, etc.
    • Library of stock photos: search for the necessary photos, cliparts, buttons, icons, Canva infographic templates.
    • Custom photos in design: upload your photos and create your desired designs based on them.
    • Downloading layouts in basic formats: the service allows you to download JPG, PNG, PDF, and PDF for printing.
    • Co-authoring documents: connecting colleagues or friends, regardless of their location.
    • Organization of work in teams: unite users who see and can edit each other's designs.

  • Social Media Design Planner: Link your social media accounts to your Canva account for automatic posting.
  • Creation of business card sites and online presentations: turning designs into sites accessible by reference.

How to create graphic design in Canva?

Just visit canva.com and click on sign up to create your free account. Once you created your account you can see that you're going to be given a lot of different templates that you can start off with.

canva graphics

What we're going to go to "File" and create a new design. Now we're going to be using custom dimensions. But as you can see you can choose from a variety of different templates. And we're going to be making go with 1280 and the height 720 to make our thumbnail. Now we're gonna click on create a new design.

canva infographic template

Now the top toolbar is used to modify your file. So you can resize go to file you can change the margins as well as save and download your file. Or you can also download it by clicking this button.

infographic template canva

Over here or by going to publish and then choosing the variety of options. You have it at the top now once you start selecting different content on the main canvas. Which is over here the top toolbar will be changing. According to what you have selected right underneath the top toolbar.

canva graphic design free

If you want to use a template all you have to do is click on that template. And then go through whichever page you want to utilize click on it. It'll automatically show up. Now once your template shows up you can hover over the different components of

this canvas to see the components. That your template is made out of and you can click on each component and edit it.

canva graphic designer

To choose a color, use the Color Picker tool in the toolbar at the top of the editor. To use a photo as a background, first, add a grid. Once placed on a grid, photos can be resized, cropped, flipped, and layered to create a variety of visual effects.

canvas free graphic design

Your design might include text, icons, photos, or illustrations. These need to be combined in a way that is visually appealing.

What is Wondershare Mockitt?

Wondershare Mockitt is the multiplatform prototyping and wireframing tool that can support many platforms like PC, iPhone, Android, iPad. I must say its simple drag and drop feature is one of the great features. Mockitt is an amazing product that has everything for an immediate start of development. Easy interface, rich set of tools, and collaboration function with the ability to export the result in the form the user needs.

canva infographic template

Mockitt offers excellent service that we use almost all the time. It consists of three main functions: design, prototyping, CSS code viewing, and makes it possible to create clickable prototypes that can be referenced to clients and developers. It also has the ability to organize the collaboration of all specialists in real-time.

Key benefits of Mockitt:

  • Easy to use, convenient, intuitive.
  • Does not need to transfer the prototype from another program, so the design process takes much less time compared to other systems.
  • The possibility of simultaneous online work: several designers and developers can work on a file at once.
  • It has the ability to create pages in the project, create adaptively.
  • It has the ability to create annotations for many interface elements.
  • It has the ability to create prototypes in HTML, .chm and other formats.
  • It has the ability to quickly create prototypes and quickly make changes to them, and many other benefits.

Mockitt has five plans:

  • Free Plan
  • Pro Plan
  • Startup Plan
  • Standard Plan
  • Enterprise Plan

You can choose the one that best suits your business needs.

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