Can you import Adobe XD to InVision Studio?

Albert Shepherd updated on 2020-10-12 20:12:58

Can you import Adobe XD to InVision Studio? According to Shaina Torgerson - staff in Invision, "At this time, there's no way to import XD files into Studio. However, as I mentioned in my comments below, our team is currently tracking interest for this." So you can't import Adobe XD files to InVision directly. However, this article will offer you two comprising methods to convert Adobe XD to InVision. One is to convert XD file into Sketch file with a third-party tool, and then import Sketch file into InVision. The other is to export XD design to image format and then import these images into InVision. Read on to learn the details.

Method 1: How to Export Adobe XD to InVision

Steps to Export XD to InVision

Step 1. First of all, you need to save Adobe XD as the local file. You should go to "File > Save" or "File > Save As". These two options will help you save your design into XD files.

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Step 2. Then you can use a third-party conversion tool like XDtoSketch. Upload your XD file and then convert to Sketch format. (This is because that InVision supports to importing Sketch files.)

Step 3. If you are using InVision Cloud on the web-browser, then you can create a prototype prject and then click the "+ Add Screen" button and then choose "From Sketch".

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If you are using InVision Studio, then you can open your program and click "File" > "Import" and then choose the Sketch file on your computer.

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Method 2. How to Import Adobe XD to InVision

Another way to import Adobe XD file to InVision is exporting XD design to image formats first.

First of all, you can click "File" > "Export" and then choose the output format as "JPG" or "PNG".

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Then, if you are using InVision Cloud, just go to your prototype project and click on "+ Add New Screen" and then choose "Upload screens". Then you can choose the images you exported from Adobe XD and upload them into InVision. If you are using InVision Studio, then you can click on "File" > "Import" to upload those images.

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This is how you convert Adobe XD into InVision Studio or InVision Cloud.

The Best AdobeXD and InVision Alternative in 2021

Wondershare Mockitt is an online UI UX design and prototyping tool that is dependable, easy, and straightforward to use and understand. Also, it is a teamwork podium used by millions of products. This all-in-one design tool offers you the templates that are predefined to employ in web and mobile projects. Also, it enables storage in the cloud space, which can be sync to all the designs and models.

adobe xd to InVision

Like InVision, there are four kinds of projects you can create in Mockitt: prototype, design, flowchart and mindmap. If you want to make wireframes or interactive and animated prototypes, you need to choose the "Prototype". If you want to create vector graphics design, then you can create a "Design" project.

Here are more features of it:

  • Simple to use and understand.
  • Enable remote and real-time collaborations.
  • There are a powerful built-in libraries and also a community of templates.
  • There are advanced and pre-built dynamic widgets in the tool, including switch, droplist, charts and diagrams, video, audio, etc.

The Wondershare Mockitt is the best AdobeXD and InVision Alternative because of the following benefits:

  • Enables you to rapidly design interface and interaction by simply dragging as well as dropping to develop stunning interface and connections.
  • Comprise of library asset that is fully stocked, to enable you to import created files openly and insert interactions.
  • Consists of 9 signs and 17 transition effects to facilitate you to create prototypes devoid of coding.
  • Feature border device and full-screen appearance modes thus permitting you to emphasize your application using black and white full screen.
  • Facilitates the sharing of applications and models with others via computers or mobile phones since it offers to share passwords and permission sets.
  • You can easily obtain feedback since the viewers can leave a comment about your application.
  • Permits Cloud editing, therefore, allowing you to enjoy the competence and liberty to design in the cloud.
  • Facilitates team member’s partnership, therefore, giving you the ability to manage and edit the applications with your colleagues in the enterprise of Wondershare Mockitt.
  • Comes with free widgets and icons that are plenty for you to utilize and create modes simply without experience.

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