What is Digital Design? What Is Graphic Design?

Albert Shepherd updated on 2020-10-12 20:12:58

How digital graphic and graphic design is different from each other? This is a simple yet complicated question often asked by enthusiastic creatives interested in the designing field. Both of the disciplines use fundamental design skills and principles, most of the beginner graphic designers lack digital skills and experience, so they don't know any differences between these two fundamentals.

We have given brief details on this topic along with a suggestion of a simple and easy to use graphic tool Wondershare Mockitt. It is very popular and trending in the Chinese UI/UX designer's community. Now it is time to introduce it to others.

What is Digital Design?

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Digital graphic design is focused on creating digital elements. It is basically a visual representation of any object. The duty of a digital graphic designer is to merge skills with technology to create interactive pages, advertising, banners, 2D, or 3D modeling. Learning of different computer languages such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript are also included in the compulsory skills list with graphics.

If you are a UI/UX designer or a developer you must have basic knowledge of writing codes, since it's important in order to create a responsive web design. Ideal web design has some requirements such as designed web pages that can easily adapt to various screen sizes. For example, computers or mobile devices. To make that happen, font sizes, placement of navigation menus, and different layout are needed.

As we have discussed above, if you want to make a responsive web page or a digital media graphic design, you must familiarize yourself with different computer language structures.

What Is Graphic Design?

digital graphic design

We have previously discussed what is a digital graphic design? Now we will discuss about the graphic design. It is an art and practice of integrating visual and textual content in projects and ideas. It is the best element if you want to communicate with your audience in a visual manner. For example, business or brand logos or add different attractive objects to a page layout.

Graphic design involves graphical elements and combining them with multiple types of media. If you want a simple definition of graphic design, it helps the creator to establish a bond with the customers. It delivers a message of the event, campaign, product, or project. It is mostly used by many company owners to promote and achieve maximum sales of different products through advertising, by online websites through infographics, or by developing a positive identity via branding. Even in every magazine, there is a design or idea for graphics sitting right in the corner. We just need to find it.

Digital Design Vs Graphic Design

Do you know the difference between digital design and graphic design? It's a question asked to many UI/UX designers and we are delighted to give you answers. Let's go through it even deeply. As we know that fundamental skills and ideas of design are utilized in a particular discipline, sometimes a basic graphic designer lacks digital skills. If you want to go beyond a simple graphic design to digital design, you must have digital skills as they are required today for jobs and designing projects.

In the battle of digital design vs graphic design, we will discuss graphic design first. It can be created by any beginner or experienced graphic designer having knowledge of different designing software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Graphic design includes typography, brand logos, posters, images, and print-production that can be later used in web design. Most importantly it is effective for designing collaterals such as product design, merchandise, advertising, and brochures.

Digital design can be explained as the ability to pursue graphic designing tasks and further beyond. They may seem understandable, but digital designers are more digital as they work with mobile apps, website design, and all other online digital graphics content used by different industries.

Digital designers also keep practicing in 2D animation or 3D modeling skills to gain more opportunities in the future. A digital designer is also skilled in developing an email marketing strategy, create landing pages, banners, and all other online advertising related stuff, and importantly, also possess knowledge and experience with computer languages such as CSS3, JavaScript, and HTML5.

Visual Identity Difference of Graphic Design and Digital Design

Going further with the differences between graphic design and digital design includes the inactive designing objects in graphic design such as magazines, pictures, and logos. Digital design involves object movements such as interactive elements, movies, and animation. Digital design can be used in audio, sound effects, and visual arts.

Another noticeable difference between graphic design and digital design is the use of data and analytics. Graphic design is a basic drawing and design fundamental. Graphic designers find it difficult to keep track of the performance by print materials.  On the other hand, digital design has a lot of data that keep track of performance via clicks, views, shares, and likes. Digital designers try their best to keep their designs up to date as they have more data to analyze in any targeted group. They usually test their designs by performing a task called a/b test.

Graphic Design Tool You Need to Know About

Wondershare Mockitt is known as the best tool for graphics and digital designs. Having no experience in graphics is not an issue with Mockitt. Users can create simple digital graphics.

digital graphic

Designers can create web designs and integrate unlimited graphic objects without writing a single line of code. It is a platform trusted by many digital and graphic designers. UI/UX designers can work expeditiously by minimizing effort. The list of benefits to selecting this tool is too many as it is a perfect graphic guide and offers all-in-one organized workspace. You can perform web development projects without any restraints.

 It has round-the-clock collaboration and this tool is capable of creating motion graphics that will be sleekly showed on any Android and iOS projects or devices. A variety of custom-sized layouts with manageable drag and drop interface are provided by Mockitt. Designers can combine object templates, add combos, and predefined widgets into web design projects.

They have made graphic testing and feedback easy, Mockitt will help you to make a QRcode so your prototype can be tested. iOS or Android supported devices can test the prototype by simply scanning the code with a device having a camera. You can share current project progress with clients and co-workers. Try it out now!

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