7 Elements to Keep in Mind While Graphics Designing

Laura Angelica updated on 2020-09-25 16:26:16

Whenever we are developing something new, there are several elements or factors that we need to keep in mind. Hence the same is the case with graphics designing, as there are a lot of elements of graphics designing on which we should have a look before designing.

In this post, we are going to discuss everything about those elements to keep in mind while graphics designing. Along with the elements of graphic design, we will also have a look at one of the best, reliable, and feature-filled graphics designing tools with the help of which you can develop amazing designs effortlessly.

7 Elements of Graphics Designing

Here is the list of 7 elements of graphics designing with the help of which you would be able to generate the best possible design for yourself.

1. Elements of graphic design-Line

The first and most essential element of graphic design is a line. Moreover, we can say that line is the building block with the help of which we can get started with our graphical designing. 

elements of graphic design

With every single line, no matter how big or small you would be able to create your graphic design. Moreover, it is considered one of the most important elements of graphic design because you would not be able to create a graphic design without the use of a line.

Although we can say that there are such graphics design options that can directly be built with colors or other such elements. But if we have a look at a wide-angle, then most of the graphical designs are developed using lines.

So whenever you are creating a new graphics design, make sure to track your lines properly with the help of which you can get the best possible final result.

2. Elements of graphic design-Shape

Whenever you visit a graphics designing tool, you would be able to notice that there are various shapes already developed in the tool for usage hence shape is the second most important element of graphic design. There are several geometrical shapes that you can use inside your graphic designs, but before getting started with the usage of shapes, you need to understand what kind of shapes you can use and where.

elements of graphic design

By understanding the proper usage of shapes, you would be able to develop an amazing looking design for yourself. Moreover, in some cases, users directly use the already built shapes, but if we add something in it from our side then that would be able to develop something new, that looks good for your design.

You can use more than one shape for creating something new, and there are no limitations for such usage. For getting the best out of shapes, you just need to pick up some of the most appropriate shapes that you want in your design, and then try to mix them, start with selecting two shapes at a time.

By doing so, you would be able to get some options that you can use in your design at the end.

3. Elements of graphic design-Color

Color is the third element of graphic design, and this thing plays a vital role in making your overall graphic design attractive. You all must have heard about color psychology, in case if you haven't heard about any such thing then let us tell you that, few colors depict or attract a kind of audience.

elements of graphic design

Which means, if you even look at the logo of Mcdonalds then have you ever thought that why they use Yellow color only and don't use any other color. This is because whenever people have a look at the yellow color, this makes them hungry, and in this way, Mcdonalds is making their customers hungry for more sales.

The same is the case with almost every firm, in case if you are designing something for such a big level, then make sure to have a look at color psychologies, as it will surely help you a lot in developing something more attractive.

4. Elements of graphic design-Texture

With the help of this one of the best elements of graphic design, you would be able to add a lot of final illusions in your designs, hence can make it look even better. With the help of textures, you would be able to add up amazing integrations in your designs such as patterns and many more.

elements of graphic design

Moreover, if you are not a fan of textures, then you would be able to use single colors only, but with the help of textures, you can combine more than one color and develop a new color or patterns that in the end creates a unique design for your graphics.

You would be able to get a lot of developed textures that you can use directly without putting much effort into it. While if you want to create something new, then you would have to choose your colors and create textures for them.

5. Elements of graphic design-Size

Here we have our fifth option from the list of elements of graphic design, and that is size. Now, most of you must be thinking about how size matters and is considered an essential element to look at. In case if this question arises in your mind then let us tell you that, by managing the sizes of various elements in your graphics design, you would be able to let your visitors focus on essential things.

By making a particular element big or small, you can change the perspectives of the viewers.

6. Elements of graphic design-Value

The next option from the list of elements of graphic design is Value which can be defined based on the information you add to your graphic design. 

7. Elements of graphic design-Space

Space management is an essential element of graphic design with the help of which you can make the whole design look impressive for you.

Graphic Design Tool You Need to Know

Although there are plenty of graphic design tools with the help of which you can develop

Every kind of graphic designs for yourself. But here we are going to have a look at one of the best such tool is Wondershare Mockitt.

elements of graphic design

Mockitt is an online design tool that allows you to complete a prototype in just 10 minutes. It's not just a prototyping tool, but also a graphic design tool. There are plenty of asset widgets, icons, and templates to help your design more efficient and convenient.

For a starter, you just need to sign up with your email, then enter the workspace online to start your design, you can create 3 projects for free. Besides, as Mockitt is an online tool, you don't need to download anything, all your work will be saved on the Cloud which allows you to be able to edit the project at any time and anywhere. 

If you need to collaborate with your team, you can upgrade to the Enterprise version, then you can edit the project with your teammates in real-time!

Are you clear about the features of Mockitt now? If not, no worries, sign up and start now, the beginner's guide in Mockitt will lead you from top to end!

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