10 Best Free Graphic Design Software of 2021

Peter Martinez updated on 2020-09-25 17:19:49

Getting your head around a free graphic design software requires some practice and a little bit of knowledge about designing, and you are good to go. This roundup article attempts to shine some light on the top 10 free graphics software that you can use for simple to complex graphic designing tasks.

Creating graphics for a website, application, smartwatch, smart TV, or any other platform requires skill, creativity, ingenuity, and an arsenal of items and elements. It is good that a designer’s world has transitioned to the computer from a pen and paper. Today a designer is free to create bespoke shapes, colors, layouts, carousels, typography, and whatnot.

Reiterating that we need the right tools, here are the top 10 free graphic design software for your perusal.

Best Free Graphic Design Software

1.Wondershare Mockitt

Wondershare Mockitt is an intuitive, smart, and innovative graphics software available for free and based on the web. The in-built features and integrations of the tool have made it a front runner in the industry.

With this tool, you can expect nothing but perfection. It enables a designer to create device-specific designs with precision and speed. For graphic designing, you can use a unique set of elements and options.

free graphic design software

You can add images, audios, and videos to the design. Further, there are various forms of animations available to make the design visually appealing and impressive. It also allows you to customize every element from the right-hand side panel.

This tool is a user-friendly platform embedded with a wide gamut of items. Its drag and drop functionality helps create highly fluid designs with compelling visualizations and effective layer management.


Inkscape is primarily famous for its SVG file format accessibility. With this file format, the possibilities of creating highly interactive graphic designs are a lot of fun and easy. Even in the free graphics software version of Inkscape, you can benefit from the advanced features, including cloning, alpha blending, and markers.

free online graphic design software

However, note that Inkscape is not an online tool. You have to download it to create designs. This is a downside of the tool that it does not provide user-access via the web. Besides this bottleneck, Inkscape means business.

It is a great medium to create both print and web solutions designs, too, while working with a simple, effective, and intuitive user interface.

3.Gravit Designer

If you want to go up one notch from Inkscape, this is it. Gravit Designer has more functions; it is more responsive and better accustomed to provide amazing design. The best part is it is free graphic editing software that is available online.

best free graphic design software

The previous software you saw works comfortably with the SVG file formats, this beautiful online tool can help edit and create designs in PDF, JPEG, and Sketch format. You can also import and export the specialized EPS file formats.

You can also download it on your system if you like, but hear this, with the online version, you will get unlimited cloud space, and everything will be accessible from anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet.


Krita is one of the old bosses that has been assisting graphic designers since 1999 to bring their illustrations and cartoons to life. As a graphic design tool, Krita is fast, intelligent, and convenient. It makes everything easier and simple to deal with.

free graphics software

Things like brush stabilizer, which is a great help for shaking hands, or the amazing pop-up color palette. Due to these simple yet meaningful features, Krita is considered as one of the best graphic design software for beginners free.


Another highly intuitive, simple, and smart free graphics software, Vectr, is an all-time favorite for designers. The level of functionalities offered by this tool is only found with Wondershare Mockitt and no other tool on this list.

We have found Vectr to provide an edge to the designer over other tools. It has an almost flat learning curve, which ultimately lets you focus on the more important bits rather than wasting your time in learning.

graphic design software free download

The designs you create are shareable through a unique link. Most importantly, this free online graphic design software creates crystal clear graphics that will certainly bring out the best in every aspect of the design.


Among all the vector-based free graphic design software that we have talked about till now, Sketch is a bit different. Sketch can help create highly interactive and impressive graphic designs for an application or a website easily.

free graphic editing software

Similar to what you will experience with Wondershare Mockitt, Sketch has the power to bring your ideas to life. Furthermore, Sketch will conform to the requirements of all kinds of graphic designers, from freelancers to teams.

Since it is an online tool that allows collaboration, multiple users can work with the software. If you are looking for a tool that remains consistent with performance and creativity, go for Sketch.


In the realm of designing software like Adobe has got the highest market share. But if you are looking for an Adobe clone at lower costs, try Affinity. Affinity’s clean and decluttered dashboard and creative space area will amaze you.

best free graphic software

With features like grid systems, snapping, duan work environment (pixel and vector), and magnification Affinity have an unbeaten track record. Designers particularly love the ability to create isometric graphics for video games and associated icons.

8.Xara Designer Pro X

If you think it is time to work with advanced vector graphics and redefine your creativity skills, try another best free graphic software, Xara. Apart from creating pictures, you can also use it to design illustrations and dynamic web pages.

graphic design software for beginners free

Due to the drag and drop functions, you can save a lot of time. Plus, everything from a simple shape to icons and vector images can be edited. This is yet another tool that enables high magnification to create precision designs.


GIMP brings all the modern toys and integrations to your screen and lets you play with a wide gamut of tools that are also easy to understand and use. Furthermore, this is one of the best free graphic design software that gives the designers a unique ability to create photos, graphics, illustrations, and much more.

free graphic design software

If that’s not all, GIMP is a high-octane software. It is fast, productive, and lets you create ready to use designs that will certainly impress your clients in an instant. GIMP is an excellent tool for creative beings that will only help them augment their creativity and add to it.


The last free online graphic design software on the list is Blender. This is a great tool that covers the complete range of graphic designing needs. If you are looking to add some 3D effects to your design, Blender should be your choice.

graphic design software for beginners free

You can create highly interactive visualizations with Blender for any type of requirement. It is fast, much simpler, and a practical tool to work with. Due to its vector image editing and modifications, you can expect nothing but high-quality images and visualizations by using this tool.


Creating high performance and dynamic visualizations is a piece of cake with these online and offline best free graphic design software. Not only can you create custom designs, but also it is possible to complete the job with speed, agility, and precision while maintaining the highest quality and efficiency.

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