Top 8 Free Graphic Websites for Designing You Should Know

Albert Shepherd updated on 2020-10-12 20:12:58

As a graphic designer, you can be short on funds at times, or as your deadline approaches, you can be forced to work with limited resources. You should know about the best free graphic websites that can provide everything you need to complete your project in such situations. You can find everything on these sites for free from fonts, mockups, and templates to photographs, videos, and icons. To make it easy, we have picked out some free graphic websites offering high-quality design components. In this article, you will find a comprehensive list of recommended resources, including design tools, UI elements, et cetera.

8 free graphic design websites

Here are the best free graphic design websites:

1.Wondershare Mockitt

Wondershare Mockitt is a browser-based graphic design tool that is super-efficient in designing a simple graphic design. It is one of the online platforms that can help you present your idea and even implement your design.

free graphic websites

Mockitt has a drag and drop interface that lets you choose widgets, change their attributes, and use them in your project as needed. The Asset Library is free and provides excellent templates for getting started. You can make your design files interactive with their ‘Link’ feature and even demonstrate it offline. The handoff feature lets you speed up design to the development workflow. Last but not least, cloud editing lets you design efficiently and securely.


A great visual grabs maximum attention and stays with one for long. From icons to stock images to vector graphics, images bring action, energy, and texture to a design. If you are looking for gorgeous visuals, head to Pexels. It aims to provide high-quality videos and photos for free to promote better design. Their material comes from a community of photo and videographers and is available for free. Their treasure is endless and contains recent images related to everything we need to illustrate our work.


Inspiration can be thought of as creative guidance. It would help if you often searched for it to find your design voice. Good designs surprise and motivate us to deliver our creations. It is necessary to access multiple designs before getting to your own. Behance is a free online graphic design website that provides you concrete designs according to your need. You can head to this Adobe ’s online design platform for all kinds of creative inspiration. You can share your designs and discover similar ones. Behance has gained popularity in illustration, art, UI design, animation, and graphic design.


Editing is required for every design project. From cropping and resizing images to creating mockups for clients and adjusting color- Pixel Editor X is a handy online tool for designers out there. This editor has a good track record for being a reliable and basic photo editor. It is available for use within the browser for free. Pixel Editor X is the recently released version of Pixlr, which has more editing tools and is integrated with Dropbox faster. With Pixlr, you can filter, retouch, adjust, and even draw on your photos right in your browser. It works on a mobile device, and the basic version is free. A PixlrPro account provides more fonts, templates, and browser compatibility.

5.Open Peeps

Open Peeps is a free online graphic design website for illustrations whenever you need something a little more hand-drawn. Created by Pablo Stanley, it is one of the best illustration libraries out there. The open-source assets are available in PNG and flat SVG format. The illustrations are available for Figma, Sketch, XD and Studio. The monochromatic and multicolor library both are available for free. You can add some funds to keep the project going if you are feeling generous. The library is under CCO license, and there are over 584,688 possible combinations.


If you are looking for free icons, then Animaticons should be your go-to website. It offers a set of high-resolution animated GIFs that can be customized. The best part is that they are available in small file sizes. The GIFs are compatible with all significant emails, smartphones, and browsers. For using Animaticons, you don’t require any particular library or plugins. The animations work everywhere, are ridiculously easy to use and flexible. Also, GIFs play automatically without any user interaction. Animaticons cover all the drawbacks of CSS, Flash, and Silverlight animation.


Fontfabric is the go-to website for free fonts. It is a digital type foundry that creates custom typography and retail fonts for various brands. There is a rather generous selection of free fonts provided by them. You can easily download it and use the fonts for free. The fascinating fonts are Intro and Nexa, but there is a lot to browse, and we are sure you would find the perfect fit for your graphics and website. You can see where their fonts have been featured in the ‘fonts in use’ section on their page. You can see how designers have inculcated these fonts in various projects, and you can draw parallels or go all out with yours.


Last on the list of free graphic websites is a free graphic design tool. Crello claims to be the most comfortable online design tool for creating graphics and animations for the web and social media. It is the new favorite free graphic design website builder of many designers for their projects. It is beginner-friendly as you don’t need many skills to get started. There are more than 4000 pre-designed animates layouts to choose from. Check their site for many designing options!


Access to free graphic design resources websites allows one to be more creative and makes space for better and trendy designs. One of the cleverest shortcuts is to use free graphic design website templates if you are a creative entrepreneur or a freelance graphic designer. With this list we hope, you save the effort of needless web wandering and much time and fill your head with significant inspiration. All the free graphic websites mentioned are straightforward and easy to use. Also, with tools such as Mockitt, you can start working more efficiently and faster. Share the best free graphic design websites with your colleagues and make most out of them!

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