8 Beautiful Geometric Graphic Designs to Inspire You

Albert Shepherd updated on 2020-10-12 20:12:58

Geometric graphic design is incredibly useful for a graphic designer to get an overview of a sample. If you accurately use a geometric pattern, it can be visually effective and highly flexible in design. You can get benefits like vibrancy, elegance, and style. Sometimes you get tired of using the same old color palette background in your projects. Now, it's time to explore new cool geometric graphic design patterns and textures.

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8 Great Geometric Graphic Designs

1. Monochrome

Monochrome is a black and white geometric graphic design. It consists of clear, simple cut geometric patterns. They may look more attractive and beautiful if colorful, but you can also create an eye-catchy design that is specific and complex if you use monochrome. As an example take this design, great use of contrast is completed by the triangular-shaped elements. Black and white color have their own class and subtle appearance. The use of monochrome can give an extra unique touch to an overall design.

geometric graphic design

2. Geometric Design For Business Cards

It is a brilliant idea to add a geometric graphic to a business card. Establish or expand your business or brand by using geometric patterns in your business cards. It is a marketing strategy that a business card should be memorable. Combining it with an interesting geometric design pattern it will surely fascinate your potential customers. If you take a look at the sample picture above, you will notice bright colors are used in the composition to make it look even more engaging.

geometric graphic

3. Geometric Patterns In Photos

If you take a complete geometric graphic design tutorial, it includes the editing and mixing of Geometric patterns in different images and photos. There are many splendid geometric effects ready to combine with professional photography. So, if you want to go beyond normal photography, add a new layer of geometric graphic patterns to your photos. You can give a special touch or feel too old photos and modernize them by adding different shapes to them. As you witness in this image, the beautiful scene is improved by adding a geometric design.

geometric graphic design tutorial

4. Geometric Graphics in Logos

Geometric shapes graphic design is very popular in logo designing projects, it is like offering companies an opportunity to build their brand image and identity in a unique and stylish way. Most of the expert designers create logos using geometric shapes such as circles, triangles, square or rectangles in their design layout. You can find many examples of famous examples for the iconic brand logos, like Adidas, Mitsubishi, Audi, and FedEx have used geometric graphic design to make a great effect.

geometric shapes graphic design

5. Abstract Geometric Graphic Design

An abstract geometric graphic design can provide a feeling of modern art. It can be added to any design and build interest in our imagination. Abstract patterns can be easily used in artwork and ads and help you to create a contemporary design. Keep in mind that abstract patterns can mess up your whole layout. So, make sure that you balance it out using uncomplicated elements or backgrounds. The above given abstract patterns were created by Abbiss Smith. They all look triggering at first glance and our imagination can hardly guess what concept could possibly be hiding in his patterns.

abstract geometric graphic design

6. Vibrant Colors for Strong Geometric Patterns

It is a general rule of thumb not to use more than 3 colors in one geometric design and clashing one or more patterns is forbidden, but we all are aware that rules are meant to be broken. Take a look at this amazing example by UTD that combines a lot of sharp black patterns with colorful spots that are more than 3 colors. As you can see the end result is fascinating. You can pair vibrant colors with sharp geometric patterns for an efficient and eye-catching design.

black and white geometric graphic design

7. Photos Split in Geometric Frames

If you have been given a photographic project or want to use some geometric patterning, now it is time for you to ditch the old mill square photo frames and instead of that go for geometrics split patterns for sharp, angular, and sharp photos just like the example created by Melissa Zambrana. If you crop your images from different points and tiling them in a geometric and angular manner, you can discover a whole new level of a unique spin revolution in your photographs.

geometric graphic design

8. Illusion with Geometric Pattern

If you use geometric patterns precisely, you can create an illusion activated by the moment. Examine this poster created by Clement Chaussier for a festival titled "Wave Festival". He used bold shaped elements and adjusted them careful to create wave patterns that smoothly creates an illusion by movement. The design also looks very sharp and eye-catchy. If you look closely you will notice headlining band/artist names are uniquely concealed in the 'wave' lines and it is blended into the designs.

geometric graphic

Graphic Design Tool You Need to Know About

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geometric graphic design

This is a platform that is trusted by many designers. Minimize your struggle with Mockitt. Many benefits are provided by adopting this tool as it contains graphic designing tutorials and provides all in one workspace. The accomplishment of different web development projects can be done without any limitations.

Collaboration is available around the clock. This tool is capable of producing animation graphics that will be smoothly displayed on any Android and iOS supported device. A built-in library of custom-sized layouts with convenient drag and drop interface is offered by Mockitt. Beginners can blend object templates, add combos, and predefined widgets.

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