Which Is the Best Graphic Design Adobe Software?

Albert Shepherd updated on 2020-10-12 20:12:58

No matter who the designer, professional or amateur is, if they want to develop and improve their skills, they must constantly monitor the emergence of new tools and services. It is desirable that such tools be free, or at least not too expensive. And it's very good that they are.

A graphic designer needs more than just creativity to show his talent to the world. You never know when a cool new concept will come to your mind. To fully express your creativity, you need to keep the right tools close at hand. What is the most popular adobe graphic design software? Let's check. In this article, we have an adobe graphic design software list. And we'll highlight the most popular adobe graphic design applications.

Which is the best graphic design Adobe software?

1. Adobe Photoshop

graphic design adobe

Adobe Photoshop is the favorite for most graphic designers. It is more than just a photo editing program. You can use it to create graphic designs from scratch, create 3D graphics, videos, web apps, mobile apps, and more. Thanks to Adobe CreativeSync, you can access your designs from desktop and mobile no matter what how, and where you are connected from.

In the 2020 version, the possibility of selecting individual elements in the image with a special tool is announced, the deformation of objects will also be "natural" and modern palettes of gradients, shadows, etc. will appear. Most of the graphic designers use adobe photoshop graphic design software for their artwork.


  • Simple interface
  • Web design tools.
  • Rich set of drawings and typography tools.
  • Possibility of 3D design.
  • Synchronized libraries.
  • Constant updating of functionality.
  • Lots of materials for creating all types of designs.

2. Adobe Illustrator CC

adobe graphic design

Adobe Illustrator is a vector version of Photoshop, and these two common tools and features help designers who use both. However, if you want to create graphics that can scale from a postage stamp to a giant billboard, then Illustrator is definitely the tool of choice. There was a time when you could buy Adobe Illustrator outright, but Adobe now only offers this product on a Creative Cloud (CC) bundle, and it's not cheap.

With Adobe Illustrator, you can create vector drawings and illustrations using the shape toolbox. It is one of the best desktop creative logo drawing app. Drawing perfect shapes without touching control keys is made possible by the help function.

Best used for: vector images

Pricing Plan: One illustrator will sell for $ 20.99 / month, and the full Creative Cloud price will be $ 52.99 / month.


  • Helpful user interface
  • Wide range of tools
  • Supports precise editing

3. Adobe Muse

graphics adobe

Muse lets you create great websites without coding. It is a website building platform with a redesigned Photoshop interface. Muse is suitable for beginners thanks to its intuitive interface and drag and drops elements. When designing your site (in which case Adobe Muse themes can be especially useful), you can also control the master page, which will display a set of common elements across all pages of your site. These include navigation options, headers, and footers.

How to create a simple graphic design with Adobe Photoshop?

Modern graphic designers can hardly imagine their life without Adobe Photoshop. It's a multifunctional photo editor that gives you almost unlimited possibilities to create and adjust images, add stunning textures and lighting effects, and experiment with filters.

The list goes on and on. Photoshop brings all of the design tools in one place and offers a complete editing experience. The only downside is that Photoshop is not a program for amateurs. It's a fairly complicated software program used by professional photographers, designers, animation professionals, and people in arts-related industries.

How to Make 3D Text in Photoshop:

So in Photoshop, I'm going to make a new document. But of course, you will make this in your header banner or whatever you use in this for. So I'm just setting 1920 by 1080 resolution and clicking on the create button.

adobe graphic design software

You need to grab the “Text” tool or T on your keyboard and use the font “Burbank big” condensed and black but of course, you can use whichever font you want.

adobe graphic design software

You have to type out text just like so and the color is also up to you but I'm using orange color.

adobe graphics software

We're going to create a new layer above it. Right-click and make it a clipping mask to the brush tool. If you press down Alt + right-click on your mouse and dry to the right you can make the brush bigger.

adobe photoshop graphic design software

Layer Styles:

So the size is 1 pixel, the highlight mode on white and overlay use ctrl + j to duplicate the text layer. Now go to right-click and clear layer styles and rasterize type you can see the move tool. Press shift to dry down can like so. Then press down ctrl + t.

graphics adobe

We're going to double click to bring in delay styles. Now go-to color, overlay we can select our like a dark orange almost like the brown color and to make it and to separate it from their main text.

adobe graphic design software list

Now you can see its final look. It’s a perfect looking 3D text made with graphic design adobe Photoshop.

graphics software adobe

The best Prototyping and Wireframing Tool

With Wondershare Mockitt you can create simple mockups for mobile and desktop apps. The program is easy to use without any programming knowledge. Simple drop & drag makes this possible. The pre-designed elements such as the pop-up menu, sliding drawer, and a carousel of images should also be emphasized here. Mockitt allows the really quick and easy creation of mockups with simple means.

Mockitt is a great way to collaborate on wireframes.

adobe graphic design software

But of course, you can also use it to create interactive prototypes of websites and mobile applications. Simply upload your PSD, png, and jpg. Sketches on paper or photos are also transformed into clickable prototypes. The resulting prototype is fully clickable, allows you to make adaptations, introduce global variables, design, and test in practice different user flows for a registered and unregistered user.

This software allows you to create prototypes of various products, whether it is a web or mob application project. It also has additional benefits :

  • The ability to create annotations for many interface elements;
  • The ability to create prototypes in HTML and .chm formats;
  • The ability to create projects for the simultaneous work on one prototype of several participants;
  • The ability to quickly create prototypes and quickly make changes to them, and many other benefits.

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