Top 10 Graphic Design Apps to Enhance your Creativity

Peter Martinez updated on 2020-09-25 17:19:49

No doubt, every graphic designer need helping hands to create something extraordinary. The helping hands can be the graphic design app or any other source where graphic designers create their design. There are hundreds of graphic design apps available for you. But the question is, which are the best graphic design apps?

Choosing the right graphic design app is essential for every graphic designer. Without the right tool, it will be challenging for new designers to carry their graphic design careers.

In this article, we bring you the best graphic design apps, so you don't have to wander anywhere. The following tools can be life-saving for the new designers.

10 Graphic Design Apps

Remember, all the following tools/apps listed according to their popularity or review are given by top-rated graphic designers.

Graphic Design App-Wondershare Mockitt

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Wondershare Mockitt is an online design application, more like prototyping software. Mockitt has lots of updated features that you won't find in any other tool. Moreover, you can use its premium features just for free. That's why we listed Wondershare Mockitt at the top of our list.

Mockitt gives you the facility to create sleek designs; all you have to do is drag any widget or component from the asset "Library" or "Built-in" components and drop them on canvas. Team collaboration has made it more comfortable with its Cloud support. You can save and access your projects anytime or anywhere in the world.

Graphic Design App-Adobe XD

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Adobe XD is one of the most famous graphic design apps for desktop and Mac OS. Adobe XD is product one from the 20+ products of Adobe Creative Cloud. To use Adobe XD, you have to download its parent software. Everything in Adobe XD is quite perfect except for its pricing plans. For beginners, it's quite an expensive graphic design app.

The features of XD mostly similar to Wondershare Mockitt. The difference between them is you can access Wondershare Mockitt online. Whereas, to use XD you have to download and fully install it on your system.

Graphic Design App-Sketch

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The sketch is a fantastic graphic design app only for Mac users. Sketch lets you create incredible graphic designs and prototypes easily. But sadly, its services are limited to Mac users only. The pricing plan of Sketch is acceptable but no way near to the Wondershare Mockitt. No doubt, Sketch has been promising for years.

Still, there is a massive community of Mac users that are currently using Sketch for graphic designing. It's a significant achievement for Sketch.

Graphic Design App-Adobe Photoshop

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Adobe Photoshop is another powerful graphic design app for the designer to create a unique graphic design. It is different from what we have seen in other graphic design apps. In this graphic design software, you can edit or customize your captured images and videos. Adobe Photoshop includes pre-installed third-party plugins, which helps you import and export your designs in other supported software.

Graphic Design App-Adobe Illustrator

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Illustrator has been the perfect partner with Photoshop. Both products are from the same parent, i.e., Adobe Creative Cloud. Adobe Illustrator basically uses for illustration graphics and vector scaling. Many professional graphic designers who mostly prefer illustration or vector drawing, uses Adobe Illustration. But it is also an expensive graphic design app like the other products of Adobe Creative Cloud. Apart from expensive, Adobe products provide quality services to their users.

Graphic Design App-Affinity Designer

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There is a competition going around between Affinity and Adobe Illustration. Both of them have similar kinds of features and functions. The battle between these two is not stopping here, but also Affinity Photos and Adobe Photoshop. Affinity photo provides an alternative to Photoshop for image and video editing. But there are some complaints from the designers for using Affinity Photo. Well, they say that Affinity doesn't do everything that Adobe Photoshop does. It's a bit of disappointment.

Graphic Design App-CorelDraw

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CorelDraw is a vector-based graphic design app usually created for Windows OS, but in 2019 they decided to launch a separate version for Mac users. The popularity of this software forced them to establish a different version for Mac users. The Mac users wanted the CorelDraw very severely. Today, CorelDraw is one of the best graphic design apps among popular software.

Graphic Design App-Adobe InDesign

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Here we've got another product of Adobe Creative Cloud. God! How many graphic design app products they have? Well, Adobe InDesign was released after the arrival of two popular products, i.e., Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Despite being released late, it gained popularity in no time. That was a shocker for the competitors.

Graphic Design App-Inkscape

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Inkscape lets you draw freely. That means everything inside Inkscape is for free. It's an open-source graphic design app available for Windows and Mac users. It is not much advanced, like what we've seen in the above graphic design apps. There's another downside of Inkscape is most designers complain about is its slow speed. The operations performed inside the Inkscape are prolonged like a turtle.

Graphic Design App-Gravit Designer

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Gravit Designer is an online vector design software for almost every platform that is currently available nowadays. Gravit Designer gives you a choice either you want to use it online or download it for your local machine. It is almost similar to Wondershare Mockitt. The pricing plans between them are also identical.


We've discussed everything about graphic design apps. Now, it's time to summing up things. As mentioned, graphic design apps or tools are the most popular software among professional designers. They reviewed these software' as top-rated graphic design tools. Now, up to you which tool you want to use in the future. Remember, if you are a new designer, just go with the free tool or less expensive to afford it easily. Such as Wondershare Mockitt or Inkscape. One of them is free, and the other one is inexpensive. There is a tiny bit of difference between expensive apps and the less expensive ones.

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