10 Essential Graphic Design Books

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If creative people actually have a great- deep or are just looking for new design inspiration, graphic design books are the best things to go. The graphic designer's eye is not only flattered by the haptics, graphic preparation, and layout but above all by exciting content that can turn our curiosity into a festival.

A famous saying: "Good design is sometimes harder to spot than bad design. Partly because good design fits our needs so well that it becomes invisible."

There are hundreds of best graphic design books, covering everything from drafting techniques to pure inspiration, that you can leaf through during break and put on your desk for useful reference. We recommend these 10 books to you, even though we realize that this list could be endless.

With these 10 best books for graphic designers, You will be able to figure out what graphic design is and how it has evolved over the centuries; as well as how creativity makes money and what it means to make beautiful. Then we will get to know more innovative designers and learn how to master the art of design to perfection.

Top 10 Graphic Design Books 2020

Graphic Design Book 1 - Herb Lubalin: Art Director, Graphic Designer, and Typographer

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Recommended by Stuart Scott-Curran, Director of Brand Design at Intercom.

Herb Lubalin is an American graphic designer and pioneer in design and typography. Among his accomplishments, he developed the Avant-Garde typeface and logo, which are now considered the most recognizable in the world. As a co-founder of the International Typeface Corporation, he made significant contributions to the industry by combining art, typography, and constant innovation.

In this helpful design book, you will find the best of Herb's work over the decades: posters, logos, media promotions, packaging, book design, and fonts, as well as biographies, life stories, and stories of his contributions to the development of the global graphic design.

Graphic Design Book 2 - The Design of Everyday Things

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Recommended by Jili Zhuo - Director of Industrial Design at Facebook.

According to most experts, The Design of Everyday Things is a must-have book for designers. It was a pioneer in the field, but each edition is refined and revised, making it a useful resource for teaching design.

The theories and tips published in the book provide a detailed understanding of what it means to be focused on users and customers, and also fully reveals the meaning of design thinking. The author shares case studies and real projects to show readers the difference between good and bad design.

Graphic Design Book 3 - 1000 graphic elements

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In this book, you will find 1000 examples of the very best design ideas. At first glance, they are simple. However, many of them only became apparent after lengthy discussions. Everything you find here is a collection of ideas for creative inspiration.

Moreover, In the book, you will learn about designers looking for something new, as well as those who prefer to concentrate on using standard techniques with the same overwhelming success. This book is easily available on Amazon.

Graphic Design Book 4 - Don't Make Me Think

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Recommended by Iheanui Ekechukwu, Software Engineer at Digital Ocean.

If you are studying web or graphic design abroad, by no means skip the "Don't Make Me Think" book. In this book, the author talks about the different roles in creating a product, making you think about your own projects, problems, and communications. As you read this interesting design book, you will get inspired and see examples of how you can improve your designs.

Graphic Design Book 5 - How to Be a Graphic Designer Without Losing Your Soul 

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The hard part of being creative isn't just having to create and implement a finished design product. This also includes finding a permanent position, maintaining successful self-employment, starting a company, communicating with customers, and presenting your own ideas in the best possible way. All of this is contained in this book, the first edition of which was published in 2005, but is still extremely topical.

This book is very useful for graphic design students or anyone new to the profession. While the design of this book itself is not necessarily some of the nicest ever printed, it contains valuable career tips from many industry celebrities such as Neville Brody, Natalie Hunter, John Warwicker, and Andy Cruz.

Graphic Design Book 6 - Well-Designed: How to Use Empathy to Create Products People Love

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Recommended by Jessica Tiao - UX Designer at CrazyEgg.

If you're studying at a design school, be sure to read this book cover to cover. Its goal: to help designers better understand customers and users in order to develop products that they will love. It also examines the importance of interaction between product managers and designers to achieve the best possible results.

Quote from the book: "Modern UX designers work to fit technology into the interaction between people."

Graphic Design Book 7 - The Visual History of Type

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This book, published in 2017, offers a comprehensive, chronological overview of fonts as reflected in the time from the emergence of book printing in the 15th century until today. It contains explanations and background information on over 320 original fonts that have gone down in history.

This book is always an indispensable guide when you need to choose or even design a new font for your own project. It is ideal for students, historians, but also for graphic designers who have been working in their profession for a long time. And it also looks great as a design object on the bookshelf.

Graphic Design Book 8 - Logo

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Published in 2015, the handbook provides an overview of the beginnings, evolution, and styles of logo design and shows the most important logos in history. Anyone in this field will find this catalog extremely useful as it provides inspiration for the colors and shapes of the world's most famous logos. Maybe you will find some logos in it that have already been forgotten.

The excellent book, in which 150 companies are divided into 75 categories, contains a collection of 1,300 symbols and logos, as well as works by masters of the industry such as Paul Rand and Saul Bass, but also by contemporary designers.

Graphic Design Book 9 - The Typography Idea Bookbest books for graphic designers

The book is written by the same authors as the previous one but deals with a particular aspect of graphic design on the same subject. It is a logo design handbook based on practical examples from great designers but encouraging you to develop your own ideas.

Graphic Design Book 10 - Creativity Inc

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Recommended by Ruben Hall - Design Director at MindSea.

Ed Catmull is president of Pixar Animation and Disney Animation. Both of these companies have empowered people (both young and old) to dream, fantasize, and be inspired. At Creativity Inc, the author explains how to manage people and create a creative work environment. It features excerpts from Ed's biography (his work at Pixar and with Steve Jobs) and a wealth of helpful advice.

Quote from the book: "You are not your idea. If you identify too closely with your ideas, you will be offended and offended when they are questioned."

An Easy-to-use tool to create a graphic design

I firmly believe that prototyping helps us in the process of creating quality user interfaces. We operate in a world of rich, dynamic user interfaces both on the web and on our devices. The interfaces we create are interactive, responsive to user input, and have emotions. Prototypes allow you to articulate design feelings and functions in a way that simple display forms cannot.

Wondershare Mockitt is one of the best prototyping and wireframing software, it allows you to link screens directly in a sketch and export a ready-made prototype without setting up transitions and links. It also has a large number of auxiliary functions and a developed infrastructure. Along with the prototyping tool comes a wide range of services for collaboration, storing libraries, own stock, and much more.

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We can use Mockitt for prototyping mobile and web applications. Choosing Mockitt over other software meets all your requirements perfectly. This tool comes with a lot of amazing features, which allow you to create navigable mini-websites designs, look pretty much similar to the native iPhone or Android apps and demo prototypes. Among the main advantages of the tool is the intuitive modern design of the service, the ability to make simple animations, screen transitions, and many others:

    • It has the ability to allow you to create a complete prototype in just 10 minutes;
    • Control all versions of the prototype and the edits made on the basis of one common platform for all;
    • Interactive teamwork - Strong teamwork support: Save an average of 6-8 hours as well as $200 per project!

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