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Graphic design is the way a designer communicates with the public through visuals. The specialist comes up with a concept, idea, or realizes the idea of the customer. Its main task is to convey information, attract attention, evoke an emotional response, and increase brand awareness. In short, it is a professional all-rounder with the same universal demand.

To help you make your choice, we've compiled the 5 best graphic design classes online. Compare prices, duration, course programs, etc. These 5 graphic design classes online will help you master this direction and start making money on creativity!

Best 5 Graphic Design Classes Online

The world of education is changing. You can take graphic design classes online in your hometown, or you can study online. Traditional design courses offer basic knowledge in basic graphics programs, become a print designer, or take a course in corporate identity development. Does it make sense to go to online courses or pay tribute to the traditional way - let's try to figure it out?

Online courses give you more freedom and opportunity. Graphic design courses are no exception - education becomes convenient and comfortable. What online courses have to offer and what traditional education lacks.

1. Profession Graphic Designer by Skillbox

graphic design classes

Duration: 2 years.

Format: Online lectures + practice + feedback from the mentor.

Level: From scratch.

Who is it for: Beginners, with different skill levels.

Content: The curriculum includes an analysis of the following topics:

  • features of the profession and levels of competence;
  • learning Illustrator and Photoshop;
  • logo design and text design;

Optional courses:

  • motion design;
  • package design.


Anton Antonyuk - art director of the "Conscience" project;

After completing the course, you will be able to:

  • create logos;
  • engage in branding;
  • develop a brief;
  • create a corporate identity for products;
  • showcase your projects to clients;
  • understand the needs of product buyers;
  • own designer tools.

2. Graphic Design and Communication from Netology

graphic design classes

Duration: 10 months.

Format: Webinars + video lectures + practice + feedback from a mentor.

Level: From scratch.

Who is it for: Beginners, with different skill levels.


Grigory Kochenov - creative director of AGIMA;

Vadim Shmygov - visual journalist and designer, teacher of TUT Infographics;

Nadezhda Andrianova - art director of the research and analytical website of the Central Bank. And 11 more teachers.

After completing the course, you will be able to:

  • work with the needs of your target audience;
  • create brands;
  • work with composition, styling, color, and basic animation;
  • own a software package of tools;
  • come up with packaging for advertising campaigns;
  • create infographics and presentations.

3. Graphic Designer Profession Course from Contented

graphic design classes

Duration: 9 months

Level: From scratch

Format: Video tutorials + practice + mentor consultation

Content: Training materials include the following blocks:

  • graphic designer tools;
  • professional division and competencies;
  • career development.


Maxim Alimkin - curator of the graphic design direction of the Contented portal;

Olya Gnedaya is the art director of the Rambler group of companies.

After completing the course, you will be able to:

  • own software for working as a designer;
  • create corporate identity and logos, packaging, website design;
  • independently look for clients;
  • create websites.

4. Faculty of Graphic Design at GeekUniversity

graphic design classes

Duration: 1 year

Format: video lessons + practical exercises + feedback from the mentor.

Level: From scratch.

Who is it for: Beginners, with different skill levels.

Content: The curriculum is divided into quarters:

  • Basics of Typography and Composition, Adobe Package;
  • creation of models and 3D objects;
  • visual identity, audience study;


Grigory Uvarov - graphic designer;

Maria Kasatkina - art director of the Metaforma studio;

Anna Ershanskaya is a Lead Brand Manager at Pernod Recar. And 9 more teachers.

After completing the course, you will be able to:

  • work with the Adobe software package and additional computer software;
  • create site layouts, come up with a style and logos;
  • take into account the needs of the target audience in the work.

5. Logo and corporate identity designer by Skillbox

Duration: 120 days.

Format: Video lessons + practical exercises + feedback from the mentor.

Level: Beginners.

Suitable for: Web designers.

Content: The tutorials contain topics:

  • communication with the customer;
  • identity designer;
  • concept, tools;
  • corporate identity, brand;
  • preparation of the case;
  • legal issues;
  • freelance earnings.


Roman Gorbachev - founder and director of Logomashina;

Alexandra Kurdyumova - Senior Partner at Versus. legal;

Nika Vartanova is a lawyer at Versus. legal. And 10 more teachers

Wondershare Mockitt for UI/UX Designers

As you’re a designer, you may know how important a prototyping tool is. It helps you save up tons of time and effort on the design process as well as get a better user experience. But if you choose the wrong tool, it costs you a lot. That’s why you should consider Mockitt to design your wireframes and prototypes.

Wondershare Mockitt is the most efficient prototype that does not require you to write a single line of code. Many companies use Mockitt for its powerful, robust, easy to handle dynamic content, animations, adaptive views, conditional flow, data-driven, math functions while creating your own UI designs. The best feature of Mockitt is its single click through diagrams and other features without writing a single piece of code.

graphic design classes

Another feature that makes Mockitt a popular prototyping tool in the market is that you can share content and collaborate with multiple people very easily. Just a click and Mockitt lets you publish all the diagrams and prototypes through a link and your client will be able to view it on his/her own browser. This helps to save a lot of time and create team projects easily.

Mockitt is available both on Android and ios on mobile applications. Wireframes created in Mockitt are very low-fidelity (almost like a freehand sketch). If you are a UX newbie, this tool works wonders as it is highly straightforward to use.

Features of Mockitt:

  • It has a huge asset library. With this library, you can easily customize your widgets, save, and reuse them with one click.
  • You can get feedback live. As long as the other party is a member of the enterprise, they can comment on the prototype. Collecting feedback is as easy as that.
  • MckingBot provides real-time collaboration. Goodbye to manual file transfers, join the collaboration, or send a link, others can edit or view the project, and also give immediate comments and feedback.
  • You can export multiple format file by using Mockitt

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