8 tools of Graphic Design for beginners

Albert Shepherd updated on 2020-10-12 20:12:58
graphic design for beginners free

Graphic design is an important and popular field in almost every industry, and its demand is surging. Today, websites, especially e-commerce sites, need to have gripping content and eye-catching visuals. To offer what's required, one needs graphic design tools that can improvise visuals, text, and models. Here is a list of 8 easy-to-use graphic designs for beginners' tools if you are new to graphic design. These will help a newbie learn graphic design and render a professional look to beginners' graphic design projects.

8 tools of Graphic Design for beginners

1.Wondershare Mockitt

graphic design for beginners free

Wondershare Mockitt is a professional and handy product design and collaboration tool that brings your ideas to life. It is an online graphic design tool that is compatible with Windows and iOS. One can create prototypes and wireframes easily with their drag-and-drop designing interface and widgets. There are large icons and built-in widgets available to create beautiful interfaces in minutes. One of the best graphic design tips for beginners is to use templates for practical design. Mockitt offers rich UI templates and assets to speed up the designing process. You can create and use your asset library and sort your assets using tags.

2.Photoshop - graphic design software

graphic design projects for beginners

Photoshop has made the path of photo editing exciting. If you are new to this field, the automatic options can infuse life to the images making them the center of attention. With photoshop, it is straightforward to remove unwanted objects from the image and combine multiple images. It runs on both Mac and Windows, offering features like channel mixing, clone stamp tool, and perspective correction. The interface though overwhelming is intuitive. There are millions of tutorials available for it. Thus it is one of the best graphic design programs for beginners. However, the vector graphics aren't up to the current standards.

3.Adobe InDesign

graphic design tips for beginners

InDesign, backed by Adobe, creates clean layouts for mobile devices and desktops in the business. For graphic design projects for beginners like the layout design of an online magazine, Adobe InDesign is ideal. It is the tool for creating brochures and layouts for both digital and printed media. It is highly flexible, allows easy drag and drops and image resizing. The tool is a part of Creative Cloud and is easily accessible as a Mac and PC desktop app. It has an easier learning curve than its competitors, making it an ideal graphic design tool for beginners free. It can single-handedly do what Illustrator and Photoshop can do.

4.Adobe Illustrator

graphic design for beginners free

Illustrator specifically deals with vector graphics. It overcomes the drawbacks of Photoshop and carries forward its advantages. Many courses and tutorials demonstrate using vector art to create logos, typography, sketches, icons, or intricate illustrations. One can create seamlessly aligned artwork by drawing pixel-perfect shapes. Designing is very fast with Illustrator because of its plugins. As a part of Creative Cloud, the app is available for both Mac and desktop. Its learning curve is steep, but the resources available makeup for that. It is not a pixel-based software, and thus, there is not much taxing on graphic cards and processors.


graphic design programs for beginners

GNU Image Manipulation Program or GIMP is the perfect substitute for Adobe Photoshop. It is ideal not only for graphic designers but photographers also. It has a highly enhanced photo manipulation feature, and the flexibility helps with creating crystal-clear graphics. The interface is customizable, and you can view and edit simultaneously because of the full-screen mode. The features are not extensive but provide a great experience as a desktop publishing tool. GIMP runs on Linux, Windows, OS X, and other OS. It is a cross-compatible graphic design for beginners software program and thus a prime choice for beginners.


graphic design for beginners

It is a professional tool ideal for graphic designers and vector art lovers who use the SVG file format. The tool works perfectly on Linux, OS, Mac, and Windows. Even if you are just a beginner who loves creating vector images, Inkscape is for everyone. It is very ready to use in terms of coloring, making illustrations, and sketching. It is an alternative for Adobe Illustrator, and the .eps files are easily readable with the Ghostscript extension. It is a graphic design for beginners free tools. It surpasses Illustrator in terms of a more excellent and more intuitive interface. It is competent yet underrated, works well on PCs but is still not employed in many businesses.


graphic design projects for beginners

Blender is a famous, community-driven, and free 3D Modeling software, but there is more to it. It is one of the most excellent designing software because of its versatility. Though it has a steep learning curve, it can perform any graphic design. It gives a beginner a choice to experiment freely. It is open-source and has a dedicated community that means everything from plugins and premade vectors to widgets. There are many graphic design programs for beginners available to learn Blender. Last but not least, its interface is very user-friendly, and there are many shortcut options.


graphic design tips for beginners

Suppose you are a beginner in web design or looking for creating infinite designs as a graphics editor without any restrictions. In that case, CorelDraw is the vector graphics editor for you. It is the most popular editor presently in the industry. It has some easy-to-use cool productive functions that no other vector editor can provide. The tools can give dynamic and fast results along with full control. There is an inbuilt organizer in the latest versions, also the tools like Smear. Repel, Attract, and Twirl makes vector object editing super easy. You can position objects as per the requirement with the alignment guide. It also works smoothly on large files making it a must-have tool of graphic design for beginners.


As a graphic designer, it is essential to know which graphic design tools to use. With so many graphic design programs for beginners available in the market, it is not easy to pick the right one for your project. Doing away with the burdensome coding and designing a website can lead to developing a highly intriguing website. With Mockitt, one can design such websites in a matter of minutes. With this article, you know the trendiest tools available for graphic design for beginners free. One doesn't need the most expensive equipment to make good artwork. By putting in time and effort, one can use basic graphic design tools and still create competitive level artwork.

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