Top 7 Websites For Graphic Design Inspiration

Albert Shepherd updated on 2020-10-12 20:12:58

Design is a crucial element of digital marketing and has become a deciding factor in many areas, such as visual content marketing. From advertisements and blog articles to apps and websites, graphic design is everywhere. It is not easy to find graphic design inspiration and keep up with changing trends. Are you a graphic designer looking for some graphic design inspiration sites? This article then lists down 7 of the best websites to get inspiration from for building your own. In the end, you will also find an excellent tool for graphic design you should know about.

7 websites for your graphic design inspiration

Here are some design portfolios for graphic design ideas & inspiration:


Pollen is a London based award-winning digital agency that offers full- service branding in the fashion and retail sectors. The minute you land on their page, you would see a series of black and white animated images and videos setting the tone's home page. The website uses the screen's full width, and parallax scrolling is one of the site's most prominent features. They have sprinkled their mission statement and quotes across the page. This adds a personal touch to the design and highlights their motives. The site leaves no room for distraction by using a monotone color scheme.


Another UK based studio ToyFight is an award-winning creative agency that partners with emerging businesses and global brands to create meaning and exciting digital and non-digital experiences. What sets them apart is the use of 3D animated images of their founders. The figurines have been used multiple times on their website. The home page has a bright yellow background that stands out. Throughout the website, distinct solid colors such as red, blue, and purple have been used. Their website is sure to leave a long-lasting impression on one's mind. The way they have chosen to list their work on the site is a major urban graphic design inspiration.

3.Active Theory

Active Theory is a creative digital production studio with offices in Amsterdam and Los Angeles. The animation is their USP. Their website transports you to another world, providing a fully immersive 3D experience. The site has mood and blade runner aesthetics, and it's impossible to take your eyes off. Their call to action is on point- their work. It speaks for itself. The mesmerizing animated experience tells you everything they are capable of. Their projects are cleanly displayed. They have used full-screen animation, links, and overlaying for making their page fantastic. It is highly recommended to study their website for major inspiration.

4.Lynx & Co.

Lynx & Company is a graphic design studio whose site widely uses lettering and typography, illustrations, etc. The website deserves a spot in the graphic design inspiration sites list because of its overall inviting and clean look. There is a subtle quirkiness that shines through the on-trend logo design and unique choices of typography. The homepage has a friendly and crisp studio introduction, along with large images of their work. The sites surely know how to grab attention without asking for it. The site also uses the typographical prints in their online store section. The colors used throughout the website are warm and urban.

5.Daniel Aristizábal

It is an art direction and digital art website that deserves the tag of 'eye candy.' A lot is going on the site, and it is not easy to consume everything in one go. The website engages with a black background. The real digital materials, neon objects, and gravity-defying scenarios stay evident. The scrolling experience offered is too exciting. As you scroll down, images begin to move and slide, overlapping each other. The four corners of the page have essential links, and one of them offers alternative website navigation. What more can one expect! They have used amazing graphics to showcase their work on the main page. This website has graphic design ideas & inspiration for everyone.

6.Caterina Bianchini

Another London based graphic design website that is making global waves in the scene. The designer started with creating nightclub posters and now has an enormous catalog of clients, including Levi's, Yoko Ono, and Reebok. The website has made it to the list because it showcases her design pieces in a centered alignment. The website is millennial in all aspects. Important links are laid out vertically and are permanent as you scroll down. The poster designs are animated. On moving the cursor above a poster, it shifts position and echoes.

7.Femme Fatale Studio

Last but not least, Femme Fatale is a Paris Based creative studio specializing in animation and interactive experiences. As soon as you visit their website, there are amazing animations and a series of images that shouts their aesthetics. Their work is modern, and the website uses special effects and bold images to give a clear idea. Parallax scrolling creates a sense of immersion and an illusion of depth. The website majorly uses shades of grey and black that offer urban graphic design inspiration. Worth checking out!

Graphic design tool you need to know

Wondershare Mockitt is an easy to use design tool that is great if you start your graphic design journey. The interface is user friendly that lets you design better and in less time.

graphic design inspiration

Here are a few features of the design platform that makes it one of the best in the market:

  • Asset- There are plenty of widgets and templates that you can choose from. You can have a customized asset library and share your widget library with your team.
  • Design- You can design a simple graphic with the help of the drag and drop interface. Many transitions and gestures are available that let you animate quickly—overlay and slide in photos to beautify your designs.
  • Presentation- There are multiple sharing modes along with quick sharing and online commenting options.
  • Handoff- You can import your Sketch files, automatically inspect and slice them. Mockitt supports multi-platform codes.
  • Cloud and Collaborate- These features allow everyone to edit, preview, and work in real-time.

Now, as you have major graphic design inspiration, head to Mockitt to transform your idea into reality. You can also find user guide here for easy start.

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