5 Essential Tips for Graphic Design Layout

Albert Shepherd updated on 2020-10-12 20:12:58

Graphic design layout means the arrangement of the elements like tools, text, and style. This is used for the ease of the operator who is working on this software. In this article, we will tell you the features of great graphic design layouts you can use in your workspace. Graphic design layout and composition define the overall appearance and relationships between the graphic elements to ensure a smooth flow of message and eye movement for optimal production efficacy. It plays a vital role in the development of a design that attracts potential customers easily.

5 Tips for graphic design layout

graphic design layout

1.Symmetry in your workspace

Regardless of the varying sizes of the fonts, it helps to keep design elements in a presentable order. Proper alignment is a simple way to present a sophisticated and professional look to your pictures. It will improve your viewer's readability by aligning your text and giving it a beautiful structure. To your benefit, use the alignment tools for creating your graphic design layout ideas. Be sure to match text with other design elements if you add text to your graphic design to make it visually appealing. By aligning your design, your message appears clear, and the receiver might understand your message.

2.Best use of colors

One secret to a beautiful design is selecting a beautiful color palette.

A good color palette will help you save much time on thinking of color combination. It will attract audiences subconsciously to look at your design. Even if your style has nothing to do with them, any by passers will stop seeing what you are giving them to see. The central concept here is basically: to please people, use a color palette for the love of good graphic design.

graphic design layout and composition

3.Optimum utilization of fonts

This may be the most prominent tip. In one style, use various fonts, but do not exaggerate and go overboard. Try to make sure that your fonts fit together well and restrict the number of fonts you use. You can add a lot of variation while keeping things consistent. "The trick is to use text from a single" family "font. An example of a "family" font will be Arial with the necessary Arial font and variants such as Arial Black, Arial Narrow, and Arial Rounded MT Bold. Both of these fonts look different. But a common thread between them is enough to provide a sense of continuity when used in designs together. Experience and play around with the fonts in your page layout graphic design. Also, you can always download them from Wondershare Mockitt.

great graphic design layouts

4.Images with text

If your design includes placing text over pictures, change the background image brightness level, or add an overlay of colors. The background image will thus offset the text's color, allowing the text to be readable, and the design will still look clean and straightforward. To build a "box effect," you can increase or decrease the line-height and letter spacing. Kerning typography is about equalizing the spaces between characters as best as possible, but if you set a mathematically equal gap between all letters, you won't achieve the desired result. Make sure your text placement is pleasing to look at, and you're trying to create symmetry for that effect.

graphic design ad layouts


Grids are a brilliant feature that allows you to create professional effects by designing and editing your images. Using grids, you can position your images with similar themes to create an eye-catching graphic design layout and composition. Place every photo to the horizon line and apply specific filters for consistency across all the photos. These grid lines are used to convert your basic layouts into great graphic design layouts. Grids build your world-class layouts quickly and easily without using design templates. Grids bring organizations not only to the design but to the process of creating the design. Baseline grids offer a great roadmap when you're working on a larger project.

What is the importance of a layout in graphic design?

A graphic design layout is used to make content easier to process and navigate, but it can also express the sentiment, mood, and meaning.

  • Highly convincing results are achievable when used in combination with the correct typography, imagery, and color.
  • Graphic design is far more than images and fancy fonts alone. It is the art of solving problems and communicating through imagery.
  • An exciting layout will help you connect with your clients and create awareness about the brand. A layout's performance depends on the arrangement of the individual visual elements and the relationship formed between them.
  • In designing ads, promotional materials, and works of art, all graphic designers must keep this in mind at all times.
  • A designer should know the fundamentals for a proper layout to correct understanding and use of all unified elements' balance, proportion, series, focus, and unity.
  • In graphic design, visual elements' layout plays a vital role in developing and achieving a good design that attracts potential clients, is user-friendly, easy to read and understand, and may want to learn more.

Graphic design tool you need to know

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 graphic design layout tool

It supports collaboration in real-time as it allows you to share your prototypes with others by adding members of your team to your prototype project for Mockitt. With this tool, you can instantly view all your app screens in one place, enabling you to view and edit the full workflow.

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