10 Stunning Graphic Design Portfolio Websites to Get Innovative Ideas

Albert Shepherd updated on 2020-10-12 20:12:58

Every UI/UX is aware of the importance of a graphic design portfolio. It is typically the one factor a client focuses on while selecting a graphic designer for a project. That proves a portfolio is necessary to show your abilities as a graphic designer. A graphic design portfolio is a bit similar to a resume. So, just provide your contact information, sample of work you can do, and feedback from previous clients.

Now you must be thinking about where to find such a website to get an overview and create a graphic portfolio. Your hunt has come to an end as we have enlisted some of the resources for you. Also, we also suggest Mockitt which is a convenient tool to enhance your beginner skills.

10 Great Graphic Design Portfolio Websites to Inspire You

1. Marcus Artis

Graphic design portfolio websites must be straight-to-the-point. Marcus Artis is a perfect example if you want to create packaging, branding, and a graphic portfolio. Marcus makes a great first impression by showing his branding on the main page. He has used vivid and strong textures nicely. The website is presenting the portfolio just by using galleries that are simple to use and full of images. He has worked on promotional ads, packaging designs, and marketing materials.

graphic design portfolio

2. Chris Tammar

This graphic design online portfolio of Chris Tammar displays his talents through an intuitive and unique website. The main logo design on Tammar's website gives it a character and makes it the main attraction. He has done his best with the homepage by integrating a sleek square grid style. His work is available at the center stage and shows his portfolio without any confusion. Chris keeps his portfolio up to date by adding genuine links to his bio and contact details.

graphic design portfolio websites

3. Made Architects

The graphic design portfolio ideas can be very beneficial if you get the right inspiration from them. If we talk about Made Architects, it is a multi-disciplinary design company experienced in interior design, stylish furniture design, and architecture projects. Their online portfolio design website displays their won awards and accomplishments on the main page. They also have a project section as well that consist of case studies related to selected projects. The about page is designed very well with their awards, crew, concept, and feedbacks of their services.

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4. Mingfei Yang

If you are looking for inspiration regarding graphic design or portfolio design of gaming niche, then the Mingfei Yang portfolio is the best one available online. Basically, the artwork of Mingfei contains surrealism and sharpness. You can see all the work he has done, professional and personal. His graphic design portfolio expresses all the talent he has in the graphics in the gaming field. If you also have such a similar interest you can visit his portfolio website. Believe us, you will be amazed.

graphic design online portfolio

5. Greene Bean

Greene Bean is included in the list of the best graphic design portfolio websites because it is the studio and portfolio of Rachel Greene. She is a talented graphic designer who is an expert in Adobe Creative Suite, living and working in Philadelphia. The main focus of Rachel's graphic design portfolio website is showcasing her print design samples in action. The portfolio design is well settled and attracts peoples as it has project categories, minimum aesthetic, and sharp focus.

graphic design portfolio ideas

6. Elizabeth O'meara

You can visit Elizabeth HYPERLINK "https://lizzybdesign.pixpa.com/"O'Meara's graphic design portfolio website for inspiration. She is a very hard working graphic/packaging designer. She is an expert with the packing of soap & toiletries items. Her portfolio is very extensive as it contains all her work, displayed superbly in her portfolio website and she has added a horizontal scrolling action gallery on the home page. The visual graphics of the website is minimalist as a smooth pastel color palette is used to complement the portfolio.

graphic design portfolio design

7. Kim Dero

If you are looking for a sleek and clean graphic design portfolio website then Graphic Designer Kim HYPERLINK "https://www.kimdero.com/work"Dero has done a great job. His minimalist portfolio website features a number of dynamic grids that emphasize the brilliant representation of Kim's portfolio. His website is all about flexibility in the portfolio images, negative space art is used, and uncomplicated portfolio website design is the only factor that makes Kim's graphic design portfolio website a winner.

best graphic design portfolio websites

8. Brandon Perez

A graphic design online portfolio is all about showing all the work or project you can handle. Brandon Perez's graphic design online portfolio website does a nice job of accomplishing that factor. He has displayed his diverse range of skills on the front home page. The green and greyscale color combination is very eye-catchy and the typography technique is used to generate the relevant results. The website design may seem simple but an excellent small grid layout on the home page gives it a unique touch.

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An Easy-To-Use Tool to Create A Graphic Design

Wondershare Mockitt is a user-friendly tool. You can create various graphic designs even if you are a rookie and don't have any experience. Any user can create a simple graphic design or portfolio with Mockitt.

You can create web designs and integrate unlimited graphics without writing a single line of code. Mockitt is a platform you can trust with your project. You can work swiftly and efficiently by minimizing your efforts. There are many advantages to picking this tool as it provides a smooth and coordinated workspace. You can do web development projects without any barriers.

If we go in detail with the advantages, it includes round-the-clock collaboration with the crew. This tool is capable of creating graphical content that will be easily displayed on any Android and iOS projects or devices. A variety of custom-sized layouts with flexible drag and drop features are allowed by Mockitt. You can combine object templates , add combos, and predefined widgets and motion graphics into your web design projects.

If you are wondering about graphics testing and feedback, Mockitt will generate a QRcode so your model can be tested on any iOS or Android supported devices. This code can be easily scanned by a camera of any device. You can visit Mockitt to be familiar with other amazing features of this handy tool.

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