10 Stunning Graphic Design Posters of 2021 to Inspire You

Albert Shepherd updated on 2020-10-12 20:12:58

As a marketing method, graphic design posters usually contain information about a particular product or any other services. The graphic poster plays an essential role in your product advertisement. If your poster somehow goes viral on any social media platform or google search engine, then you won't believe how much a graphic poster can give you the value. It's the backbone of social media marketing.

So, in this article, we bring you the stunning graphic design posters of 2021 to inspire you. Following graphic design posters will help the new graphic designers to get some ideas from them. So, be with us right at the end of this article.

10 Amazing Graphic Design Posters

To design a graphic poster, you've to be very smart, creative, and highly active on social media. We know what you are thinking right now? You think, why would someone need to highly active on social media? It's because social media is the platform where you can quickly know the mindset of the people. Creating graphic design posters, you should think about the people's perspective. What do they like? And how they'd react on graphic design posters? Which graphic design posters should be the best for people's views?

If you still confused about how to design a graphic poster? We bring you the fantastic design poster ideas from different platforms over the internet. These design posters will surely help you to get some inspiration from them.

1. Business Event Poster

Here we bring you the first poster design example for a business perspective. The graphic poster's purpose should be a clear, simple, and attractive looking style to viewers like the above example. Everything in this graphic poster seems clear to the naked eye. Choosing the right color combination and font family also an essential factor while designing the graphic poster.

2. Recruiter Poster

Are you running a company? Or you are a graphic designer, and some company hired you to create recruiter graphic poster for new jobs. If you're running a company or you're a graphic designer, the above example is perfect for both of you. The selection of fonts and color combinations is not the only thing in the graphic poster to care about; you must choose the ideal size for design a poster.

3. Fundraiser Event

The above example of a graphic design poster is for the pastel pride run event. The theme of this poster is much appealing to the young generation. Lots of color use makes this poster more vivid and alive. Who would imagine that this graphic design poster is only for the fundraiser?

4. Food Fest

Here's another example of a festival graphic poster, and this time, it's a food festival. Graphic design posters for festivals are quite popular these days. It's a better alternative to invitations cards. The poster has a sleek and simple design that is attractive to the eyes. It's an old design, but this poster's design forced us to share it with you for inspiration.

5. Bold and Stylish

Do you want bold and stylish graphic ideas? Well, here we've got one of the modern graphic posters that will indeed boost your thinking. Well, consider this poster as a marketing aspect. They have mentioned the core services they are offering in this graphic poster. Great combination of color boxes used to deliver the message. It actually looks kind of attractive.

6. Gradients

The use of gradients is always attractive, whether used in graphic posters or any other designs. The smooth fading from one color to another makes the design more pleasing to viewers. It's an excellent example for those who love to design graphics with the use of gradients.

7. Typography

Typography in graphic design is becoming more and more popular these days. People who share memes daily on social media are the best example of designs with typography in it. The use of typography in the graphic posters is also in high numbers. The typography looks pretty awesome in posters. Above, you can see how smooth the design is, and you get the feeling after watching the design.

8. Minimalistic Typographic Design

Here's we've got another typography graphic poster for designers. This poster uses a minimalistic approach for typography. The combination of red and black makes the design more stunning.

9. Minimal Poster

What you are seeing is another minimal graphic poster design for you to get inspiration. As we told you before, the minimalistic approach is becoming more popular among designers. It is also easy to design and easy to understand as a viewer.

10. Monochromatic Product

Lastly, we've got a unique graphic poster for you. The poster is designed based on product theme—only two colors and text used in this graphic design posters.

Well, these were some famous posters of 2021, and some of them are older. We think these examples would be enough for inspiration.

An Easy-to-use Tool to Create Graphic Design Posters

We've seen so many examples of graphic design posters above. We are going to share another thing with you from our experience—a tool to design a unique and attractive graphic poster for your company or campaign. Anyone can use this tool for visual design purposes.

Wondershare Mockitt is a graphic designing tool more like a prototyping software that helps designers to create attractive and responsive layouts and design graphics for websites. It's a highly recommended tool by our team members.

mockitt for graphic design posters

Features of Mockitt

Mockitt has a lot of features to discuss, but here for the sake of time, we're talking about them:

  • Design

    Mockitt gives the flexibility to drag and drop your elements directly on to the canvas. Therefore, you don't need the coding anymore.

  • Assets

    Mockitt contains lots of widgets and elements that increase your productivity in design. All your widgets and templates present in the "Asset Library."

  • Cloud | Collaboration

    With cloud support, collaboration among team member become easy for designers. Yes! Mockitt gives the facility to store your data online. You can access your project anywhere or anytime.

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