How can you create the most successful Graphic Design Projects at the ease of your office!

Albert Shepherd updated on 2020-10-12 20:12:58

Everyone that has been involved in graphic design projects knows how hard it is to be inspirational. Graphic design projects need fresh ideas all the time and the willingness to work hard to depict them on the landing pages. Applications like the Wondershare Mockitt help people arrange their thoughts and ideas to create a concise and well-built webpage.

It would be feasible to check all the eight most appreciated design projects by new and expert graphic designers.

8 graphic design projects you can create by yourself

Here are the eight easiest graphic design projects you can rely on when you are starting:


graphic design project ideas

Among the graphic design project ideas, the logotypes are the easiest ones. Usually, you just need to directly take the ideas from the art designer and place the logotype on your website. In an ideal world, graphic designers would also know how to plot these logotypes so that they can fit the customers' ambitions. However, it is not possible to work on such complex projects from the beginning, so copying some already done logotype work would be acceptable in the meantime.


graphic design projects for practice

Everyone likes icons. They are the fundamental part of graphic design projects for practice and keep on doing so for many decades. Graphic designers start working on icons from the very first year of their academic life. The icons are not the same as the images and photos since they can get produced from previously captured signs and symbols. Designers just need to integrate their art and mind into the icons using the power of their software.


social graphic design projects

Usually, they are involved in social graphic design projects; the brochure is great for starting your graphic design journey. Many graphic designers start their career by fixing brochures for multiple clients. It is the only way to communicate with the public and give your personal tone to that commercial. Graphic designers can show their skills to potential customers and make sure that they can advertise more as time passes by. 

Brochures can be in electronic or paper form and become necessary for all commercial reasons. It is an artistic work that keeps the graphic designer busy.

YouTube Graphics

graphic design projects online

As a beginner, you may have some graphic design projects online, addressing the YouTube social media channel. They are comparable to the usual graphic design and require the same experience and skill as all others. People who use graphic design tools can do so when creating plots, images, and videos for YouTube. The canvases have the same variety as with every other online tool. On the contrary, here you can have some of the most controversial graphic tools in the world. YouTube channels enjoy the most appreciation from the users and can skyrocket your fame if you do a good job.

Facebook and Twitter Graphics

graphic design projects

Since Facebook and Twitter are the leading apps in your smartphones for social media networking, graphic design greatly influences them. You can start your simple graphic design projects even when you have little knowledge about these complex social media algorithms. Facebook and Twitter require the simplest patterns, templates, and icons you can choose as graphic designers. They are also encouraging fresh ideas and promoting the message new graphic designers want to spread around in their audience. It seems like you can find the buttons from widgets to start plotting on Facebook and Twitter without any previous experience.

UI Mockups

graphic design project ideas

If you are a prototyping tool fan, then the UI Mockups are going to be the best partner for you. Mockitt and other UI/UX prototyping applications are there to help you achieve the level of expertise you always wanted to reach. The mockups are more than simple pictures. You can have your videos animated and the fonts you like at a glance. The easy functioning of such programs makes graphic designing a fun procedure for most beginners and experts. Not to mention, that you can also present professional outcomes for customers that actually pay for their marketing. It is all in your hands; the more you practice, the better mockups you will deliver.


graphic design projects for practice

Graphic design has been less complex since the invention of banners. Even when you don't have a huge budget for a commercial presence, the banners can give you the chance to be on the game. They are easy to create even with novice software that you can find free online. Most beginner graphic designers would love to plot their banners and publish them on bigger sites. They can also connect them to a specific URL and have their landing pages advertised to a greater audience.


social graphic design projects

Charts and infographics are the last but not least chance you may create as a beginner graphic designer. It would be easy to upload the information you want on charts and pies that show a specific result. Many customers want their graphic designers to be aware of the latest trends in infographics. Even regular people are accustomed to reading infographics that remain the easiest way to present research or study results. 

Free software available online can give graphic designers the chance to create readable infographics to promote any kind of business or cause. Graphic design bases its existence on infographics that are necessary for any entrepreneurship these days.

An Easy-to-use tool to create a graphic design

graphic design projects online

Wondershare Mockitt has been the number one online UI/UX prototyping application for graphic design. It has been easy to use for beginners and expert graphic designers who have no prior knowledge of creating content and images.

People who love to use Mockitt find it extremely easy to pick the main screen features that resemble all other available programs. You don't even have to download anything on your PC since the Mockitt application can run free on your clipboard.

The application needs Windows or iOS and a desktop would also be necessary to use all its features. Graphic designers will find it easy to pre-install their pictures on the program and drag them to the main screen. There they can find multiple ways to process pictures using the widgets and icons on the left part of the screen.

Mockitt makes it easy to give you precise previews of how the page you are creating is going to look like on your desktop, tablet, or smartphone. You may also share the previews with your peers or friends and have them take a look and comment underneath.

With Mockitt, you can feel free to create any graphic design and be close to professionalism at a minimal fee.

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