10 Best Graphic Designer Programs to Become Professional

Albert Shepherd updated on 2020-10-12 20:12:58

A design that speaks to the audience is the key to rise to prominence in the digital world. Luckily, there are more than enough graphic designer programs available in the market that can improve the skills of a designer.

A talented designer can make excellent visuals with Microsoft Paint, but having intuitive controls and flexible options undoubtedly allow the designer to think beyond the space.

That's why; we have narrowed the list of the best program for graphic design for creative people who are always trying to find some tools to expand their knowledge and scope. Choose one right away and start learning!

10 Graphic Designer Programs

Take a look at the graphic program list we have in store for you and see which one you want to try first.

1. Wondershare Mockitt

In a short period, Wondershare Mockitt has become one of the top online graphic design programs through its collaborative prototype function. The prime purpose of the software is to provide a free and convenient design space for designers.

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Plenty of design widgets and icons are integrated into the software to allow designers to create even advance level wireframes and prototypes. Moreover, you can import Sketch files, plugins, use global colors, and get creative with the projects as you like without getting the paid subscription right away.

For starters, you can craft all the projects online without downloading the software on your system.

2. Adobe Illustrator

Instead of taking pen and paper for basic designs, use Adobe Illustrator. Among all the graphic designer programs available in the market, it's best to start with this one. Illustrator is software that is focused on vector designs so that you can design beautiful logos, icons, sketches, and typography.

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Looking over the variety of functions and features available in this program, it might be hard to learn. So, pace yourself up if you are willing to learn Illustrator and unlock the potential of limitless vector design.

Being the gold standard for the designers, the great user interface, scalability, and in-panel editing is certainly worth your time.

3. Adobe Photoshop

Undoubtedly, it is one of the best graphic design programs for everyone indulged in the graphic industry. Be it photo editing or creating, Adobe Photoshop has been setting high standards for other image and video editing programs by focusing on both simple and complex raster designs.

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Its state-of-the-art features, great graphics, speed, versatility, and tools allow the designers to bring their ideas to life. Adobe Photoshop has become so popular that the name is now used as the synonym for photo editing, such as the image is photoshopped.

With this software, you will get the chance to learn photo correction, manipulation, masking, layering, retouching, digital painting, and even add effects up to the tiniest detail.

4. Sketch

Another vector-based graphic program that is quite popular in the market is Sketch. It is a program that mainly focuses on the website, application, and interface design. Many developers now prefer crafting the design using Sketch files instead of the standard layered Photoshop files.

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This software is not meant for print work or photo editing, which means you won't get to bring your imagination that much. Still, it is excellent for designing interfaces and icons for mobile apps and websites.

5. Affinity Designer

It is another one of the graphic design programs that serve as the alternative to Adobe Illustrator. Being a clean, capable, and cheaper program, many designers prefer using it because of budget propositions.

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The versatile grid system allows creating an isometric view of video game graphics and icons while giving control over angles, spacing, subdivisions, and gutters for accuracy in layouts.

The snapping option, dual environment, zoom feature, Boolean operations, etc. are some of the features that are worth exploring.

6. Adobe InDesign

A must-have tool for the designers working in the publishing industry is Adobe InDesign. Due to its excellent capabilities to design magazines, brochures, and info sheets, it is quite remarkable amongst the computer graphic programs.

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By using Adobe's AI-powered Sensei technology, this program ensures that the arrangement of images is stunning. And unlike other Adobe's software, it requires a low learning curve so that designers can quickly master it and utilize the tool for high-quality text and infographics results.

7. CorelDraw Graphics Suite

If you want to get the pro-level designer tool, then choose CorelDraw Graphics Suite. Named as the best program for graphic design, it has a highly accessible interface with a bundle of applications that helps in editing.

You can enter the online digital library of Corel and access thousands of high-resolution photographs and digital images for your projects.

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Moreover, there are 2000+ vehicle templates, 1000+ fonts, 350+ pre-designed templates, 500+ interactive frames, 600+ gradients, vectors, and bitmap fills that you will never have to worry about lacking creativity.

Even though it is the most expensive designer tool, it is also one of the most useful programs for graphic designers for unified design flow.

8. Gravit Designer

More like an HTML-based application, there are few graphic design programs free of cost in the market. That's why Gravit Designer stands out being a high-quality vector graphic tool.

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It is mostly used for products, essential visual elements, and web designing. Besides that, you can also utilize the software for logo-making, photo manipulation, animations, and illustrations.

There is also a cloud-based version of this software, which is a bit sluggish, as seen in user reviews. Otherwise, the software is suitable for a beginner level designer.

9. Inkscape

Another one of the free computer graphic programs, Inkscape, is a program that designers use for scalable graphic designs that often have problems during stretching or resizing.

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Intended for mostly beginner-level designers, the interface is user-friendly to ensure that they won't face challenges during vector drawing. Users who are a little bit familiar with Adobe programs will find it easier to learn Inkscape.

Another benefit of this tool is that it's a cross-platform open-source software available for different operating systems with a dedicated community.

10. GIMP

Abbreviated as GNU Image Manipulation Program, it is also one of the popular graphic designer programs. It is a photo editor that comes with many incredible features and has multiple functions with professional quality to craft artwork from scratch.

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With high-customization, incredible plugins, GEGL scripts, and compatibility, GIMP is on the top for the free photo creating and editing tools. Another remarkable benefit of using this software is that it is lightweight and delivers optimal performance during operation without causing lags in your system.


With this article, we found the best program for graphic design that can help you regardless of your existing skills. Stepping into the designing world can be quite intimidating if you are unaware of the current trends and evolution in technology.

We are giving you several options to start designing. Choosing the best software will be a tricky deal. So, we suggest that you start with the basics using Mockitt and gradually move on to the others to enhance your skills as a graphic designer.

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