8 Spectacular Graphic Designs Samples For UI/UX Designers

Peter Martinez updated on 2020-09-25 17:19:49

In today's world, graphic designs samples mean a lot to UI/UX designers. It basically gives you an overview of layout design for your upcoming projects. It can greatly help you to create a new inspiring design. The online platforms are full of content related to graphics work. We have surveyed and gathered up some of the best design samples that will be worth a while looking at.

Finding a graphic design sample won't be going to take most of your time but a platform with all the features can. That's why we are suggesting Wondershare Mockitt, it will surely boost your skill-set in the designing field.

8 Great Graphic Design Samples

1. Robby Leonardi

The main factor focused on when looking at graphic design samples is that it is engaging. Robby is a designer and an illustrator, he does a great job to create his portfolio design. He greets his visitors with a fun, bright color palette and illustrations. He displays his skills and experience and works without saying a word. The coolest part of this design, click on the interactive illustration resume and the animations will be activated on the scroll action.

graphic designs samples

2. Daniel Spatzek

If you visit the portfolio of Daniel Spatzek, you will witness a great graphic design proposal sample. It is unique and filled with many animations. Taken over by visual graphics, he added a glimpse of motion-graphics on the home page, it indicates his capabilities and skills. If you continue scrolling through his design portfolio, you will be set on a new journey of the latest typographic and graphics elements. He has really put some time and effort into drawing and editing the portfolio. Hats off!

graphic design samples

3. Yasly

Yasly is an innovative graphic design contract sample. It is the portfolio website of Danny Jones. He is an expert in 3D interaction, 3D Designer in SF, and visual graphic designs. He showcases his work in a smooth way. What really draws attention to his graphic design portfolio is the high-level photography that can be seen in the work section. The overall portfolio design completely merges with the popular clients he worked for. He is currently working with Facebook as a 3D designer.

graphic design proposal sample

4. Josh Miller

This portfolio consists of many graphic design sample images. It was created by Josh Miller and he is a digital brand designer from Australia. He combines different and unique color combos, uncomplicated design and makes it looks cooler with a clock transition effect on the homepage. When it comes to navigation layout, the bolder design attracts more audiences to your website. He gave a special touch to the portfolio design to make it look more alive. He has really worked hard for this design.

graphic design contract sample

5. Denys Nevozhai

Denys Nevozhai's portfolio is included in the free graphic design samples list. He is a graphic designer who travels around the world and clearly shares his experience with an interactive timeline. It is a very cool feature that allows others to remember him or his work. If you keep scrolling to the timeline, a beautiful grid of hard and beautiful work will appear. His created a graphic design portfolio looks like a pretty basic layout, although you can see his skill-set in the about section.

free graphic design samples

6. Root Studio

A graphic design quotation sample is included in Root Studio's graphic design portfolio. You will be amazed by opening their homepage. They have used bold and popped out colors. A unique animated transition effect is added to a giraffe that can easily draw anyone's attention. Like all the other graphic design samples, they have created a design layout that displays the work and skills they can do. They have tried their best to give a natural feeling. You cannot resist browsing, as their layout is easy-to-read and uncomplicated.

graphic designs samples

7. Mike Kus

Mike Kus is a talented designer located in the UK. He took full benefit of the homepage by utilizing it as a wall to showcase his graphic design portfolio. The visitor won't have to click anywhere to reach the work section. His home page is an innovative and inspiring wall with various designs. Visitors are fascinated by the integrated hover effects he executed for each design. The pop-up feature is also included in the layout design and it gives details of his projects without navigating anywhere else.

graphic design samples

8. Fuzzco

When you visit the Fuzzco homepage for the first time, it automatically begins to scroll down. It is a unique transition effect not used very often. The smooth grid of experience and work, an exceptional character-like figure running through the screen, grate visual experience. They have used a monochromatic color palette and integrated a superb typographic hierarchy to build a perfect portfolio website. Eccentric graphics and quality images tell about their work. You can visit them for a stunning visual experience.

graphic design proposal sample

Graphic Design Tool You Need to Know About

Wondershare Mockitt is the most reliable tool for graphic design. UI/UX designers with no experience in graphics are appreciated on this platform. They can create simple graphic designs without any issue. Users can create web designs and integrate unlimited graphics elements without writing a single line of code.

graphic designs samples

Mockitt is a platform you can depend on. UI/UX designers can work by minimizing effort. There are many benefits to choosing this tool as it contains a complete graphic guide and provides all in one coordinated workspace. The execution of various web development projects can be done without any restraints.

Collaboration is available around the clock and this tool is capable of creating animation graphics that will be sleekly displayed on any Android and iOS device. Many custom-sized layouts with accessible drag and drop interface are offered by Mockitt.You can also find various and interesting templates on their website for your design work.

Artists can merge object templates, add combos, and predefined widgets.

Mockitt provides you a feature of graphic testing and feedback, they will help you to produce a QRcode so your prototype can be examined. iOS or Android supported devices can test the prototype by easily scanning the code with a device's camera. You can share project development and work with clients and team members. Try it yourself, you won't be disappaointed!

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