The Difference Between Graphic Design and Illustration

Peter Martinez updated on 2020-09-25 17:19:49

Most of us think that graphic design and illustration are the same things. Whoever believes that graphic illustration and designing both are the same things they might be wrong about that. A common man should know the difference; even a graphic designer must know the difference between them to understand the work better.

In this article, we'll discuss separately what is graphic designing and graphic illustration. And we'll also see what the primary difference between them? Plus, we'll again go through the tool that will help you to create graphic designs and illustrations effortlessly.

So, be with us at the end of this article to know the significant differences between them.

What is Graphic Design?

To know the difference between graphic design and graphic illustration, we must understand the exact definition one by one. So, what exactly is graphic design? Well, graphic design is an art that helps you to communicate with your targeted audience. How would you use graphic design to share with your targeted audience? You can add your messages inside your design or share your ideas through visual effects. You see different images or pictures on social media daily that contains messages and thoughts.

Graphic designs can be of different types, i.e., a particular logo, an advertisement, user interface of a website, and much more.

Now, you'll be clearer about graphic design after seeing the above picture. This visual graphic is specially designed for a particular topic on a blog post at Tech Innovative, a technology related website. Nowadays, bloggers and vloggers use graphic design to create infographics and thumbnails to attract visitors or viewers.

Now, we've another graphic design example that is wholly different from the previous one. This time we go for a website interface design. The image of the website fully conveys by its graphic design style.

What is Illustration?

The graphic illustration is considered a graphic design to some extent. I won't be wrong to say that Illustration is also a graphic designing aspect. It's more likely an artistic style used to draw pictures and fill with water paints. The purpose of graphic illustration is the same as graphic design but different in its style.

You can create graphic illustrations traditionally or digitally. Nowadays, there are so many tools available that can help you to create beautiful graphic illustrations and much more. For graphic illustrations, you can use Adobe Illustrator, a power tool mostly made for graphic illustration. And for the graphic design or website design, you can use Mockitt.

Sharing real-life experience through graphic illustrations is quite remarkable. You can see a clear difference between a typical graphic design and illustration. Everything is this picture is just made with artistic style. No component or elements used to draw the image.

Here's another example of pure graphic illustration. There are many types of illustrations available to discuss, but here we are talking about the difference between graphic design. This picture is quite similar to the previous illustration. One thing is sure you can easily differentiate between graphic design and illustration if you know their difference.

Graphic Design Vs. Illustration

We have already known the difference between graphic design and illustration. Now, it's time to discuss some of their benefits.

First, we'll discuss the benefits/advantages of graphic design then we'll talk about the benefits of illustrations.

No doubt, nowadays, online businesses hire a lot of graphic designers to create a quality design for their brand. With the help of design, they promote their business through advertisements or other platforms. They use graphic designs to develop their business logos, brochures, and visiting cards. If your business exists virtually, then your primary focus will be on graphic design. Because you do not physically exist, the only thing that connects you to the people worldwide is your designs and your services you're offering.

The above image is the best example of using graphic design for a business. You can see the brand logo appears on different accessories, highlighting the business aim.

Similarly, graphic illustration plays an essential role in business but a different fashion.

You can express your brand message through graphics illustration. Or illustrations can be used to create an attractive advertisement. Nowadays, advertisements are the most critical aspects of the business.

Apart from the business, you can tell your story as an artist with graphic illustrations. Storytelling illustrations are widespread on social media, especially on Facebook. People share lots of memes with the use of illustrations.

Here we've got the best example for storytelling graphic illustration for you. In the above image, you can see a party or any carnival going around.

An Easy-to-use Tool to Create a Graphic Design

So, we already did a debate on graphics and illustration. Now it's time to tell you from where you can create unique graphic designs for your websites. A tool that will enhance your way of thinking while designing. A highly recommended tool, especially developed for new designers to start their career in a graphic designing a more efficient manner.

Like other prototyping or graphic designing tools, Wondershare Mockitt offers a wide range of features that help designers design beautiful and attractive designs for websites. Let's have a look at its features.

illustration design graphic

Features of Mockitt

  • Design

Mockitt allows designers to design freely with no strings attached. With the drag and drop facility now, you can create your website design easily. All you have to do is simply drag any component and drop it on the canvas.

  • Assets

Mockitt offers lots of widgets and components that can be very useful while designing. You can find them in the "Asset Library" right side of the canvas.

  • Cloud | Collaboration

The fantastic thing is Mockitt also gives you the facility of cloud storage. So, you can save your work on secured online servers. With this technology team, collaboration becomes very easy for designers. Designers can collaborate with other team members anytime or anywhere in the world.

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