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The Illustrator logo design tool is a prestigious product from Adobe. It is an extraordinary program to develop the desired logo design beyond imaginations flawlessly. In this article, you will learn how to use the illustrator logo design maker optimally to create an impressive logo for your business. The Illustrator design tool provides a user-friendly interface thereby serving great comforts to the users. You can design a complex logo in no time using this innovative product from Adobe. Quickly scroll down to explore the unknown facts about the illustrator software and discover the new features for an exciting experience.

 illustrator logo design


How to do a logo design in Illustrator?

In this section, you will study the insights of illustrator logo design software and the stepwise process to draft an excellent logo design for your needs.

It is enough if you follow the below stepwise procedure to build a creative logo for your requirements.

Step 1: Start with the paperwork

First, you must plan the logo design on paper before trying out the graphic elements on the illustrator logo design software working area. It is high time to draft a creative brief on your logo design. Find out answers related to logo design queries like 'What industry does this logo suits for?', 'What are the elements to be included in the logo design?', 'Who are the clients for this business?'.

Next, figure out keywords in pace with the business to insert in your logo design. Then, draw a freehand image of the logo on paper to get a better picture on the logo design.

adobe illustrator logo design


Step 2: Download and launch the illustrator logo design tool

Go to the official webpage of this design tool and download the application. Then, install the tool by following the instruction wizard and double-tap the software icon to launch the program.

adobe logo design


You can either draw the logo design on the Photoshop tool and import into this illustrator logo design timeline or directly try out the sketch on the illustrator application using the toolbox on this platform.

Drag and drop the image from the Photoshop app into the illustrator timeline and hit the 'Image Trace' button below the Menu bar. A new pop-up window opens with the 'Image Trace' as the title where you can select the listed items to trace your logo design at the right side of the screen. Choose the desired option from the list and close the pop-up window.

illustrator template logo


Step 3: Open the Toolbar

Next, press the 'Expand' button to open the toolbar. In the toolbar, you can find personalized options to add colour, text, and change the font size and style on the logo design. Finally, save the changes and export the file for future access.

illustrator logo 3d


how to design a logo in illustrator


There are options to insert effects on your logo design using the 'Effect' item from the toolbar. You can choose the desired effects and implement a unique look for your logo design. It is enough if you press 'Effects -> Blur -> Gaussian Blur' to include a blur effect on the logo design.

You can also use a Pen tool from the toolbar to make perfections in your logo design. After using this tool, you will be able to find the difference between a trace image and the pen drawing of the logo design.

Thus, you had a better picture of the stepwise process to design a logo using the illustrator software from Adobe. You can quickly design any logo picture of your interest in no time using this stunning application. All the necessary elements are built-in and you can easily access it effortlessly. The Adobe illustrator logo design tool program is a powerful graphics software to convert your imagination into realistic images quickly.

Software for prototype design

Choosing a reliable software for Prototype design tool is a tedious task. The Wondershare Mockitt tool is a highly recommended software by many professionals worldwide. It is an exclusive design tool to build extraordinary designs beyond your imaginations. You can try out complex logo designs without any hesitation. It assists you to design a successful logo for your business quickly with high resolution. Take a quick look at its extraordinary features below for a better understanding of the software.

Features to discuss in detail.

  • The built-in icons are available on the right side of the screen with trendy images to suit your requirements without any compromises.
  • Drag and drop action is enough to insert the desired icons and widget pictures on the working timeline of Wondershare Mockitt tool.
  • Insert the keyword in your logo design using the 'Text' option in the 'Widget' collection.
  • The 'Property' window is available for all the built-in elements to modify the attributes like colour, size, style etc.
  • Quickly save the logo design in your local drive or share the image directly to your clients using the 'Share' option at this platform.
logo illustrator free

Now, you had a better understanding of the incredible logo design program Wondershare Mockitt app. It is high time to study on the optimum utilization of this product.

Stepwise procedure to get a clear picture of its design strategy

Step 1: Create an account with Wondershare Mockitt

To access the tool, you must create an account with the Wondershare Mockitt application through Gmail, Facebook account. Create a username and password for signup purpose. Now, you can use the software in an online mode. To start with click 'Create' button at the left side of the screen and then press 'Prototype' option from the expanded list.

illustrator logo design


Step 2: Select the compatible size for your prototype.

A new screen pop-up displaying device sizes like iPhone, iPad etc. If you are not sure about the design size you can go for the 'Custom' option so that you can decide the size as per your needs.

adobe illustrator logo design


Step 3: Choose the 'Icons' elements

In the working area, tap the 'icons' option at the right side of the screen and surf through the elements listed out. It is enough if you click, drag, and drop the desired icons on the timeline to build a new logo for your business. Every inserted element contains a property screen which appears when you select the icon. You can modify those attributes to make your logo attractive.

 adobe logo design


Step 4: Insert the texts

You can add the desired texts on the logo design using the 'Text' option in the Widget elements from the built-in 'Asset Library' at the right side of the window.

illustrator template logo


At last, save the changes by tapping the 'Save' button and share it if you want to highlight your logo design to your friends or teammates.

Therefore, the Wondershare Mockitt application helps you to create wonders on the logo design using the user-friendly built-in templates and elements.


Thus, this article offered an informative trip for the logo designers and emphasized the design procedure of the illustrator logo design program. You had a better vision of the Wondershare Mockitt app and its stunning features. Choose Wondershare Mockitt tool if you want to develop a unique design for your needs. This software has a simple working area with explicit controls for an easy reach. You need not require any special skills to use this program optimally. Stay connected with Wondershare Mockitt tool to bring wonders in your design ideas.

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