5 Logo Concepts for Logo Design

Peter Martinez updated on 2020-09-25 17:19:49

If you're about to start a career as a professional logo designer, some concepts need to memorize in your brain. Everyone needs should follow the logo design concept for successful design. Some people think that logo designing is an easy thing to do. Well, to some extent, you can say, but it's not easy as it looks like.

Perhaps, you are using an online logo maker. But sadly, they only generate uncharacteristic and unprofessional logos. Be a professional and design a professional logo design. Follow the logo design concept, instructions, tools, and design styles to make an innovative logo for your business. In this article, we'll guide you with the five most crucial logo concepts. With these concepts, you can start your career as a professional logo graphic designer.

5 Logo Concepts for Logo Design

As we mentioned before, a logo represents your company or brand. It's the first thing to interact with your audience. And there's a famous saying, "First impression is the last impression." Your logo needs to transfer your message to your customer. It a first-time investment that lasts longer in terms of marketing.

The following are the logo concepts or logo design principles you must follow to make a captivating and significant logo for your business:

1. Clarity

logo concept


Clarity or simplicity is the first thing to consider before start designing your logo. Your business logo must be clear and straightforward while indicating your business philosophy. You must not include any unnecessary elements that don't reflect your business aim, just like the above image, nothing more than cleartext.

This logo's designer followed every logo design principle and made a simple yet effective Pizza point logo. The designer uses the hint of a vintage color palette to look old. Don't know the reason, but still, the design looks simple and catchy. If we talk about this logotype's color choices or color combination, nothing more than two colors, yet its perfect color combination.

The graphics that use in the logo play a crucial role in logo designing. Overlapping elements and text can leads the design towards destruction. Therefore, it's important to use minimum aspects.

2. Originality

logo design concept

Credit:Bored Panda

Originality occurred in your logo design when you got a creative design different from others. The designer must memorize this logo concept if he/she wants a successful business logo. Do some research on the internet, look at the unforgettable logos and stacked in your memory. Take ideas from other brand's logos, but do not try to copy them. By copying someone's logo, you cannot take their place. Rather you may be getting yourself in a problematic situation like a copyright strike on your brand.

To avoid such things, you should go for a unique logo design, just like Bored Panda's logo design.

3. Versatile and Scalable

logo design principle


The designer must take care of the logo's versatility and scalability. Your brand needs a logo that can adapt to any environment. There's no doubt that your logo will be used in different sizes and formats. By following this logo design principle, your logo design must be readable at any size, no matter how big your logo's size. Your logo design must function in vertical and horizontal orientations.

Use color combinations that don't fade away during resizing. Plus, there's another thing that the designers just need to do is to create logo icons or badges on vector art, so it doesn't affect the pixels while scaling to different sizes. Most new designers don't know about this. Only the experienced graphic designer can achieve this level of logo design principle.

4. Colors

logo principle

Credit:Stirling Brandworks

Some designers minimalize the color usage, and some tend to minimalistic designs. Now, minimalistic logo designs are becoming more trendy as compared to full-fledge colored logos. It depends on the nature of the logo which business you're targeting. If you're designing for an IT company or Automotive industries, the minimalistic design would be perfect for these organizations. But if you target fashion beauty, tech gaming, and sports, it would be a bad idea for your logo.

You must use full colors like solid white and black. Many designers would choose the logo colors at the initial phase of the logo designing. Indeed, it's a great strategy.

5. Typography

logo concept


Well, here's the last logo designing principle of logo designing. Some brand's logo only relies on typography called logotypes like Disney, Coca Cola, FedEx, and many more. Creating a typography logo design can be an easy task for you. All you have to do is follow the logo design principles that we've mentioned above and the right tool for designing the logo. Perhaps, it's the best opportunity for the new designers to get their hands dirty and starts with some easy tasks.

Well, these were some logo concepts that every graphic or logo designer must follow. In the next section of this article, we've got a surprise for small business owners and new graphic designers.

Software for Prototype Logo Design

What if we tell you there's a tool on which you can easily design a brand or business logo. Although many tools are available for graphic designing purposes, Wondershare Mockitt features stand above all. Many professional graphic designers are already using Mockitt for their projects. We would recommend love to recommend you to use Wondershare Mockitt.

logo design concept

Wondershare Mockitt

Wondershare Mockitt is a software or online graphic designing tool use to create mockups and logo designs on the commercial level. Wondershare has many amazing like animated prototyping, collaborative environment, Sketch plugin support, widget, asset libraries, and many more. Here we are discussing those which are important in graphic designing.

1. Animation

Wondershare Mockitt does support animation for its users. You've already known the logo design principles. It's easy for you to bring some creativity into your design by adding animation into your logo and making a unique and different logo.

2. Linking

In Mockitt, you can efficiently work on multiple screen projects. By linking multiple screens, you can create interaction between them.

3. Collaboration

The best feature for the graphic designers' team that is working on the same project. Yes, Mockitt does support real-time collaboration.

4. Assets

Mockitt has many pre-installed templates and logo designs available. Not forget the contribution of widgets and icons in logo designing.

5. Customizable Color Palette

Mockitt has a color industry that automatically picks the colors according to the page. You can personalize your color palette for future use. We don't think you can find this type of feature in other tools.

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