The Eight Unique Logo Design Ideas to Develop an Impressive Logo

Peter Martinez updated on 2020-09-25 17:19:49

If you need logo design ideas for your business then this article will be a great guide. You can expect innovative and constructive design ideas for your business logo in this article. The content in this guide will help you to think out of the box and enlightens you with the right logo design software. You must select the perfect design tool to bring your imaginary ideas into realistic forms with high resolution. Surf through the below ideas to work on your business logo design effortlessly. You will surely end up with unique logo designs and mind-blowing digital identity for your business.

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8 Best logo design ideas

It is the perfect time to look for trendy and modern logo design ideas to suit your business needs. In this section, you will get inspiring ideas on logo design and connected with the right one which fits your requirement optimally.

Shape Language

It is a universal logo design idea which suits all generations. Most logo design comprises of shapes like triangle, rectangle, oval with filled colour gradients to impress the viewers in no time. It is a simple technique and in use even today despite ages. Creativity accompanied with shapes can bring amazing logo design for your business needs in no time.

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Convey business purpose

While designing a logo for your business ensure that you convey the image of your product or services for your viewers. The newbie viewers will be able to predict your business through your logo design. Implement your creative skills while inserting the product or service images of your business in the logo. Do not include the exact images instead think innovatively for impressive results. In the below logo the image of guitar describes the business is related to music and it helps the viewers to understand what you provide for the customers.

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Try out GIF version

An active logo is better than a still one. You can try out the GIF version if you want to add flavour to your logo design. The animated logo design captures the attention of the target customers undoubtedly. This type of logo design provides a realistic view of your business goal. It entertains and excites the viewers and attracts in no time. The GIF version of the logo creates an impact on the target customers.

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Simple Transitions

You can insert simple transitions and moves in the logo design. Instead of complex animation, you can try out a few movements in the logo design. A subtle movement like flip flop can bring effective changes in the logo design. It gives you an incredible outlook. Do not go for complex animation instead choose simple movements in your logo to obtain great results from your target clients.

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Mixed Techniques

Do not adhere to a single technique while creating a logo design for your business needs. You can combine many ideas in a single logo image to make it a little more attractive amidst the crowd of a competitive market. You can insert images along with transition keywords to impress the customers in no time.

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Typography technique

You can imagine words with effective representation. Choose the best font style and write down the words in such a way it conveys the meaning as well. Here in the below image, you can figure out the word 'Edge'. Here the specific font style links the letters one another effectively with a unique appearance.

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Analogous Color Scheme

In this logo design technique, the colour scheme is highly appreciable. This Analogous colour scheme brings magic in your logo design. It is the method of pairing colours which brings great impact on the overall logo design. The colour plays a vital role in the logo design, and this scheme assists you to select the best colours for your needs.

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Innovative and Creative

If you want to design a successful business logo for your needs, then you must apply your innovative and creative skills. It is the perfect space to insert your innovations in a creative form to bring value to your business activities. Think differently if you want to bring impact with viewers.

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Software for logo prototype design

There are ample tools in the digital market to design a logo prototype for your business needs. To implement your logo design ideas precisely then you need a unique software. The Wondershare Mockitt app is a perfect application which meets your design expectations optimally. You do not have to train up with special skills to handle this program it is enough if you have basic computer knowledge and logo design skills. You can make wonders with this program and come up with innovative logo designs in no time.

Features of Wondershare Mockitt app

  • Extraordinary design tool with a user-friendly interface.
  • The 'Asset Library' plays a vital role in creating a unique logo quickly.
  • The built-in templates, icons and widgets ease your logo design process.
  • Simple actions like click, drag and drop are sufficient to build effective logo flawlessly.
  • Preview and share your logo design using the 'Preview and Share' feature on the working space of Wondershare Mockitt.
logo design ideas free

Systematic stepwise procedure to use Wondershare Mockitt app in logo design

Step 1: Register with Wondershare Mockitt

You must create an account with Wondershare Mockitt using Gmail, Facebook. Enter a valid username and password for a successful signup process at its official webpage. Sign in to your account and press 'Create -> Prototype' to design a logo for your needs.

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Step 2: Necessary size for the best fit

The next window request for you to choose the right size for your need. If you do not have any idea on it then choose 'Custom' from the expanded options.

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Step 3: Select Icons list

In the right side of the screen, press the 'icons' button from the floating window. You will be able to view a list of icons with impressive design pattern. Choose the perfect one for your business needs to click, drag, and then drop it on the working area. You can adjust the properties of this icon like colour, size by modifying the respective attributes at the right side of the window.

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Step 4: Use Texts

To personalize the logo, you can add texts to it by inserting the Texts element from the widget list displayed at the right side. You can add desired texts using this control in your logo design effortlessly.

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In the final stage of your logo design process, save the file in your local drive and access it when required in the future.


Thus, you had better knowledge of logo design ideas. Choose the perfect idea which suits your needs precisely. To implement your logo design ideas signup with Wondershare Mockitt application. You will feel comfortable working with this space effortlessly. The elements and controls are available explicitly for easy reach and you can fasten your logo design process. It is impressive design software for both the professionals and newbie. This design tool brings great impact to your business by creating an effective digital identity amidst the competitive market.

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