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It is high time to look for the best logo maker free in an online mode to design a stunning identity for any business. Choosing the best logo maker tools is a challenging task. This article assists you to figure out the sophisticated software in making the right logo for your needs. In the current scenario to stand unique amidst the competitive platform, you need to establish your business attractively, and the logo helps you to achieve this task. While selecting the logo maker program choose the trendy ones as it contains ample controls and design patterns.

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Top 10 logo makers free

In this section, you will learn about the top 10 logo makers free in an online mode which satisfy your needs without any compromises.


It is the best logo maker online available for free access. In this tool, you can use the built-in templates to design a logo for your needs. There are free templates as well as paid ones for your needs. You can choose the perfect templates which suit your requirements without any compromises. Using the templates, you should personalize it to create a unique logo. There are ample customizable controls to design a stunning logo for the business.

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Canva-logo-maker (

The Wix Logo maker

The Wix logo maker is an awesome tool to build a digital identity for the business. You must create an account with the Wix logo maker to access the logo making controls. Initially, the software asks a few questions and based on your replies you will get an incredible logo. This program allows you to use the logo anywhere irrespective of copyrights issues. It allows you to download the source file of the logo so that you can use them without any hesitation.

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Tailor Brands

It is a powerful graphic design tool similar to that of Wix logo maker. You must answer a few questions related to your business, customers, products, and then you will receive the logo designs based on your responses to the questions. You can choose the designs which fit perfectly for your requirements. You can also further customize it using the design controls like colour, font, font size, and download the high-quality logos easily.

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Free Logo design

It is a simple online logo maker tool available for free with a user-friendly interface. In the homepage, you must enter the company name along with your business category, and based on the typed data you can find huge collections of logo templates for download. You can personalize it by modifying the colour, font style, and size using the built-in controls.

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Graphic Springs

This software is an amazing logo designer tool with huge graphic controls to customize the templates. In this tool, you should enter your company name with a tag line, and you must select the displayed templates from the filtered list. Further, this program, allows you to personalize it by adding shapes, modifying background colour, font styles, and sizes. This application allows you to design the logo for free but you need to pay if you want to download a customized logo design for your requirements.

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It is easy to use logo design tool with sophisticated controls to customize the logo. Using this tool you can insert shapes by drag, and drop action on the selected templates, and adjust the font style, colour easily. It allows you to download low-quality logo design for free, and if you opt for a high-quality design then you must pay for it.

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This application is a free logo maker which offers the customers with more than 220,000 icons to use it in their design templates effortlessly. It serves as a website builder providing an excellent platform to create a digital identity for the business. You can easily export the built-in logo, and save the files with high-resolution PNG format in your local drive for future use.

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Online Logo Maker

It is the best logo generator application available in the online platform with excellent built-in templates. Here, you can find a huge collection of fonts, design icons, templates to suit your business needs perfectly. You can access your logo design using the free subscription scheme, and the premium ones serve you better with the high -resolution downloads flawlessly.

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In this logo design generator tool, you can find nearly 30 different business categories to customize in pace with your needs. You can use this tool to design your personalized logo for free. If you opt for unlimited downloads then go for the paid version of this program. The free subscription is sufficient to build a customizable logo for your business.

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This tool has a wide range of benefits in creating an online market space for your products. Additionally, this program offers a free space to design your business logo effortlessly. This software serves as a free logo maker providing incredible templates, font style, and sizes according to your requirements.

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Thus, you had an excellent review on the logo maker online which satisfies your expectations without compromising the quality factors.

Software for prototype design

If you want to design a logo innovatively then you can opt for an excellent tool like Wondershare Mockitt. It is great software with huge collections of design controls to build a trendy logo design to stand unique amidst the competitive business grounds. It is the perfect time to scale your design thinking and develop business logos beyond imagination. The Wondershare Mockitt provides an incredible space to trigger your design skills precisely.

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Stunning Features of Wondershare Mockitt app

  • Excellent template designs are available in the Asset library which assists in the quick logo design.
  • The built-in icons and widgets help you to customize the logo optimally.
  • You can create an attractive logo for your business in no time using this user-friendly design tool.
  • Click, drag, and drop action is enough to personalize the logo for your needs.
  • Easily share the files to the desired platform from this creative design program.

Steps to design a logo prototype using Wondershare Mockitt tool

Step 1: Create an account

Initially, you must create an account with Wondershare Mockitt using username, Gmail, or Facebook account. Then enter a password to authorize your account. Now go to the dashboard, and build a logo prototype by tapping ‘Create -> Prototype’ at the left side of the screen.

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Step 2: Choose the size

Here, you can select the size of your logo design as per your needs. For logo prototype, you must opt for the ‘Custom’ option so that you can later the size according to your requirements.

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Step 3: Start with your design

Now, it is time to trigger your creative skills to use the built-in widgets, and icons to develop an excellent logo design on the working area on the Wondershare Mockitt app. You can customize the widgets by modifying the properties of the elements displayed at the right side of the screen.

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Step 4: Insert images

The Wondershare Mockitt app allows you to insert images on your logo by drag, and drop the ‘Image’ icon from the list of widgets. Then, you can upload the desired picture by hitting the ‘Upload Photo’ option from the right side of the screen.

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Step 5: Insert text and save logo

You can add a tagline to your logo by inserting the text field below the logo design, and save the file in your local drive by pressing the ‘Save’ option at the top of the screen. Then. You can also share the files to any platform using the ‘Share’ option at the top right side of the window.

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Thus, using Wondershare Mockitt app, a free logo maker online tool you can design a customizable logo for your business needs without any compromises.


Therefore, it is high time to choose the best logo maker free software for your design needs which meets your expectations. The above-discussed applications are highly reliable, and they are incredible too. The Wondershare Mockitt tool is a unique tool to design an attractive logo for your business. You can use this tool without any technical assistance and create an incredible logo design to build a digital identity for your business. Connect with Wondershare Mockitt app to explore and discover the new horizons in the design platform.

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