How to Do Logo Redesign Easily

Peter Martinez updated on 2020-09-25 17:19:49

A Logo is your brand identity. Some companies don't feel the need to change their logo like Shell or Nike. However, for others, a logo from 1979 won't impress the audience in 2021, right? And if you feel that your brand needs a logo redesign, it's a great decision.

But first, you need to be sure of why it's required in the first place. So, if you're ready for some deep insights, read along. Here you'll learn logo redesigning and find out what a logo redesign is and why do you need to redesign it.

How to Make Logo Redesign

Here is the guide on how to redesign a logo with Wondershare Mockitt.

Step 1 - First, go to the official Mockitt website and create a free account to access the dashboard.

Step 2 - Click on the "Create" or "+" sign, which will be located on the left side of the dashboard.

pepsi redesign

Step 3 - Now a list of devices will appear. You can choose as per your preference. Here we are choosing Web-page. Now you will be directed to an art-board and this is the place where logo redesigning will take place.

brand redesigns

Step 4 - To help you understand better, we will be redesigning a logo of a popular brand. So let's take Audible's logo as an example.

bmw logo redesign

Step 5 - First, you should start with the text part. Simply click on the cubical icon and search for "Text". Extend it and type the first word of the logo, which is "Audible".

pepsi logo redesign

Step 6 - You can increase the size from the right side of the artboard. Let's select the number; 120. You can also change the color by clicking on the tiny black square.

redesign your logo

Step 7 - Now to change the font of the text, you have to click the "Arial" under the "Text" button and it will open a list of different fonts. Here we have selected the font "IM Fell DW Pica".

logo redesign

Step 8 - Let's move to the second text, which is "an Amazon company". Again select "Text" from the cubical box and choose your preferred font to type it. Here we have used the "Kalam" font.

Step 9 - Now we want to change the color of the mid text. So simply click on the "small black square" and take your preferred color. We will choose the orange color.

best logo redesigns

Step 10 - Once you have completed the text part, it's time to look for a new icon. You can either upload your own custom icon or use an in-built one. To use the icon from the Mockitt library, click on the "smiley", which is placed under the cubical box.

pepsi redesign

Step 11 - Search for icons that match your vision. Since we are redesigning the "audible's" logo, we have selected a book icon. You can change the icon color as per your taste. We have kept it orange to match it with the text color.

brand redesigns

Step 12 - Now you can move the text as per your vision. As you can see, we have just kept the text one after another to maintain simplicity. Our logo is almost complete, you can add other elements from the widget box if you want to.

bmw logo redesign

Step 13 - Now if you want to preview your icon, you can do that by clicking on the "Preview" button, which will be located on the top right side of the screen.

pepsi logo redesign

Step 14 - If you think that your logo is ready, then you can share it by clicking on the arrow-like button on the preview screen.

redesign your logo

Step 15 - At last, to generate the code, click on the handoff button, and there on the right side, you will get the "CSS" copy option. You can copy and use it on various platforms.

logo redesign

What is Logo Redesign

A Logo is simply a graphical symbol that usually represents a brand. It can be plain text, graphics, or a mixture of both. The purpose of a logo is to display your brand's identity. A brand redesigns its logo and spend a fair amount of time and money to leave a positive impact on the customers. Most logos have a deep meaning or something related to the brand.

Logo redesign means modifying or reforming the existing logo to match present-day demands. You can think of Logo redesign as a makeover or renovation of the current logo. It can be a total change or slight modifications, depending specifically on the requirements.

Let's take the example of Pepsi logo redesign. Look at the Pepsi logo in 2008. And the company redesigned the logo in 2014. It was a slight change, though. You can follow the entire series of Pepsi redesigns logos by searching on Google. Bmw logo redesign will also help you understand it better.

Usually, a logo redesign is required to cope up with the latest trends. However, this is not only the case. It usually depends on the brand's requirements. If you want to know why you need a logo redesign, read below.

Why You Need to Redesign Logo and the Advantages

You always feel the need to keep your business website updated, right? Well, the same should be the case with Logos too. There can be different reasons why a logo redesign may be required. However, it usually is for the sake of update.

Here are some common reasons for a logo redesign:

  • To Stay Up to Date: If your brand logo looks too old, you definitely need a logo Your consumers or customers must think that they're dealing with an up-to-date company. And the logo is something consumers notice a lot. So, you should redesign your logo, if it's primitive or old.
  • Competition: The relation between you can your customer is quite fragile. It won't take a second for your customer to switch if you give them a chance. The point here is, if your competitor updates the logo, you need to do that as well. Otherwise, you may not stand out from the crowd. Search for the best logo redesigns to get a better idea.
  • Social Media: Your company logo goes all around the internet and social media. And with each day, social media trends update. You cannot use a decade-old logo for present-day social media platforms. So, you need to redesign your brand logo to say at par with the latest trends.

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