Modern Graphic Design Images to Inspire You

Albert Shepherd updated on 2020-10-12 20:12:58

If you are looking for modern graphic design, you have chosen the next century's art. People who deal with website creation know how crucial it is to have a modern graphic design view for all the landing pages' creative part.

That is why applications like Wondershare Mockitt have made it easier for everyone to plot the web designs he wants. The modern graphic is most about intuition, and that is the main reason beginners tend to think out of the box using online applications.

Let's now see the ten most prestigious graphic design examples and how they can help you make better and successful landing pages.

10 Modern Graphic Design Examples

The modern graphic design examples that make a difference are:

1.Modern Graphic Design - 3D Design and Typography

modern graphic design

It is one of the most prudent arts in modern design graphic technology. People who care about graphics on the website prefer to have some 3D printed and even animated pages. Typography is the art to create a landing page the way it looks in a newspaper. Not so many artists can do so nowadays, and applications hopefully have the ability to adjust any picture to match the 3D and typography standards.

2.Modern Graphic Design -Asymmetrical Layouts

modern graphic

Another great art for answering the question of what is a modern graphic design could be the asymmetrical layouts. They tend to dominate on a landing page and make people look at it for longer than others. Graphic designers use the asymmetrical layouts in scripts and plots for visitors to become engaged without even noticing it.

3.Modern Graphic Design - Art Deco

modern design graphic

Art Deco has been the dominant modern art graphic design for the last century. It had taken its incentives from World War I and middle war eras when people started influencing their frame citations with art. 

Today Art Deco is one mainstream way to present a website having many drawings and plots that can make people stay at the site for multiple minutes. Interestingly, Art Deco has helped advertisers reach parts of the population with no previous exposure to digital marketing.

4.Modern Graphic Design - Modern Mid-Century Modern

what is modern graphic design

After the Art Deco revolution, we can admire the Mid-century design with clear lines and pictures of people in their everyday lives. Everybody who wants to have a contemporary graphic design for his site should look at these pictures and find the ones that will make the landing page a lot more attractive. 

5.Modern Graphic Design - The continuing evolution of duotones and gradients

modern art graphic design

Graphic design had stepped to a new era when Andy Warhol decided to introduce the duotones and gradients. It is evident that any site owner who integrates such pictures to the landing pages can earn a significant traffic amount. That alone can become a single incentive for graphic designers to give more energy and passion to their pictures' duotones.

6.Modern Graphic Design - A steady rise for warm and moody color palettes for photos

modern graphic design

People who deal with graphic design have a clear opinion about their photos' warm and moody colors. Especially when the photos are about to get published on sites, they should have undertaken that process. Warm colors make human eyes more susceptible to marketers' messages. On the other hand, the color palette variation makes it easier for them to underline differences in the quality and quantity that increase graphic design exposure and expertise.

7.Modern Graphic Design - Custom illustrations lighten up

modern graphic

Modern and elegant illustrations are the ultimate weapon for graphic designers. Today they can be appreciated a lot more than in the past. People tend to stay longer in pages that have color variation in multiple products of the same genre. Not to mention that color variations and lighting can become mainstream issues for all people involved in graphic design.

8.Modern Graphic Design - Buxom Serifs

modern design graphic

It is the time when people may also appreciate fonts. That is what Buxom Serifs stands for. Graphic designers can accentuate the fact that fonts are there to serve the marketing regulations. However, they go far beyond that spot and create intuitive sessions for people who visit random websites. 

The mixing of pictures with fonts creates the Buxom Serifs revolution. It is evident that all people who like to view their news feed and purchases online will appreciate that service. It has created a new movement where fonts have once more become the premium part of every graphic design effort. 

9.Modern Graphic Design - Open compositions

what is modern graphic design

Graphic designers also play with the human mind. Open composition landing pages require some imagination from the part of the viewer. That is why they seem incomplete so that the human brain can create the rest of the picture. It has been seen as one of the mainstream patterns for graphic designers who want to evolve their art.

Not to mention that open compositions are always a way to leave differential messages to the public. In all circumstances, this graphic design example applies to all parts of the population and increases traffic.

10.Modern Graphic Design - Isometric Design

modern art graphic design

The tendency of graphic designers towards a new era where all lines and pictures are aligned together has come. That is why isometric design can give the highest part of the information to people who just view the main page of a website.

Graphic designers give a lot of importance to that issue and select colors and fonts in the right balance. The isometric design is the graphic design revolution of the future.

An Easy-to-use tool to create a graphic design

When you want to use Mockitt for modern graphic design, you have all the advantages on your side. First, you don't have to download anything to your laptop or desktop. The application runs on Windows, iOS, and Linux. It has become the international standard for website creation and can give you the essence of professionalism in your graphic design efforts.

modern graphic design

Even if you are a beginner or an expert, you can benefit from using the Mockitt application. It is easy to use and needs no excessive training. It would be necessary to use it directly from your desktop computer so that you can benefit from all the new features it can offer you.

Mockitt has a variety of icons and widgets that can help you with graphic design. You can choose to upload a picture you have on your laptop or even find one from the library. Then you can press the line buttons to start drawing it and fill the gaps with color.

When you feel you are ready to present your work to others, please share the QR code from Mockitt. All people can view your work and leave their feedback. Mockitt can become your valuable partner in any graphic design job you may have. 

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