6 Incredible Motion Graphics Examples

Albert Shepherd updated on 2020-10-12 20:12:58

Motion graphics are excellent and highly versatile storytelling tools, making them a great addition to your brand’s content marketing mix if you are looking to tell an exciting story in a concise format, engage people on social media, or describe your product. Motion graphics is a fantastic tool for explaining processes, products, or dense topics — in a short time. Motion is a no-brainer for businesses seeking to make a connection with their viewers. Great examples of motion graphics take advantage of every tool to tell a captivating story that engages people. This article discusses the six most fantastic motion graphics examplesthat give you the creative kick you are looking for!

6 Examples of Creative Motion Graphics

Motion graphics can be used in videos, or it can add movement and excitement to a website, moving logo, social media post, mobile app, or other pieces of digital content. Use motion graphics are popular to amp up marketing mojo in all kinds of applications. Here are the six most creative motion graphics examples.

1.Bananas by Xander Marritt and Elias Freiberger

In this motion design example, bananas symbolize life and the subconscious and conscious in this strange and quirky motion graphic. Or, as the creator says, bananas don’t grow everywhere, but you can get them anywhere. A true icon of the family of fruits, courtesy of banana co innovators. A natural spectacle. Great Truth. Life builds, and we react. Bananas’ is all about the subconscious and the conscious. And surreality and reality. A life reflection, a personification of the immediacy in the way that we conduct ourselves.

2.A Dash of That by J-Scott

Animations are a perfect way to get blogs and other social media outlets promoted. A Dash of That is a cute and colorfully designed animation that promotes the Tumblr account, is one of the best motion graphics examples. Dedicated to the creator’s wife, who is a fantastic Baker and Cook. Four months and a couple of hundred layers later, he came up with this fantastic idea.

3.The Pursuit for Educational Equity by Column Five

Educators consistently strive to customize their students’ education. Connected Learning leverages the digital age advances to make that education dream a reality by connecting academics to their interests, learners to inspiring peers and mentors, and educational goals to the skills needed for the new economy. This motion graphics animation example perfectly addresses the gap in educational equality. It provides useful information on closing the access gap, making it one of those motion graphic illustrations that blends great design with educational content.

4.Chipotle’s Back to the Start by Creative Artists Agency

This touching animation was made to demonstrate Chipotle’s endeavor to provide great products while using local and sustainable techniques. Chipotle’s 2012 film ‘Back to the Start’ sees a farmer turning his family farm into an industrial farm before deciding a better way. Created with film-maker Johnny Kelly by CAA Marketing, the animation follows the farmer as he seeks a more sustainable future for himself and his animals. Set to a version of Coldplay’s The Scientist by Willie Nelson, the commercial aims to demonstrate the importance of generating a sustainable food system.

5.Zombie Survival Guide by Chris Meyer and Bettina Gericke

This zombie survival guide animation will help you get through the zombie apocalypse—a survival tip you will not get from any other motion graphic examples. For zombies, it is a piece of motion graphics and should help them survive. It could be challenging to be undead. Your arms and your legs tend to rot and fall apart. So what does one do then? This motion graphics sample shows the beginning of the infection, the zombie’s development, and how to behave as newly undead.

6.Anatomy of a Computer Virus: By Patrick Clair

Created for Australian TV program HungryBeast, this motion graphics animation example provides a breakdown of the world’s first weapon built entirely out of code: Stuxnet. Sometimes you need to have a visual to explain what seems inexplicable. The mystery behind a potent computer virus in this case. This infographic examines Stuxnet’s nature and ramifications, a computer worm discovered by Microsoft Windows in July 2010 that targets industrial software and equipment. Some experts called it the first weapon entirely made from code.

A Simple Tool for Creating Simple Graphic Design

Looking for a marvelous motion graphic design tool? Wondershare Mockitt has plenty of design resources and different gestures and transition effects: nine gestures and 17 diverse screen transition effects, along with “magic move” and custom micro-animation, allow you to create a vivid prototype without coding. You can create prototypes with great widgets and icons, like playing with Lego.

motion graphics examples

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