Top 10 Trendy Examples of Retro Logo Designs in 2021

Peter Martinez updated on 2020-09-25 17:19:49

If you're going to create a vintage or retro logo for your company, you must be very creative. Of course, you've come here in search of retro logo examples for your business or company. Here in this article, we bring you the exotic vintage or retro logo designs for your inspiration. All you have to do is go through every logo present in this article and make your own. Yes, you can create your own retro logo design easily.

All you have to is choose a perfect tool for your logo designing. It's hard to find the ideal tool for graphic designing. But don't worry, we've already got a perfect tool for graphic designing purposes. But first, you need to know what precisely the retro logo is?

What is Retro Logo?

There isn't anything complicated about the retro logo or vintage design. Vintage and retro design are two different things, but they relate to each other. The vintage logo design uses handmade typography texts with light and subtle shades. On the other hand, retro-style means transforming the historical past to the modern world in artistic form.

The idea is to combine vintage and retro style to make your logo look old and shady. That's why both these have almost the same qualities. Well, that's the exact purpose of retro and vintage logo design. Many people seek attention to the retro logo designs. Don't let yourself down if you loved to design your vintage logo design for your company or brand. Go for it and create the logo by yourself.

In the previous year, we had seen a spike in the trend of retro or vintage logo design. Many people and brands appreciated the retro style.

Your concepts about the vintage and retro logo designs are now time to move forward to see the creative and top retro logo design examples.

10 Creative Retro Logo Designs

We've searched many websites for the coolest retro logo example and found some exquisite combinations of retro and vintage logo design.

1. Pacific Tribe

retro logo

Credit: 99designs

Here the first coolest retro logo of Pacific Tribe. A perfect rounded dull shape logo. The idea of a rough logo is to look old to viewers—ideal use of hand-written typography that clearly shows the vintage style—basically, it's a vintage-style logo with retro-looking finishing. The duo makes the stamp looks perfect and attractive to the viewers. It's a perfect example for you to design simple and catchy designs. To be honest, creating a retro logo design isn't a big deal.

2. Jack Daniel's

vintage logo

Credit: Looka

Here's another vintage logo design of a whisky brand. The logo has a classic vintage design. You'll see retro and vintage logos on alcohol brands very often. It's a marketing strategy; because alcohol is considered better when it's older (it doesn't apply to every drink). Back to the logo's structure, typical use of typography with some soft lining to complete the vintage look.

3. Beard and Comb

retro logo design

Credit: 99designs

What are your thoughts on this one? A simple, creative, sleek, and straightforward design. Look how well the creator of this logo handled everything. Everyone knows at first look that this vintage or retro logo is a brand logo for a hairdresser. The beautifully created mustache on the comb has made the design outstanding. And don't forget the text used in this logo to have a vintage look in the design.

4. Cabela's

vintage logo design

Credit: Looka

So far, we've seen the retro logo design in black and white. Here's a colorful retro logo design for you. Cabela's a top multi niche leading brand of Canada. Just like the brand, the logo looks incredible. The main aspect that made the design complete is the choice of color. The vintage color palette has created the logo simple, straightforward, and pleasing to the eyes.

5. Plush

retro logo design

Credit: Retro Supply

Are you looking for a minimalistic logo design with retro and vintage style finishing? Well, here's a perfect example of it. However, designing a retro logo may be easy for some designers, but if you're creating it for the first time, you should go for the minimal, retro design. The above logo design is the best example of a minimalistic logo design.

6. Fruit Orchard

vintage logo free

Credit: InkBot Design

Previously, we've seen some minimal and straightforward vintage retro logo designs. But this one is different in visual but with the same characteristics. The designers of the previous logo use geometrical elements like triangles, hexagon, and simple shapes. But this design is entirely different among all. The designer has used preliminary figures of fruits and colored with the vintage color palette in this logo, which completes the design's old look.

7. Coca Cola

vintage logo psd

Credit: Color Whistle

Coca Cola's one of the best vintage logo design of all time. Who else doesn't remember that logo design? This one is not the only vintage logo designed by Coca Cola. Coca Cola created many other retro logo designs before. Every new successor logo gets better and better than before. But remind you, this isn't the current logo of Coca Cola. This is just an old and vintage logo design as an example for you.

8. Good Morning Cafe

retro logo

Credit: Dribble

Here's another graphical retro logo design of a cafe. This vintage logo seems simple and pleasing to the eyes. The light color combination and the visual background and retro finishing make the logo look old and dull. That's the beauty of vintage graphic designing. This logo is the perfect combination of retro and vintage style. It uses two different things: retro background; the second one is a vintage style stamp; both make an ideal logo.

9. Steve Depino

vintage logo

Credit: Dribble

A pure vintage logo designed by Amy Hood for Steve Depino, a wedding and event photographer. Fonts that are used in this logo are completely modified fonts. The combination of Avenir and Mousse script font makes the design complete and outstanding in all sense.

10. Capitl and Co

retro logo design

Credit: Dribble

Abstract logo designs that don't reflect the real-life object. It means these types of logos are just conceptual logos. Just like a brand mark, it only consists of unique symbols and elements that values your brand.

Well, these were some of the quality retro or vintage logo designs of 2021. Our primary idea in writing this article is to give you some examples as inspiration. So, you can easily make a retro logo design of your own. As we mentioned above, designing a vintage or retro logo isn't so tough at all. All you have to do is a helping tool and some creativity, which you can get from other designs.

Software for Prototyping Logo Design

Finally, the section has come that you were waiting for. In this section, we will show you a fantastic tool by which you can easily design retro logo designs or vintage logo designs. Wondershare Mockitt is a highly recommended tool for prototyping and best for graphic designing purposes.

vintage logo design

So, what exactly is Wondershare Mockitt, and how can you create unique retro logo designs with it?

Wondershare Mockitt

Mockitt is an online prototyping or graphic designing tool. With Mockitt, you can design static images, animation, web page design, UI/UX design, and most importantly, the logo design. Yes, all these features are available in a single tool.

Features of Wondershare Mockitt

Mockitt has many features to be discussed, but here we will only those which are essential for logo designing.

1. Inter Linking

Mockitt supports interactive linking, so you can easily create links between multiple pages.

2. Drag and Drop

Mockitt also supports the functionality of drag and drop. No coding is required; just pick up any element and drop it to the canvas.

3. Asset/Widgets

Mockitt has a list of countless widgets and icons. With icons, you can generate different shapes like geometrical shapes and lines on your retro logo.

4. Color Solution

It has the advanced color solution industry that automatically chooses the page color, or you can manually customize and create your own color palette.

5. Work as a Team

Mockitt provides a collaborative environment for users who loves to work with a team.

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