How to Create Social Media Graphic Design Effortlessly

Laura Angelica updated on 2020-09-25 16:26:16

The secret to successful social media graphic design marketing is beautiful and technical social media imagery. To efficiently generate professional social media photos for any scale and site, use Lucidpress. The development of stunning, on-brand social media graphics is simple for anyone with our intuitive, drag-and-drop editor. Studies predict that there will be over 3 billion activities on social media worldwide by 2021. An inseparable aspect of social media is visual information. On an entirely different basis from what they do with email, people interact with the imagery. How different? Sixty thousand times faster than a document, we process visuals! That is why, for social media marketing, visual content is so critical.

How to make stunning social media graphic design?

Several elements that a successful graphic design social media post should have are listed below.

1. Have a goal

There should be an overarching target for every social media site, and every post should have an individual objective. Think about the purpose of the account as an overall theme so that your fans would follow you. Can your Instagram stream, for example, be used to view graphics of your new items or to share details relevant to your brand? Or are you building a network to connect your brand with your clients? Along with your target audience, describe this theme. To this overarching trend, each post should contribute and drive meaningful metrics for the brand: participation, clicks, and sales.

2. Be creative

Whether you're an accomplished artist or not, everybody should be innovative when designing social media graphics. A smart way to achieve this is to incorporate narrative strategies. Think about who the main character is, the issue or problem they face, and how they solve it. Then you visually explain the story.

3. Remember the best practices in design.

Graphic design for social media follows a collection of best practices that will make the designs pop. Ensure that the colors you chose match enough when choosing a hue, such that the text is easy to interpret. A perfect way to bring some playfulness to the post's nature is to experiment with fonts, but make sure it is all legible. Pair pleasant fonts with a necessary second font. Overall, keep the interface straightforward enough that the audience gets the message that you are trying to get across.

4. Be consistent

Social networking is a fantastic way to develop your brand, but only if the designs you produce for social media are aligned with that brand. Be sure to integrate your brand's colors and fonts into your social media templates and avoid any content that does not accurately represent your brand, visually or otherwise. Learn more about branding on social media.

5. Using the right tools

Even non-designers can create beautiful social media graphic design with the right software.

Here's how you can create cool graphic templates in just minutes for your social media sites.

  • Stage 1: Pick a template

    Click on the drop-down arrow next to + document after logging in to Lucidpress to access our free templates. Then choose the template that corresponds to the social networking site you are posting to (this means that the image has the correct dimensions). Click Social Media. Alternatively, creating a single text, then linking back to it in each of your posts, will save time.

  • Stage 2: Personalize

    Switch out the template's content with your own in this phase. Then, to get the ideal layout, change effects, fonts & positioning.

  • Stage 3: Publishing & sharing

    In Lucidpress, how to share & publish your documents

    You'll need to publish it with a unique URL before posting your document on social media. In the upper-right corner, click Share, and then click Publish under the On-Web tab. Finally, to post your brand new content on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn, go to the On Social Media page.

    For each post you make, type a short, custom summary.

Tips for social media graphic design

Let's talk about some tips for graphic design social media content.

  • Color

    Color is one of the most significant and challenging aspects of any interface for social media. It helps set the tone, creates a setting, express feelings, and even elicit powerful individual memories from someone's past. Researchers found in a study on the effect of color on marketing that, depending on the product, up to 90 percent of snap decisions made about products may be based on color alone.

  • Lines

    Lines are your image's visual elements that help direct the eye to where you want it to go. Straight lines work to give a sense of order and tidiness to the image, while crooked or curved lines may sense ordered tension and motion to the image. It can help lead your viewers through an optical path by paying careful attention to the use of lines in your picture, stopping at the most significant and deliberate elements along the way.

Graphic design tool you need to know

Are you looking for a beautiful social media graphic design tool? Wondershare Mockitt has plenty of design widgets and numerous templates that can help you design fast. You can not only create graphic design but also create interactive design between screens and widgets.

social media graphic design

Mockitt is mainly an online prototyping tool, it allows UI/UX designers to create a wireframe or prototype in just 10 minutes. The "Built-in" widgets, icons, and templates in "Resources" will help you to save a lot of time on designing.

As it's online software, you don't need to download anything, all your work will be saved on the cloud safely, with this feature, you are able to design anywhere on any device. 

What's more, you can even collaborate with your team. Strong teamwork support will save average 6-8 hours as well as $200 per project! Comment and share feedback with your colleagues in real-time. Mockitt is ideal if members of your team work remotely.

What's waiting for you? Mockitt is here to bring your unique graphic design social media content to life!

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