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Peter Martinez updated on 2020-09-25 17:19:49

Sports team logo designs always play an essential role in growing fanbase. If you're creating a logo for a sports team or any sporting business, a robust sports logo design gives you an edge. Just like your team, your logo must look cool and strong.

Before jumping into the logo designing game, you need to be trained for it. Without proper designing skills, you may land yourself in a difficult situation.

In this article, we'll guide you on how to use colors, suitable fonts for a team logo, and symbols to create a cheerful logo. And not forget the role of choosing the best tool for designing a logo. We'll also discuss about the best designing tool later in this article.

How to Design a Cool Team Logo?

Although there are many online logo generators available on the internet, we would not recommend designing your team logo on them. With these online logo makers, you can create your logo in a few seconds, but it will give you an unprofessional look. The first thing you need to avoid while design a logo is unprofessionalism design. And secondly, you may face copyright issues.

To avoid the mentioned issues, you must create your own team logo. Now, let's move on to how to create a super team logo?

You can create your own sports team logo design by following these 10 simple steps:

1. Get as Many Ideas as You Can

At first, you need to have a rough idea of your sports team logo design. Sports logo is all about connections. That's why it's essential to think about where and what connections do you want. You should think about the things that are related to your team, like hometown, players' names, etc. Another thing we'd like mentioned, there's nothing wrong with having an animal poster on a sports team logo.

2. Do Some Digging on Existing Sports Logos

Using other's team logos for inspiration is not a bad thing to do. It doesn't mean you can copy everything and put your team's name on those logos. Thanks to the internet, millions of professional sports team logo designs are already available; all you have to do is just get some ideas from different famous sports logos.

3. Choose Logo Type

You did some research, right? You've already seen many different types of logos. Now, it's time to decide which logo type you want to choose for your team logo. Some logos are only limited to text; we called them logotype. Some of them use graphical elements, and some are a mixture of graphics and texture. It's up to you which logo type you want for your team.

4. Search for Fonts

Now, the next thing is to find fonts for your team logo. Many fonts are available for logo designing, but Fenway Script, Sans + Bonus, Spills, TT Polls are best for designing a sports-based team logo.

5. Draw Random Sketches

Here comes the tricky part for a graphic designer. If you're a good artist, it's better to make random sketches of your team logo on blank paper. If not, you can get some help with prototyping tools like Wondershare Mockitt, which we'll discuss at the end of this article.

6. Minimize Your Options

At this point in the logo designing, you've created many shapes and sketches. It's time to finalize the logo shape or select a minimum number of figures to continue further.

7. Vote for Best Sketch

Get help from others; there's no shame in getting help from others. Share your designs or sketches with your teammates and friends to help you choose your team logo's best creations.

8. Give Final Touches

Now, your logo is in the final stage of development. It's essential to have a perfect look from all aspects—one single mistake, and there no going back. Give your final design some tweak, and you're ready to go to the final stage of designing.

9. Start Developing

If you're confident enough to make a sports team logo design of your own, well and good. If not, you can go for a professional logo designer.

10. Use and Share Your Logo

That's it; you've successfully created your sports team logo design of your own. Now, time to share the newly built logo with the world.

3 Cool Team Logo Examples

Well, time to show you some extraordinary and cool looking team logo examples for your inspiration.

1. Chicago Bull

team logo

Credit: 99designs

Just like the logo, Chicago Bull is one of the beloved and famous franchises in Basketball. They have got one of the effective and attractive team logos. Just like the team, their team logo looks aggressive and sharp in all senses. You'll see aggressive and deadly serious stuff in sports team logo designs.

2. Real Madrid

sport team logo

Credit: Design Crowd

Here's another famous team logo of Real Madrid football club. This team logo is entirely opposite in style and manner to what we've seen in the previous logo. We've witnessed aggression and anger at an earlier logo, but this logo means "Royal." The history of Real Madrid is hidden in their team logo. Real Madrid was founded on 6 March 1902. At that time, King Alfonso granted the club his royal patronage, which became the club "Real Madrid," which also means Royal.

3. Manchester United

team logo design

Credit: Penji

Manchester United has one of the best and attractive sports team logo design. Manchester United has four emblems. But the color of the remain the same in all their logos.

Software for Prototyping Logo Design

We've witnessed how to create a perfect team logo and some exquisite examples of sports team logo designs. We also told you that you've two options either to with a professional logo designer or make your own team logo.

If you have decided to create a logo by yourself, this section of the article will definitely help you. Because in this section, we're going to explore one heck of the prototyping tool that will enormously assist you in designing your team logo.

Wondershare Mockitt

Wondershare Mockitt is a highly-recommended software for graphic design and prototyping. With the following features, you can make your logo professionally.

  • Completely Customizable Color Palette: You can easily adjust and customize the existing color palette according to your design.
  • Widgets and Icons: Mockitt provides many widgets, icons, pre-designed templates.
  • Interactive Screens: Mockitt provides interactive and linking support for multiple screens.
  • Sketch Plugin Support: Directly import your mockups directly from Sketch
  • Animation Support: Bring some creativity in logo designing by creating an animated team logo.
sports team logo design

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