7 different types of graphic design you should master

Peter Martinez updated on 2020-09-25 17:19:49

We see types of graphic design all around us. Be it the designer clothes you wear, the products you use, or the ads you see on TV or social media. The qualities of a designer are considered admirable when he/she excels at different types of graphic design and elements.

When pursuing a career as a Graphic Designer, it becomes crucial to expand your knowledge and learn how to add creativity to your work. If you are also looking for options to go beyond your limits and gain additional skills, we have seven types of graphic design that will increase your worth as a designer.

7 Types of Graphic Designs

1.Product Design

As there are many types of graphic design styles, every type holds a significant value. Product design incorporates the process of coming up will illustrations and prototypes that can make the product more appealing to the customers without violating any other organization’s copyrights.

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It includes work like product packaging, marketing designs, product logo, etc. Every industry and company needs a skilled product designer to develop visual elements to improve brand value and image.

2.Website Design

Every website you see on the internet is the hard work of a website designer. While all types of graphic design skills have their perks, website designing is a skill that will come in handy for every organization that you are a part of.

 different types of graphic design

Knowing how to optimize the digital space with your ideas will make your skills far more valuable than regular designers. For this type of design, you will need to master wireframing, basic coding, problem-solving, SEO, and the entire branding idea of the company.

Having a strong sense of UI/UX design will ensure that the desktop site and mobile version of the site are visually appealing and aligned with the best practices.

3.Brand Design

Creating a brand identity is something that not all designers are able to achieve. To become a brand designer, you need a better understanding of the company’s marketing tactics as well as audience preferences.

types of graphic design style

You will spend time creating graphic design prototypes, such as logos, company letterhead, business cards, company brochures, signage, etc. It is an intricate type of design that will be integrated throughout the company’s materials, being the icon that will help the customers to recognize the brand.

4.Publishing Design

In the publishing industry, you will work primarily on books or magazines or their virtual version. Handling such graphic design types of work allows the designer to create eye-catching covers that appeal to the audience.

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It will require you to focus on cover pages, eBook layout and design, graphs, and other images in the book. This line of work will allow you to work closely with writers and editors to find the ideal images.

No matter how much people ask not to judge a book by its cover, remember that the cover page is the window to the soul of the book.

5.Environmental Design

By combining the basic design principles with nature, you can master environmental design. Among the various types of graphic design, this type is prevalent due to architecture and landscape integration for creating signs, maps, and other projects.

graphic design types of work

Digital text that appears on the exterior of buildings or museum exhibit layouts undoubtedly serves as the main attraction of the crowd.

6.Advertising Design

We all can agree that without graphic designers, the advertising industry will become dull and boring. Being the one crucial type and image graphic design that plays the role to impress the customers, mastering it will open up new windows of opportunities for you.

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It requires the designer to emphasize visual computerization while focusing on printing and promotional content. The designer will create a promotional structure and content that will tell the story of the product or service in an impressive way.

7.Animation Design

Currently, Animation and motion design are the most trending type of all types of graphic design, being the popular demand in the market. They are responsible for creating animated social media graphics, entertainment content for TV and video games, and animated informational videos.

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From rough designs of the ideas to finalization, Animators and Motion Designers need the best software at their disposal to craft the ideal image of their organization.

Graphic Design Tool You Need to Know

Meet the graphic design tool that will help you master all the different types of graphic design and elements- Wondershare Mockitt. Choose this professional product design and collaboration tool to explore your creative side of the mind.

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There is no better way to bring your ideas to life. It is amongst the top prototyping tools with features that will allow designers to experiment with countless wireframes and working product prototypes. Designers familiar with this tool acknowledge its value and utilize the tool for improved productivity and precise results.

The key features of the software highlight what designers can achieve through this tool:

  • Asset: To add widgets and templates, customize the asset library, and share the library with other team members.
  • Design: To build an interface with interactive gestures and transitions while focusing on animations as well.
  • Presentation: For quick sharing, online comments, and utilization of the multiple preview modes.
  • Handoff: To import the sketch files, multi-platform codes, and auto-inspect and slice operations.
  • Cloud: For a browser-based design with remote collaboration to work anytime and anywhere.
  • Collaboration: Manage projects and members, co-edit, preview, and review them while keeping all members updates.

You can start by creating a simple graphic design and master the software for a professional touch.

Final Words

After learning about different types of graphic design, you’ll be able to utilize Wondershare Mockitt to its full potential. Let other designers know that there is a professional tool available in the market that allows them to expand the horizon of creativity.

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