10 Best Vector Graphic Software of 2021

Peter Martinez updated on 2020-09-25 17:19:49

Creating formidable images and illustrations with vector graphic software cannot be done in one day. But every designer has to begin somewhere, right? Here we are with another helping article for the newbie and experienced designers to find the best vector graphics software out there.

Surely, you might have come across a great number of tools in your designing journey that claims to be a panacea for all your designing needs. But, it is a bit disappointing when the narrative does not match the real story.

Rest assured that our list of the best free vector graphic design software will turn out to be a fantastic resource. Looking at the quality provided by vector images, you need software that is fast, innovative, intuitive, and easy to use. Let’s start our list with the best in class designing software, and then we will move on to others.

Top Vector-Based Graphic Design Software

1.Wondershare Mockitt

Wondershare Mockitt is an accurate representation of innovation and creativity. A tool that is available on the web and can be used for free allows creating flawless vector graphics.

vector graphic software

This software makes it easy to turn your ideas into reality in record time and proficiently. It redefines the procedure to create vector drawings that boast high quality and scalability. You can find hundreds of vendor components in the asset library and use them freely.

When it comes to creating superlative designs and screens, you cannot compromise on quality and precision accuracy. The tool is fitted with a great number of tools that help create high-quality vector paths and lets you magnify the image without losing its high-definition quality.


YouiDraw is available as downloadable software or a web-based app. You can work with a significant number of textured brushes to refine your design and customize the graphics as needed.

best vector graphics software

Added to this, this vector graphic design software also provides drawing tools like a pencil and a multitude of colors to create bespoke sketches and images. YouiDraw makes creating graphics a child’s play. The artboard has all the tools required to design vector graphics within reach. From designing highly crisp and interactive logos to large-size images, YouiDraw will prove to be a great asset for all kinds of works.


Although Inkscape is not available online, it is still one of the greatest vector graphic software popular for its comprehensive toolkit and versatility. You can download this software on Windows, Mac, or Linux for designing high-quality graphics and vector images.

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Another defining feature of Inscape relates to the spiral tools, a different set of tools to create patterns and clone arrangement. Furthermore, object manipulation is also one of the greatest aspects of the software.


If you have an opinion that the web-based vector graphic software is not fast or boasts an optimal performance, then you might not have yet come across this marvel. BoxySVG is powerful, superb, intelligent, and even after providing all these features, its user interface is simple.

vector graphic design software

That is the real beauty of this software. The UI that you will see here is similar to Wondershare Mockitt in terms of usage, finding the appropriate element, and drag and drop functionality. Plus, the wide range of necessary tools makes creating the desired vector designs a convenient process.

Besides importing and exporting the SVG files, you can also work with PNG and JPEG files on this free vector graphic design software.

5.Design EVO

For both professionals looking to make a perfect design or non-professionals who are just testing the waters, Design EVO is a great tool that can wear many hats.

free vector graphic design software

The huge variety of icons, shapes, and typography styles makes creating vector designs rather productive. Added to this, the kempt interface makes the job smooth and less time-wasting.

Most importantly, Design EVO lets the users add different layers over the same design, which helps make highly innovative designs, but it can mix up things very easily. So, the layers addition is only practiced by experts and professionals. But, all in all, this is another one of the great tools to make vector graphics, especially logos.

6.Synfig Studio

Here we are talking about another one of the great and powerful free vector graphic design software that has allowed creating a highly dynamic range of images with superlative creativity.

 best free vector graphic design software

Like Wondershare Mockitt, Synfig allows obtaining the specifications from the artboard and sharing it with the developers for easy integration into the final design. You can create the ultimate version of your design with Vector tweening lending absolute control over the image vectors on the cartesian plane.

Lastly, you can download the vector-based graphic design software for free on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.


If you want to create stylish and classic designs, go for Vecteezy. The best part about this best free software for vector designs is that everything that you need is present on the screen. So, in terms of accessibility, we can say that Vecteezy can match the accessibility provided by Wondershare Mockitt.

 vector based graphic design software

Apart from the editable vector shapes, you can also draw your figures with an in-built pencil while making them look better with a color picker. Both seasoned and amateur designers will find working with this software a breeze.

Also, this is a web-based tool, and all your work will be saved on the cloud, ensuring that no work is lost.


Skencil is known for its flexibility and powerful interface, both of which are essential to make the perfect vector design. All the shapes you see on the artboard can be stroked, edited, and filled with a vibrant color range.

 best free software for vector graphics

With functions like group blending, export, and import into multiple file formats, and an ability to bend the text with the path, this tool provides a comprehensive set of smart tools to the user.

Due to these and many other similar innovative integrations, Skencil is yet another vector graphic design software we like to work with.

9.LibreOffice - Draw

LibreOffice is the second multifaceted open source free vector graphic design software on our list, the first one being Wondershare Mockitt. LibreOffice is highly advanced and can help you create any kind of vector design, simple or complex.

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Apart from the vector designing ability, you will also get access to the LibreOffice Suite in this software. From inserting all sorts of pictures and shapes to additional items, tables, and templated charts, LibreOffice is a highly versatile and innovative tool.


Sketch is a highly flexible and accessible web-based vector graphic editing software embedded with smart features. Sketch gives competition to the likes of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop in terms of its ability to create custom vector shapes and designs.

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You will really enjoy working with Sketch, and its arsenal of tools is yet another reason to try it out at least once. The artboard is complemented with two panels on either side that share the required information about every single thing that you draw or add to the screen.

All in all, this tool has set the bars pretty high when it comes to creating interactive and impressive vector designs for multiple use cases.


If you can get your hands on the right tool, which has all the tools that you require, designing vector shapes and designs will be more fun than simple work. It all depends on the designer, which software and tool are best for their needs.

Among all the recommendations that you see above, Wondershare Mockitt stands out of them all due to its simplistic and smart interface. No matter which free vector graphic design software, you will find the best, make sure that you feel comfortable while creating a design. Your chosen software must think like you augment your work methods, not try to change them.

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