10 of the Best Free Vector Image Creators in 202

Peter Martinez updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

Which is the best vector image creator available in 2021 for online or offline use? That's a tough question because there are some very powerful and feature-rich tools out there. Nevertheless, we 're going to show you a list of vector image creators and vector image editors that we 've curated after testing all the popular ones that are either fully free or have a free version/free trial version. That was a key consideration because it 's important to be able to try out all the capabilities of a product before upgrading to a paid version or subscription.

That said, let 's begin…

Top 10 Free Vector Image Creators in 2021

#1: Wondershare Mockitt

Wondershare Mockitt is one of the most versatile design tools available to modern UI/UX designers. In addition to the shiny new online vector image maker and vector editing module, Mockitt offers diverse capabilities such as UI/UX design, prototyping, flowcharting, design system creation, and mind-mapping, the last two of which are in the final stages of internal testing and will be released shortly. Specific to the vector image creator, artists and designers can create stunning logos and other design elements and then add them to their personal or team asset libraries for reuse. This is one of the design system components that are already available on the platform.

vector image creator

Wondershare Mockitt is hosted on the cloud, making it accessible from any location and on any connected device with a modern browser. It is designed to be a resource-friendly web application that won 't affect your other tasks in any significant way. Let 's look at some of the key features that make it a compelling choice for designers and other creative professionals, as well as front-end developers, project managers, and other major stakeholders in a typical UI/UX design project.

Key Features

  • A vector image maker tool that supports Bezier Curves, Boolean operations, geometric shapes, adding text, creating artboards for various device classes, and more.
  • Fast project creation and speedy vector image drawing, vector editing, and exporting of assets.
  • Create Symbol function to create top-level assets that other design elements can inherit attributes from.
  • A vast library of readily available components and widgets that can be customized and shared between team members.
  • Invite stakeholders to co-edit designs, share links for review and approval, get instant feedback and comments on designs.
  • Rapid prototyping with easy drag-and-drop linking, gestures, transitions, and animation effects.
  • In-screen widget animation using Dynamic Widgets to create high-fidelity prototypes that are interactive and behave like the final product.
  • Developers can inspect code, copy asset code and style code, download image files, and HTML, etc., which makes for a smoother developer handoff without any involvement of the designer.


  • Global accessibility - ideal for remote work scenarios.
  • Intuitive features and controls - easy for first-time users and beginners.
  • Advanced flowcharting, designing, and prototyping features.
  • Rapid prototyping - perfect for Agile iterative development.
  • A collaborative environment for stakeholders in remote locations - real-time communication on projects and designs.
  • Convenient sharing for reviews, feedback, and approval.


  • Some tools are still in beta mode.

#2: Gravit Designer

Gravit Designer is also a great vector image creator and editor. It also available as a paid installation but the free version is pretty much all you need to design icons, avatars, logos, and other types of vector images. It is limited in terms of not having advanced features but it will help you in a pinch. Besides, it was developed by experts in the field of design - the same people as the ones who brought us Draw. One major advantage is that there is a desktop version as well as an online cloud version. In addition, when you first sign up, you 'll get all the premium features for an initial trial period, after which it will roll back to the free version if you don 't upgrade to the Pro version by then.

vector image editor

Gravit Designer Features

  • Clean and utilitarian user interface
  • Tooltips to help understand how the main tools are used
  • Non-destructive editing helps review older iterations
  • Touch-enabled in mobile versions
  • Gravit Cloud access to save documents for sharing and collaboration


  • Versatile tool with multi-platform support
  • Styles, auto-layouts, grids
  • Preset dimensions/artboards for printing and digital
  • Supports Boolean and other graphics operations
  • Can import designs from Sketch for vector editing
  • Export options include Bitmap, PDF, and SVG


  • Advanced features expire after the free trial period
  • No support for enterprise companies
  • Upgrade prompt is quite frequent and annoying

#3: Inkscape

Inkscape and a free and open-source vector photo maker tool so you never have to pay anything. It 's great for beginners because of its intuitive interface and easy navigation. The best part is that it includes advanced features only found in premium software applications, along with all the basic elements of a vector design tool. The vector image creator is compatible with all the important design and styling formats and standards such as SVG, CSS, and XML.

vector image creator online

Inkscape Features

  • Runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Free forever
  • Works well on older systems
  • Good for beginners and advanced designers
  • Text editor to adjust and tweak the code underlying your designs
  • Add animations into the code
  • Export multiple objects


  • Convenient tool for low-budget projects that need robust features
  • Similar in functionality to many premium platforms
  • Advanced features for free
  • See and modify the code of your designs
  • Perfect for creating vector icons and symbols


  • Sidebar panels aren 't easy to reopen once closed
  • Bit of a steep learning curve - need to play around with it to get familiar
  • No JPG save option
  • Effects and filters cannot be previewed

#4: Vecteezy

This free vector image creator online comes with a wide range of design resources such as professional images that you can incorporate into your designs. You can also upgrade to Pro to get access to the best artworks, which are included in the price of the subscription. The features are fairly limited and there are some other downsides as well. However, if you 're an amateur designer or new to the field, this is a good learning platform.

vector image maker

Vecteezy Features

  • Granular editing of vector design elements
  • Edit designs like in Photoshop or Illustrator
  • Fast and easy vector image creator
  • Versatile pen tool
  • Lots of free vectors available to use


  • The free version is sufficient for intricate vector image creation and editing
  • Upgrading gives you access to premium licensed artwork
  • Advanced transformations for rich vector icon and symbol design


  • To save work, an account must be created first
  • No desktop version to install

#5: Vectr

This is a solid online vector image creator with a cloud version and installable desktop clients. The vector tools are easy to use and the interface is completely uncluttered, giving it a clean look and the ability to navigate your way around with just an hour of playing around with the tools. Make sure your browser is updated to the most recent version since the online version of the tool is a little resource-hungry.

vector photo editor

Vectr Features

  • Ample availability of vector drawing and vector editing tools
  • Multi-platform compatibility
  • Import images from other sources for vector editing
  • Design collaboration through sharing
  • Auto-save for registered users


  • Rich vector creation and vector editing tools
  • Works online but offers an installable version for desktop users
  • Easy-to-use interface and controls
  • Design sharing for collaborative projects


  • Resource-heavy on older browser versions
  • You 'll lose your work as a guest user if you don 't register or save it manually
  • Basic vector drawing only but adequate for simple vector designs

#6: SVG-edit

As the name suggests, this online vector image editor is meant purely for vector editing. That gives it a very narrow scope but this online vector photo editor makes up for it by being almost as good as Illustrator when it comes to handling SVG files. The unique feature of this utility is that it 's entirely browser-based so there 's no information sent to any cloud server for processing. This makes it highly responsive, and since it 's open-source, you can make your own version of the utility by downloading the code and adding customizations.

online vector image maker

SVG-Edit Features

  • Basic vector drawing and editing
  • Bezier curve and Boolean operations
  • Arc and other shape tools
  • Multiple online versions available


  • Expansive vector creation and editing tools and features
  • Relatively easy to understand the functions


  • Requires some knowledge of vector design
  • Several forks have been created but not all are bug-free or stable

#7: Lunacy

Another fully-loaded vector graphics design creator and vector photo editor is Lunacy, which is highly rated by its users and was recently named High Peformer Spring 2021 on G2 Crowd. It is ideal for creating designs and using them in mockups and prototypes. It also comes with UI components, vector illustrations, and other design assets that you can freely use in your projects. The platform itself is free to use, and designers can piggyback on Sketch Cloud or Icons8 Cloud to collaborate with their peers and other stakeholders.

free vector image creator

Lunacy Features

  • Create ad-quality vector designs
  • AI-powered tools like background remover and photo generator
  • Smart Upscaler helps you use raster images at larger sizes without the usual pixelation and other issues
  • Live support is free and there 's a large community of users to help out


  • Free to download and use
  • Supports over 15 languages
  • Comes with vector illustrations, photos, masked photos, and icons


  • No Mac version
  • No plugin options
  • Some users complain that it crashes when opening large files

#8: DesignEvo

DesignEvo is a well-known free vector logo maker for online use. It boasts over 10,000 ready-to-use logo templates and logo designs that are searchable using keywords. There 's almost nothing you can 't find to get started on your log creation journey. The browser-based vector image maker software is also intuitive and very easy to use even if you have no design experience.

vector image creator

DesignEvo Features

  • Multiple image export options
  • A vast library of logo templates
  • Quick and convenient logo designing
  • Customizable templates


  • Easy to use
  • An expansive collection of customizable logo themes
  • Industry-specific templates


  • Not suitable for unique logo creation
  • Start from scratch ' editing features are limited
  • Advertised as free but you are forced to pay for downloads

#9: Method Draw

An excellent online vector image editor, Method Draw offers a simplistic interface with tons of icons, shapes, a Pen tool, text options, etc. Although the tool is quite basic, it does have ample options to create fairly complex designs. However, the one major drawback is that it doesn 't work very effectively on all browsers. You may need to use a different one or update your current browser if you have issues with selection, layering, undo actions, etc.

 vector image editor

Method Draw Features

  • Tools for pencil drawing, lines, shapes, etc.
  • Pen Tool for vector shape creation
  • Color palette
  • Bezier curves


  • Easy and simple interface, ideal for beginners
  • Works with most modern browsers
  • The dark theme will be suitable for a lot of users


  • Some functions don 't work if your browser has not been updated
  • SVG parsing is a common error with imported files

#10: Boxy SVG Editor

Another easy-to-use vector image creator is Boxy SVG Editor. The tools are all readily available on the left and right sidebar panels, and you have all the basic vector editing and design tools to hand. You 'll also find many advanced features such as Boolean operations, vector and photo libraries, a graphic generator, compositing, etc.

vector image creator online

Boxy SVG Editor Features

  • Extensive vector drawing and editing tools
  • Clean interface
  • Easy to find features and functions (top menu and sidebar panel)
  • Numerous vector drawing tools


  • Convenient to use - online access
  • Full-featured (basic and advanced)
  • Available to install as a PWA (progressive web app) that can work offline


  • Not ideal for first-time users who don 't know the various intricate aspects of vector design
  • Users must register to download created or edited vector designs

How to Pick the Best Vector Image Editor

What parameters should you use when choosing the best vector image creator or editor for your specific needs? Here are some tips to get you started.

Price to Upgrade: Free is great, but make sure it meets other important criteria such as features, usability, etc. A good tool should have upgrade options that either give you higher usage limits or more advanced features.

Features: Does it have the specific features and tools that you need to get your designs done and edited the way you want?

User-friendliness: Is the platform intuitive or do you find yourself hunting around for help resources because the feature you want is hidden deep inside some menu?

Resource Usage: Does it hog up your system memory or does it allow you to perform other tasks? Resource-intensive tools might, in fact, make you less productive.

New Feature Additions: Make sure new features are rolled out regularly. The mark of a premium tool is the rapid speed of its evolution.

Help Resources: Does it have ample tutorials such as videos, guides, and how-to blog articles? Is there customer support? What about a community of users?

These are all important considerations when choosing the best free vector image creator to handle your design needs.

Comparison among the Best Vector Image Editors

And on that note, let 's do a quick comparison of these great products in a visually appealing format - a table!

Product Comprehensive Features? Easy to Use? Are upgrades available? Platform Support Collaboration? Customer Support?
Wondershare Mockitt Yes High Yes All Yes, always on the cloud Yes
Gravit Designer No, unless you upgrade Medium Yes All (browser version), and Windows, Mac, Linux, ChromeOS (desktop version) Yes, via cloud uploads Yes, for Pro users
Inkscape Yes Medium No Windows, Mac, Linux No Forums only
Vecteezy Yes High Yes All No Contact form only
Vectr No High No All No Email only
SVG-edit No Low No All No No
Lunacy Yes Medium No Windows only Yes, via cloud uploads Contact/feedback form only
DesignEvo No High Yes All No Yes, for subscribers
Method Draw No Low No All No No
Boxy SVG Editor Yes Low Registration required to download files All No No