What is Vector Art and How to Create Vector Art

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What is vector art, and how do you create vector art? If you have the above questions in mind, read along. The below article has brief information on vector art. You'll learn what vector art is and what its common types are. You'll also find different ways to learn vector art. So, let's begin.

Wha't is Vector Art

Vector artwork or vector art is created using illustration tools like Affinity Designer or Adobe Illustrator. Vector art is made from vector graphics or vector images which are created using mathematical formulas.

What's the specialty of vector graphics or images, you may ask? Well, if you ever clicked a picture from your phone and forwarded it, you would have noticed the pixels break, and there's a sort of jagging. It's because of the pixelation. This happens in the cases of raster and JPEG images.

However, with vector images/graphics, it's different. Vector graphics are created using mathematical calculations, keeping in mind the resizing angle. So, whenever you resize the image, i.e., enlarge or make it small, the vector image won't lose any quality or clarity.

And such images form vector artwork which has a range of applications like in website design, mobile applications, logo making, etc.

Advantages of Vector Art

Infinite resolution:  The best part of vector art is its infinite resolution. So, you can even zoom a vector graphic or image infinitely without losing resolution or quality.

Scalable: Vector graphics are scalable, which means: -

  • You can view the vector image/graphics in any size you want
  • You can scale the object up and down
  • The end result can be of any size without losing resolution or quality

Lightweight: As vector graphics hold less information, they're light in weight. Unlike JPEG or PNG images which are clicked through digital cameras, the vector images have some mathematical formulas making them lightweight.

Intuitive & easily manipulated: When it comes to creating vector graphics, it's intuitive and easy. You can just use your free hand and start drawing on your screen as you would draw on a book/paper with a pen or pencil. 

Because of this intuitive nature, manipulation the vector images or graphics becomes easy too.And if you have the right tool, there's no limit up to which you can manipulate the vector graphics.

Which App is Best for Vector Art

If you think that creating vector arts requires heavy designing skills, then you should try Wondershare Mockitt. It is a rapid UI/UX designing tool that comes with powerful design tools, which gives you amazing features to create professional vector art within minutes.

vector art

It features a vector editing artboard where you get access to a vector editing pen along with other tools like shapes, Boolean operation, mask, etc. It allows you to create customizable symbols and help you share them with your team in just a click. With Mockitt, you can add text in your vector art and insert images directly from your computer. Here are some other features that you will love about Mockitt.

  • It comes with fill, stroke, blur and shadow function, which allows you to design and customize your vector art as per your requirements
  • It features a powerful color palette with which you can create professional effects, such as gradient
  • If you have any sketch design file that needs some modification, then you can import it in Mockitt and edit it without any issues

How to Create Vector Art

Step 1. Create a Design Project

First, go to the Mockitt dashboard and click on the "+ Create" button. Click on the design option and it will take you to the main art-artboard.

free vector art

Step 2. Create an Artboard

Click the "Artboard" icon and draw the area on the canvas to create your artboard. You can create multiple artboards if you need.

what is vector art

Step 3. Create Vector Art

Select the vector editing logo (pen-shaped) to start designing your vector art. Once you do that, you will see that your cursor to a pen-shaped pointer.

vector artwork

Now you can design your vector art by creating path points. When you will move your cursor, a straight line joining these points will be formed. For example- here we are creating a "star" element. Tap the artboard to create your first path point and then move the cursor to any blank point to create a shape and the second path point.

vector art design

After creating a path, if you want to make lines from other points, simply move the cursor to the previous path point and tap once. Now you can customize the art by adding other shapes and lines by using the pen tool.

If you want to add some shapes, then you could do that by clicking on the shape tools, which are placed in the top left corner.

You can also add color to your vector art. Simply choose the element and you will see a toolbox appear on the right side. Click on that, choose the color to fill in in the element.

vector art online

This is the simplest way to create vector art in Mockitt. You can create any design by curving the pen tool. You can also add images in your customized images in your art. Click on the element you want to add an image in. For example- in the below picture, we have selected the oval section.

definition of vector art

Now on the right side, you will see a fill option. Click on that and choose the "Image file" option as shown in the picture.

create vector art

This will take you to your computer library and you could use any image. Choose the image and double-click on it to insert it inside the element.

vector art

Your star vector art is ready. You can bring any design idea into reality with this tool. If you think that your design is ready to share with others, go to click on the share on the top right side of the screen.

free vector art

Once you click the share button, it will generate a link, which you can share with anyone. You can also create a password to improve the security of your project.

How Do I Learn Vector Art

You need to have some basic information and familiarity with the vector art design software if you want to create vector art. Below you can find several tutorials with a heading of what they can help you learn:

Making the artwork

If you're an absolute beginner, this  tutorial can help. It helps you learn how you can create vector art using Adobe Illustrator. You'll learn how to create beautiful illustrations using simple shapes.

Creating & Editing Shapes

With this  tutorial, you learn how to create and edit different shapes using Adobe Illustrator CC. You can draw, trace and even combine shapes with this.

Detailed definition of vector art

This tutorial is about another amazing software for creating vector art online and offline. This tool goes by the name Affinity Designer. Here you'll learn in detail about vector art. With this tool, you can create free vector art in minutes. 

Creating an illustration from beginning to end

With this tutorial, you can effectively learn how to create an illustration from beginning to end. This tutorial is detailed and can help you learn a lot.

You can follow the above tutorials and read this guide on learning vector art for deeper insights. 

How Many Types of Vector Art Are There

There are several formats or types in which vector graphics are available. For example: -

SVG: SVG stands for scalable vector graphics. It's an XML or extensible markup language vector format which is meant for 2D vector images. Its supports both animation and interactivity. SVG images are versatile and can be edited in a text editor or drawing software.

EPS: EPS stands for Encapsulated PostScript. It's a predictable and self-contained kind of file format for vector graphics. It allows a low-resolution preview which is not as common as SVG. However, Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW offer amazing support for opening and editing EPS vector files.  

PDF: PDF stands for portable document format and is created by Adobe. You can present documents, images including text formatting. Similar to the EPS format, a PDF file encapsulates or hides the complex information required to display raster, text, or vector graphics.

AI: It's the native vector format of Adobe Illustrator and is also known as Adobe Illustrator Artwork. It's actually an improved or modern version of the EPS format. Although the AI format is supported by a range of programs, still not as popular or famous as the EPS format. All programs that support AI also support EPS, but vice versa may not be true.   

DXF: DXF is also known as Drawing eXchange Format. It's a CAD-based vector format that was created by Autodesk and is mainly used by CAD tools. For certain programs, it can be hard reading the DXF files, which have curves or splines. It's the reason the desktop version has support for line+spline and line only output.

Other common vector types may include CDR, which is a native format for CorelDRAW.  

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