A Quick Synopsis on the Wix Logo Maker App

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The Logo serves as an important identity for any business across boundaries. While designing a business logo you must focus on various factors and give your utmost efforts to end up with a unique one. At the present situation, the Wix logo maker app plays a vital role in designing a business logo for your requirements without compromising on any factors. You can build a digital identity for your business using this tool effortlessly. This platform serves you with high-quality flawless logo design.

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What is Wix?

The Wix application provides you with a comfortable platform to build a webpage for your business easily. You can also design vector-oriented graphics like the logo to support the digital identity of your business. This app comprises of built-in templates to fasten your design process. Apart from design assistance this space serves you with all sorts of website essentials like getting a domain name, analytics, mobile apps website security etc. The Wix website is a complete solution to build a digital presence for your business. A simple action like drag and drop is enough to design a logo, webpage. You need not require a special skill to work on this platform. It serves as a boon for the non-technical newbie designers.

Other services of the Wix platform

How to design a logo with Wix?

In this section, you will learn how to design a logo with the Wix Logo Maker app. It is sufficient if you follow the below guidelines carefully for successful completion of logo design for your needs.

Step 1: Go to the official web page of Wix and select 'Creation -> Creation Platform -> Logo maker' option. A new window opens, you must scroll down and hit 'Create Your Logo' button to start the logo making process.

wix logo design


Step 2: Next you must answer the following question to build a unique logo for your requirement.

- Who do you want to create a logo for? -> You can choose any one option according to your needs. In this illustration choose 'Myself' from the listed option. Press 'Next' button to continue.

wix logo designer


- What else do you need to build your brand? -> Choose 'Logo' from the options and click the 'Next' button.

wix logo


Step 3: Next you must talk about your brand to assist in the logo design process. In the next window tap 'Create a logo' button.

wix logo design


Step 4: Sign up with the Wix platform to build a unique logo for your requirement. You can use the Facebook or Google account for sign up process. Enter the username and password if you want to create a new account with the Wix website.

wix logo designer


Step 5: Enter your company name and tag line at the respective field.

wix logo


Step 6: Now, you must enter the industry which requires the logo design.

wix logo design


Step 7: Choose the logo style according to your expectations.

 wix logo designer


Step 8: Select the desired templates from the displayed list.

wix logo


Step 9: The Wix website begins the analysis process using the given data to create a unique logo.

wix logo design


Step 10: From the list of logo collections choose your favourite one.

wix logo designr


Step 11: You can also customize the selected logo. There are options to work on the background, font size, font colour etc.

wix logo


The designed logo using the Wix logo maker will be available in the dashboard of your account. If you want to use the logo for commercial purpose then you must subscribe to the available schemes in the Wix website.

Software for logo prototype design

If you surf through the digital platform you will come across a reliable design tool named Wondershare Mockitt app. It is an awesome program to design an impressive logo in no time. The user-friendly space assists the newbie to work optimally without any issues. You can design a complex logo effortlessly using Wondershare Mockitt application. It is the perfect tool to design beyond imagination. Choose Wondershare Mockitt and feel the difference in your design experience. The professionals can discover exciting features in this tool and it feeds the innovative minds with appropriate controls to obtain great designs quickly. This app allows you to collaborate with your work with other designers easily. Every element in the Wondershare Mockitt tool is unique and you need not require any special skills to use the built-in sources precisely. It is enough if you follow the instructions carefully for successful completion of the desired tasks on Wondershare Mockitt app.

The Remarkable Features of Wondershare Mockitt app

  • The built-in templates, icons and widgets ease your logo design process.
  • The user-friendly interface assists in easy access to the design elements.
  • Click, drag, and drop the desired design elements on the working area to obtain better results.
  • The 'Asset Library' contains the necessary elements required for the logo design.
  • Customize and save the design elements for future reuse effortlessly.
wix logo design

Stepwise instructions to design a persuasive logo quickly using Wondershare Mockitt app

Step 1: Sign up an account with Wondershare Mockitt

In the official webpage of Wondershare Mockitt create an account to use this online tool optimally. You can use your Gmail, Facebook account or enter username and password to sign up a separate account with this online design tool. Then, in the dashboard press 'Create -> Prototype' which is available on the left side of the screen.

wix logo designer


Step 2: Choose the perfect size

You can select the right size for your logo design from the displayed options. If you are not aware of the size then tap 'Custom' option.

wix logo


Step 3: Insert icons

In the working area, it is high time to include the desired icons for your logo design. Customize it using the property window at the right side of the screen.

wix logo design


Step 4: Add texts from widgets

Add keywords and texts for your logo design using the 'T' element from the widget collection displayed at the right pane of the screen.

wix logo designr


When you had completed with all the design process finally save the file in your local drive or share it with your friends and teammates for further revisions if required.


Therefore, you are in the last lines on the discussion of the Wix logo maker tool. Connect with Wondershare Mockitt app to explore the new horizons of the logo design process. Choose this program to design a unique logo for your needs. Build a logo for your business needs flawlessly using the Wondershare Mockitt program. It is the perfect partner for your design needs. Both the professionals and newbie designers enjoy working at this space because of its comfortable design space. Stay tuned with this article to explore exciting facts on Wondershare Mockitt tool.

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