Guide:Create Symbols

Symbol is a new term in Mockitt and is similar to a master set in the level of functionality used.

Modify a symbol allows you to synchronized modify all layers that inherit from this symbol and allows you to create it as a symbol when you need a certain layer to have the inheritance.

Currently, Mockitt supports 5 main types of layers (base element, combination, boolean, instance, artboard) to create symbols.

It supports 2 types of efficient creation: Create symbol and Create symbols separately.

Create symbol

Select a layer, right-click the menu and select "Create symbol".

create symbol by right click

Or click the "Create symbol" button on the top toolbar.

create symbol on top toolbar

Create symbols separately

Select multiple layers and click the "Create symbols separately" button on the top toolbar.

create symbol separately on top toolbar

And now you can find the symbols you created on the left "Assets" panel. You can drag and drop all the symbols in Assets into your canvas to reuse.

assets in create symbol