Guide:Get Started

design tool introduction

Easy to Get Started

Mockitt Design Tool is easy to get started with, converting your prototypes or design ideas into highly reproducible design drafts. Of course, you can also use Mockitt design tool directly to implement your creative ideas, and the high precision and performance design capabilities makes it easy to implement your ideas.

Easy to use

Mockitt Design Tool maintains the top level of operational experience. In this way, you migrate over from other design tools with almost zero learning cost. The new optimized layout of the design editing area allows you to operate more smoothly.

Communication and Interaction

The new design collaboration concept allows you to synchronize the ideas of your collaborating members in real time while using the design tool, Also, avoiding unnecessary information communication and raising the team's work efficiency to another level.

The whole process of design, prototype, and develop is connected

Mockitt Design Tool supports slices exporting. Click to switch to the "Inspect" panel, and you can view the reference code of the renderings, making development and restoration more convenient. Supports project data integration with Mockitt prototype tool. The icon or design draft created by the design tool can be easily imported into the prototype tool to enrich the prototype content.

Full Platform Support

As you can see, the Mockitt Design Tool, like all other Mockitt products, allows you to log in with one account to view and edit project designs, collaborate and communicate with your team in real time, regardless of whether you are using Windows, Mac or other Internet devices.

What's more surprising is that because Mockitt is a cloud-based online tool, you don't have to worry about the tedious data backup and data synchronization that comes with changing devices and affects your work progress. With one account, you can synchronize your data on multiple devices.