Mockitt supports PNG and SVG graphic formats. When using the Design Tool in your browser, the exported content will be automatically saved to your default download folder.

Select the elements to export

First, select the elements to export. You can export a single layer, multiple selected layers, a single group, nested artboard, and top artboard.

Export settings

Click "Export" in the property panel to export your selected objects, layers, or artboards.

Mockitt supports exporting in PNG and SVG format and supports exporting in various pixel scale and adding prefix/suffix behind the file names.

export layers

Pixel Scale

You can define the pixel scale of the exported object by using a multiplier. The selected object will be exported at X times the pixel scale of the current situation. You can also specify the width or height of the exported object.

But currently, you can only define the width or height of the exported object. Therefore, another side (width or height) will be calculated automatically in equal proportions.

We have added some default values to the list, but you can also enter the multiplier (X), width (W), and height (H) manually.

pixel scaling in export

Prefix / Suffix

Adding a prefix/suffix allows you to name the object's exported pixel scale quickly. The name of the exported file will be based on the name of the object or group in the Layers panel.

Enter any character in the exported prefix/suffix input box to finish adding. The exported file will display the content of prefix/suffix correspondingly in the exported name.

Note: At present, the default choice is "suffix". You can choose to modify it by prefix/suffix drop-down box.

Prefix / Suffix


In the current version, you can choose between two export formats: PNG and SVG.