The Artboard carries layers. After creating an Artboard, you can place layers on it to create your design. Mockitt provides shape tools and vector editing pen tool.

Group and Ungroup

When multiple layers appear in the Artboard, if you want to group some layers into a whole, you can hold Shift and use mouse to click for multi-selecting layers. After multi-selecting layers, right-click and choose "Group" (or shortcut ⌘+G / Ctrl+G) to group the layers. To ungroup, select the group and right click to "Ungroup" it (⇧ + ⌘ + G / ctrl + shift + G).

group layers

After creating a group, the following features are available.

  • 1. Clicking on a single layer in the group will select the entire group.
  • 2. To select a single layer in a group, you need to double-click on the layer or select it from the Layers panel on the left.
  • 3. When layers within a group are moved, the group's borders will be adjusted to fit the layers within it.
  • 4. The layers can be moved in and out of the Group by dragging them in the Layers panel.
ungroup layers