Introduction of Workflow

What is the Wondershare Mockitt workflow?

Workflow is the page flow chart of the prototype. In the workflow, you can create a page flow chart or interaction diagram based on the existing prototype file to show the product logic, flow, or structure in more detail. Workflow v2.0 is a canvas-style page process display, with powerful document editing functions. Insert tables, pictures, or hyperlinks in the workflow, explain the business process in detail, and generate professional product documents.

Specific function introduction:

1. Freely add / delete / edit links

  • Page links or all interactive links: Automatically generate links of varying degrees according to needs, select the link and press delete to quickly delete it.
  • Manually drag in the link: Drag in the link from the left control area, set the start and end positions of the link, and the link is created successfully.
  • Delete link: When a page is selected, clicking the delete link will delete only the links related to that page; if no page is selected, all links in the canvas will be deleted.

Note: The addition, deletion, and modification of links in the workflow will not affect the interactive state of the workspace prototype.

2. Rich document editing, tables, pictures, and hyperlinks can be embedded

Rich text function, you can insert pictures, hyperlinks, and tables in the text box, and you can modify the font size or color appearance of some text. Double-click the text box to use all the editing functions of the toolbar.

  • Image upload: At present, only local images can be uploaded by clicking the image insert button, and the image material library in the workspace cannot be opened.
  • Table: Basic table function.
  • Hyperlink: Clicking on the hyperlink will open a new browser tab and load the inserted webpage.

3. Three types of flow charts are automatically arranged, and the flow chart can be dragged to any position

  • Automatic tiling: the page from left to the right from the upper to the lower sequentially arranged tiles.
  • Horizontal sorting: The first row is first arranged horizontally on the parent page, and the child pages are arranged vertically following the parent page.
  • Vertical sorting: The first column is first to arrange the parent page vertically, and the child pages are arranged horizontally following the parent page.

4. Freely add/remove pages and page links

Support delete page, shift multiple selection page, delete delete.

Supports the deletion of automatically generated or manually dragged link lines, and the shift multi-select control delete.

5. Support running sharing and exporting PNG images with multiple magnifications

Workflow using the method :

first step:

Hover the mouse on the project list, click "Project Details", and click "Edit Workflow" in the upper right corner of the project details.

The second step:

Batch import existing prototype thumbnails

third step:

Select the pages you want to batch import (or all the status of a page), set the page sorting method, and whether to automatically generate links.

the fourth step:

Drag and drop the position of the imported page thumbnail, click the thumbnail or link, delete to delete redundant elements. Drag in the text control, double-click to edit, explain, and describe the current workflow or business process.

4. Freely add/remove pages and page links

the fifth step:

Click New Workflow to add a description or flowchart of product function modules.

Use Tip 1: Space + left mouse button to quickly drag the canvas