Guide:Layout Constraints

Constraints allow you to fix design layers at different positions on the Artboard, which allows you to stretch and adapt multiple device sizes and endpoints in your layout design.

Constraints Introduction

Constraints can be used only when the layer is in the artboard, and both horizontal and vertical constraints can be set independently.

Constraints can be set in the properties panel on the right.

1. The default effect of the constraint is a fixed position relative to the left and top of the Artboard. We can also adjust it to be fixed relative to the right side and bottom of the panel.

constrain to left and top

2. If you select "Left and right" and "Top and bottom", the size and position of the object is kept fixed.


3. If you select "Center", it keeps the horizontal and vertical center of the object fixed with respect to the frame.

constrain to center

4. And "Scale" means that the size and position of the object is fixed as a percentage of the frame size.

constrain to left and top