Guide:Position and Corner Radius

In the properties panel on the right side of the design tool, you can modify the position, size and other properties of the selected layer, change the width and height, position, rotation angle, radius of the corners, etc. of the layer.

adjust postions

1. Rotate a Layer

When you need to rotate a layer, the specific steps are as follows:

  1. Select the layer that needs to be rotated in the Artboard;
  2. Find the "Rotate" settings in the right properties panel, enter the rotation value or click the arrow keys to add or subtract the angle.
rotate layers

2. Adjust the Radius of Rounded Corners

You can use the Corner Radius setting to set the rounded corner parameters for the rectangle as follows:

  1. Select the rectangle in the Artboard;
  2. Enter the value in the "Corner Radius" setting on the right side, and you can see the rectangle rounded corners start to change.

Through this setting, you can quickly create a rounded rectangle or ellipse.

corner radius

Of course, it also supports the setting of individual rounded corners in the rectangle: click the button on the right side of the rounded corner setting to expand the single rounded corner setting menu, the four setting areas from left to right are upper left corner, upper right corner, lower right corner, lower left corner (clockwise direction), enter the corresponding rounded corner value to achieve the corresponding effect.

Through this setting you can quickly complete your special needs for rounded corners of the rectangle settings.

uni radius