Guide:Select Layers

After selecting the layer, you can set various parameters on it to perfectly present your ideas. So in this section, you will be introduced to how to select layers in the Mockitt design tool and make better use of this technique.

This section introduces you to all the knowledge of layer selection.

Select a single layer

1. Select a single layer from the Artboard

In the Artboard, click on the layer to select it, and the selected layer will be marked with a blue border.

2. Select a single layer from the Layers panel

In the list of layers in the Layers panel on the left, if you hover your mouse over a layer in the panel, the layer on the canvas will be highlighted with a blue border. At this point, you can double-click on the layer name with the mouse to make changes to the layer name.

If there is a group in the list of layers at this point, you can click to expand the group and directly select the elements in the group.

Select multiple layers

1. Select multiple layers from the Artboard

In the Artboard, first, click on a layer to select, and then hold Shift, click on other layers, and you can achieve the multi-selection of layers.

2. Select multiple layers from the Layers panel

First, you need to select a layer in the left layer panel.

To select all layers between two layers, hold down the Shift key and select another layer.

To select multiple layers individually, press and hold the ⌘ (Mac) or Ctrl (Windows) key and select the other layer.

Select layers in a group

When you have multiple layers in a group, clicking will select all the layers in the entire group. At this point, if you want to select a layer in the group to adjust its position or appearance properties, there are two solutions.

1. On the left side of the layer panel, expand the group of layers, click the need to select the layer.

2. Click to select the group, then double-click to select the layer in the group to be selected, you can complete the selection.