Add Text

To add text, you need to select the Text tool. And then click on the canvas to create automatically resized text or click and drag on the canvas to create fixed-size text.

text tool

Edit Text

When editing text, you may want the width and height to automatically resize or stay the same depending on the situation. To set the automatic resizing behavior, you can complete the requirements by setting the properties panel on the right.

  • Auto Width: The width automatically adjusts to fit all content.
  • Auto Height: The height is automatically adjusted to fit all content and the width is fixed.
  • Fixed size: width and height are kept constant, but overflow text is not cropped.
set text properties

Text Color

After selecting the text, click the color selection button in the right text property panel to change the text color.

change text color

Text Style

After selecting the text, select "Text Settings" in the right text property panel to set decoration and alignment.

change text style