Choosing the Right Springboard Design Course in 2021 | Preparing for the Future

Laura Angelica updated on 2020-09-25 16:26:16

Online learning from MOOC is one of the emerging and highly beneficial trends students of all kinds and ages have experienced. Where there has been a surge of digital educational platforms in the pandemic, some platforms have existed for quite some time and take forward the mission of distance learning quite extraordinarily.

In this, a special kind of training and advanced learning is provided by Springboard. The Springboard courses majorly cover the teachings and high-level studies of technical subject matter including natural language processing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and UX/UI Design.

There are course materials in the form of media content and notes along with the opportunity to work on practical aspects of the study within the course. The Springboard UX or UI course is designed to help designers become better in their art and learn the intricacies of the subject.

What is Springboard?

Primarily, Springboard is an online coding school offering flexible and mentor-based courses to help students integrate machine learning, AI, and Data Science into the world of coding. The reason Springboard courses are unique is because they are developed with learning that every student's needs are unique and the learning cannot be uniform for everybody.

Added to this, the education model of this platform is curated to ensure that post-completion of the courses, the students are able to face real-world problems with confidence. Along with the course, there is practical work to help the students not only learn but also implement their understandings of the subject.

The courses on Springboard have a clear focus that at the end of the course duration the students will be able to secure a job. Another great thing about this platform is that it gives the students the option to pay after they are hired and does not ask for any share in the income.

Apart from the course, there are four additional aspects that will help a student navigate through the entire course smoothly. The student advisors are always available for student support. Personal mentors take care of the course studies and will answer the queries, questions, and also help with the project work.

The career coach on Springboard is there to help the students find relevant jobs while giving them a personalized pitch and assist with the job search. Lastly, there is the Springboard community of existing and ex-students and mentors open for networking and interaction.

Springboard UX/UI design courses for 2021

Gearing up to become a UX/UI designer by 2021? Well, this is the perfect time to start building your career with one of the Springboard UX design course. Below you will find five Springboard Courses for this purpose.

  • Higher Diploma in Human-Computer Interaction and User Experience
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After completing the course, you can start your career by working as a User Experience Designer, Human Factors Engineer, and Information Architect. However, that is not all. You can also find a suitable and well-paying job in various other industries.

Anyone looking to join this course must pass NFQ Level 8 studies and have 60 ECTS credits. The one-year program will help you understand the humanized aspects of building an interface while allowing them to build a suitable design structure along with knowing how to convert it into working code.

The Human-Computer Interaction or HCI is the field that highlights the aspects of the interaction between humans and machines. Basically, this course trains you to empathize with a user of the computer and address the concerns first hand.

  • Certificate in User Experience (UX) Design
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You can start taking this course after passing NFQ Level 7 and 40 ECTS credits. The Certificate in UX Design course, trains you to combine your creativity with technical skills and build meaningful user experiences. From user research to user journeys and design thinking, this Springboard course takes the student the techniques to build prototypes and understand branding.

The purpose of this Springboard UX design course is to help you build a balance between technical aspects of design and design usability, functionality, and branding.

At the end of the course, you will be ready to work in an organization as a UX designer. The course modules cover digital visual communication, UX web design fundamentals, concepts of UX, front-end development, and entrepreneurial skills for digital industries.

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Packaging, Innovation and Product Design
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To join this Springboard course, you must have passed the NFQ Level 9 and secured 60 ECTS credits. With this course, you will be able to learn the theories of packaging, innovation, and product design along with getting practical knowledge about the same.

Moreover, this course is training you for the leadership role in the right organization that focuses on creating the right type of packaging and product design. The field of product design is highly sensitive and consumer-oriented, ergo, the course is designed to foster the detailing required to not only understand but implement these things while working.

The course includes modules like strategic management, product design and prototyping, packaging science and technology, innovation practice, and research methodologies.

Lastly, there is an applied case studies module where you can also create a strategic capstone project.

  • PG Certificate in 3D Design for Emerging Technologies
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To get enrolled in the PG Certificate in 3D course, you need to have Level 9 NFQ qualification and 50 ECTS credits. This course covers the subject matter related to emerging technologies in several industries including entertainment, marketing, and education.

There is a high demand for designers in these industries and create designs suited for augmented reality and virtual reality. The entire course is planned to cover the fundamentals of developing 3D content in emerging technologies.

  • Certificate in Digital Media Design
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The Certificate in Digital Media Design requires the students to obtain Level 7 in NFQ and 40 ECTS credits before joining. After this course, you will be able to create the required visuals for social media platforms, websites, digital billboards, presentations, pitch decks, and much more.

The purpose of this course is to help students become technically strong in design principles and digital marketing concepts that use UI/UX design. Along with this, the students enrolling for this Springboard UX design course can also gain maturity in visual communication and become an agile creative practitioner.

While learning different kinds of design principles, it is also essential to implement what you have learned during the course. For this purpose, you need to work with a designing tool that is suitable for all kinds of designers, amateurs to veterans.

Prototyping tool for UI/UX designers

Prototyping tools are essential for every designer as they help concretize the design ideas based on the designer's creativity and design principles.Wondershare Mockitt by Wondershare is an advanced prototyping tool that provides access to a simple yet amazing repository of designing tools and features.

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Besides prototyping Mockitt holds a competitive advantage to create wireframes, UI frameworks, mockups, and overall designs. Mockitt is both web-based and can be downloaded on your system. There are device-specific layouts pre-developed that can be inserted in the artboards.

For beginners, there are editable templates that can be modified with numerous UI items and assets. In Mockitt, it is also possible to create asset libraries or import the same from other sources, or even import Sketch (another prototyping tool) designs.

Mockitt is good for training, practice, and creating designs for clients or organizations. So, combined with the Springboard courses, working on Mockitt alongside will help you not only practice the subject matter but also help explore the world of design first hand.