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Albert Shepherd updated on 2020-10-12 20:12:58

Before commencing your graphic designing task, you must look for inspiring thoughts to ignite your creativity to a higher level. There are surplus sources available at the online platform and graphic designing websites with great trendy ideas. It is highly recommended to make a research before you start your design journey. Analyze the present graphic design portfolio websites to grasp the trendy works of exceptional designers worldwide. As graphic and website developers you must explore and learn the evolving technology related to the designer tools and concepts to survive amidst the competitive market.

Stunning Graphic Design Websites to Trigger your Creativity

#1: Wondershare Mockitt

The Wondershare Mockitt is the best online graphic design website tool you would ever come across at the cyberspace. It is a simple platform but yet effective environment to create stunning websites as per your needs. When you step into this online web design tool you will be overwhelmed by its extraordinary built-in toolbox, icons, templates and widgets. It is the best space where you can get enough inspirations on the web designing concepts.

adobe xd alternative


  • Professional templates organized in a well- structured way covering a wide range of industries like Finance, Education and E-commerce etc and it is available for ready to use.
  • Customize the widgets and icons and save them for reuse in future projects
  • Ease access to “Asset Library“ where you can find abundant built-in widgets, icons and templates
  • The Cloud sharing technique allows you to share the works with your other team members quickly and get rid of the traditional manual transfer procedure
  • This application is implemented with a high-end security system in data transmission


  • Simple drag and drop action are sufficient to build great websites in no time
  • No need of any coding skills to create a website as per your requirement.
  • All the web controls and elements are available explicit for easy access

#2: Toy Fight

This graphic design website hails from Manchester UK and emphasizes the importance of 3D animations. The home page is displayed with an attractive yellow colour theme and the founders stand gigantic in an animation display. The first screen of this website is unique and you will be able to create something out of the box when you surf through this website.


  • The solid yellow theme attracts the website visitors quickly
  • It is an award-winning creative agency in the UK
  • Awesome listings of their projects partnered with global brands to embed their works at the cyberspace successfully.


  • The design concepts are simple and persuasive
  • This website helps you to create memorable pages and gives you blissful experience as a whole
  • The “Work Pages“ are highly remarkable and display meaningful concepts for newbie designers to explore
  • This webpage triggers your creativity and emphasizes trendy ideas in your graphic designing journey.

#3: Active Theory

It is the highly recommended best graphic design website serves as a boon for the newbie and professional designers worldwide. When you step into this website you will learn a lot on designing portfolio. It is a creative digital production studio functioning in Los Angeles (California) and Amsterdam (Netherland).


  • This website works with the principle “Make bold things for the bold guys”
  • The adopted graphic design concepts in this website are unique and trendy
  • Fantastic full-screen animation webpages persuade the web visitors in no time
  • A clear call to action attracts the designers to step into their platform easily
  • The home page of this website is overwhelming and you will not be able to take your eye off from the screen.


  • The “Creative Bloq“ displays aesthetic website design ideas for the beginners
  • A mesmerizing animated experience is provided in this graphic design website.

#4: Alex Coven

Alex Coven is a unique website that displays his works in a well-organized manner. The home page comprises of three hats stating as “Graphic designer“, “Web developer“ and “Letterer“. His website seems to be simple and creative. The clarity web design pattern in this webpage helps the newbie designers to obtain better knowledge in graphic design.


  • Alex Coven webpage create an impact on the website visitors through its simple and effective web design concepts
  • The projects are displayed with a unique color pattern to attract visitors
  • The full-width of the screen is used optimally for a better display of his works
  • There are no distractions around the listings to assist the visitors to focus on the project contents


  • Alex Coven permit the web page visitors to search for specific projects using the “Search“ option
  • Easy to navigate between the pages and a consistent color theme is adopted in all the webpages in this website.

#5: Buzzworthy Studio

This graphic design website is based in Brooklyn (New York). It is an excellent webpage for newbie and creative developers. You will get ample knowledge related to graphic designing when you step into this website. The works displayed at this platform stand unique from the crowd


  • The welcome message in the home screen is stunning and bold. It states that “We create extraordinary digital solutions that get people thinking“.
  • The website comprises of animations and interactive features to grab the attention of the website visitors
  • Excellent display of unique projects in graphic design


  • The headers part in this website is great
  • The website is filled with awesome high definition full-width images to inspire the website visitors quickly.
  • It is enough if you hover the cursor on the listed projects to view complete details about the project

#6: Femme Fatale Studio

It is a Paris based graphic design creative studio. This website is specialized in interactive and animation features. The home page of this website clearly defines their work and service provided. It contains full of images and attractive animations.


  • Most of the words are made bold to emphasize their works clearly
  • Make use of special effects to persuade the website visitors
  • Adopts Parallax scrolling technique to stand out from the crowd of designers worldwide.


  • Unique animation effects on the background and foreground images
  • This website creates a sense of illusion with images effectively.

#7: Locomotive

It is a Canadian company and based on Quebec studio. The homepage of this graphic design website if highly interactive and animated to persuade the website visitors. The elegant looks of the webpage are remarkable. Every project page has a greeting message describing their works optimally.


  • This website has playful and colorful animation works.
  • The attractive blue button with a pencil icon attracts the webpage visitors quickly
  • The website contains projects with humorous concepts and voice feature


  • It is an effective website and adopts simple web design concepts
  • The greeting messages in the project page built in a friendly tone to persuade the viewers.

#8: Pollen

It is an award-winning London based digital studio. It specializes in the fashion and retail sectors. This webpage has an excellent greeting message as soon as you step into their portfolio. Display their works effectively for an easy reach of the clients.


  • The home screen contains attractive black and white animated images to greet the webpage visitors
  • The photos are simply superb and there are no words to explain its beauty on the web page
  • Make use of the full screen“s width and there are no distractions
  • Embeds the Parallax Scrolling technique to attract the customers


  • Effective lines, messages and quotes displayed across the web pages to convince the clients about their great works.

#9: Tobias Van Schneider

It is a Germany based digital studio born in Germany, developed in Austria and now survives in New York. It is an award-winning portfolio displays unique website design ideas to attract clients and newbie developers.


  • The Photography is remarkable and the images seem to be stunning
  • The home page has a bold outlook with a dark background and large fonts
  • Every listed project is unique with creative concepts


  • The works of these designers are consistent
  • Adopts unique design layout and typography
  • Delivers brand graphic design websites quickly.

#10: Fresh art and design

This graphic design website is a Canada based firm. It provides targeted solutions for your business. When you step into this webpage you will be inspired by the unique website collections with overwhelming features. This firm offers creative solutions for your requirement quickly. You can connect with the graphic designers to fulfil your needs without any compromises.


  • Awesome design pattern with quick response to your queries
  • Build creative concepts and compelling images to persuade the viewers
  • The home screen displays an attractive picture displaying the services provided by this website


  • Certified portfolio for its stunning design works
  • Promotes the business brands skillfully to reach the target audience

How to choose a graphic design website?

While choosing the graphic design website go for a unique and trendy page to inspire your ideas. It is highly recommended to step into the above-discussed webpages to acquire great concepts in the field of graphic design. Innovations with creativity build a better webpage for your business. To bring life to your concepts select Mockitt, an effective online website designer app offering breath-taking features. It is a cool application with a simple click, drag and drop actions to achieve mind-blowing website design. It is the right program to fulfil your needs in no time. Choose Mockitt, an effective prototyping tool to survive amidst the tough digital world.

Many professionals select Mockitt to create persuasive website designs. It helps the designers to build websites faster and beautifully. It is easy to bring dynamic effects on the webpages without any coding knowledge. Get inspiration from various reliable sources at the cyberspace and give life to your creative ideas using an incredible online tool Mockitt. Stay connected with Mockitt application and explore the upcoming features in future to create unique websites for your needs.

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